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what's your fast legit way to make money?

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@ GoldZero


My best $ made in parachuting and I do lots of it, was close to 100k in one hr I had people joining left and right. I'm very good my record is 221 wins 10 losses. I mostly do it now to get faster and faster times. It's too bad the social club does not update your new fastest times. But yes for RP the best ones are the highest ones with 250 point plus checkpoint finishes. The longest jump is Over The Globe, 360 checkpoint points ( if u get 15 points on each one) highest RP depends on level, and the money can be decent if u get people to join and bet.


I'm going to start doing road races eventually, been polishing up my driving, I went 38 miles so far with out crashing.

Edited by SteveNYC81

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PM a hacker...ask for money...wait for deposit.

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This is my advice for solo money making, or with a friend.


Sell either a baller or felon/felon GT @ LSC. That's $9-9.5k


Call Lester for a mission, keep trying until you get Cops Capacity.


While trying, steal cars in hopes of getting a bounty. Free money in 24 game hours.


Do cops capacity, making sure you finish while driving the yellow Dominator so you keep it. (If done the cheeky way, Cops Capacity takes maybe 10 mins or so depending on driving times)


After cops capacity, if it hasn't been 48 mins wait til then, sell yellow dominator for $16k.


While waiting for cops capacity to show up, try Martin. A good one of his his Extradition. Fairly simply if you're good at flying the jet, gives $20k first time, $10k after that.


Or do Processed survival while you wait for LSC timer. Personally I think it's the easiest to do solo if that's how you're playing, and survival gets you $2k per round. Doesn't take long to get to round 5 or so, so there's $10k there. $20k if you finish.


Survival is good for saving money on guns, make sure when you unlock a new weapon, like the first MG, you play survival. Eventually someone will drop one, just collect it and when you're done with survival, take it to Ammu-Nation and buy some ammo for it or even cheapest mod. It's then yours, if you've unlocked it. Saves thousands getting weapons that way.

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