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IG Airassault54

GTA V LTS Hardcore Matches- (X360)

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IG Airassault54

Their will be one squad for each team. ( will be getting up footage of this game mode soon


8v8 is the preferred amount of people for this event.


If u are wanting to participate in the event please copy and paste this template----------------------------------------------------(BELOW)-------------------------------------------------------


Xbox Live GT=



Mic= Yes or No


Event times= Every day at 5 pm western----6 GMT---7 Central---8 Eastern


We will get everybody into a private Last Team Standing Match and we will explain the rules in their to refresh everybody.


If u are the Squad Leader u must designate a Enforcer and a Thug everybody else will be gangsters,


If the squad leader dies the next in command will take lead with what is left of the game.


If a gang wins more then 2 games in a row they will be able to pick a special event


Special Events--

Gang LTS Melee Fight

(Gangs only use melee and must listen to their leader- U may not go on roofs or use vehicles)


Protect the Gang Leader

(All gang members use melee the Gang Leader will use pistol and the enforcer with use a micro smg to protect the gang leader- If the Gang leader dies the other team will win)


Gang Assault

(One gang will defend an area while the area gang tries to take them out sniper may be given out during this gamemode possibly)


U may not use any weapon besides for








Assault Rifle=


Special Weapons=


Pump shotty or sawn off--1 Per team


MG or Combat MG--1 Per Team


Sniper-- Usually not given out but one per team


RPG or Grenade-- Highly Unlikely but may be given out




Are allowed but may be taken off depending on the scenario or Gang War that is going on.

Edited by IG Airassault54

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IG Airassault54

Still doing this event!

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IG Airassault54

Bump for the weekend--today

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