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Distorted guitar tracks?

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Listen to this!



At 2:01, 2:06, 2:09 and especially at 2:37 and 3:17 you'll hear a funky distorted guitar sound. I'm not sure what the term for it is.


Are there any songs or tracks that make extensive use of this, is it called a leitmotif I think?


Cheers chaps.

Edited by visionist

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El Dildo

yeah that's totally not a guitar.

just a keyboard using a pitch bender knob like Moon said.


that sound is fairly common throughout most styles of synth pop.

though it's not exactly "distorted guitar," that's something different. you can bend the pitch on guitar using a whammy bar, but "distortion" is not the same. distortion is when you add a 'heavy' or 'fuzzy' effect to the notes, not bend them up or down.


this is pitch bending on a guitar using a whammy.



and this is distortion.


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I really enjoy this song by AWOLNATION called Sail

There is a lot of distortion it sounds cool


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El Dildo

that's also just a synthesizer though, not a guitar.


but oh man that song is great.

it makes ANYTHING seem bad ass.


you could be standing in your kitchen in your underwear making a pot of coffee and if you start playing that song it will suddenly become the most bad ass cup of coffee on the planet :lol:

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