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PS3: [SDLS] Sons & Daughters of Los Santos (Recruitment: OPEN)

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Sons & Daughters of Los Santos

"Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart"


  • K-U-J-A-30



​[SDLS] was founded on October 26, 2013, we are a tranquil core based crew that strives to keep our entirety consistently well-preserved by incorporating a beneficial / heartening gaming experience for our members – our members are the veins of our existence. Our purpose is to simply relish the company of one-another and the enduring amusement that Grand Theft Auto 5 has to deliver – “fun”.


Our members are of a colorful variety in personality, we all equally distribute our skill set to aid in the achievement of objectives, and we are always offering forth our undivided services to those in need. [sDLS] believes that the meaning of a “clan” shouldn't be based off of a vast headcount of random players who know nothing of one-another.


The meaning of a clan should not be bordered by conceit and the meaning of a clan should not possess a core of inequality. The meaning of a clan should be founded on a foundation of:

  • Friends (a family)
  • Wholehearted Players
  • Equality

A player should not be the motive for a clan; the clan should be the motive for the player.




  • Must be eighteen (18) years of age or older
  • Must possess a proper functioning headset
  • Must register on the [sDLS] headquarters website and become familiar with all [sDLS] processes
  • Must not have their pre-[sDLS] P.S.N. account in association with other G.T.A. 5 crews (no multi-crewing)
  • Must have their [sDLS] account active and participating in crew activities on a daily basis




Please, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns, and / or suggestions. Visit the [sDLS] Headquarters website at:

​[sDLS] Social Club Website URL:

​Or send a friend invitation to either (body text of the friend invitation must state your purpose of contacting us):

  2. K-U-J-A-30



[sDLS] is a crew with the intention of beneficially bettering your gaming experience if you do choose to serve amongst us. We are a crew that desires nothing more than to kick back, pop open a chilled beer while b*tch slapping random pedestrians all around Los Santos. [sDLS] members are:

  • Active on a day-by-day basis throughout the week
  • Participates in missions, bounty collecting, races (vehicle, boat, and air craft), death matches, vehicle death matches, crew wars, and server all-out-war

So join our crew today! We look forward to seeing you on the streets!



[sDLS] Leader of Governance


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UPDATE: [sDLS] has four (4) remaining positions left that are in need of being filled. If interested in what [sDLS] has to offer your G.T.A.5 gaming experience, apply today!


ADDITIONAL NOTE(S): [sDLS] has two (2) Council Official seats available for those applicants seeking to display their:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Courage
  3. Principals
  4. Collaborative Spirit

The following information listed below are the Council Official titles and job descriptions that are available for qualifying applicants:

  1. Public Relations Official (Consultant charged with the managing of communication within [sDLS] and out)
  2. Recruitment Official (Consultant charged with the affairs of the [sDLS] recruitment process)

Fill out a Council Official Application form today!


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UPDATES: [sDLS] has five (4) remaining positions left that are in need of being filled. We’re in-search of members who desire a crew that has been established to provide their gaming experience with:


  1. Entertainment
  2. Excitement
  3. Purpose
  4. Variety
  5. A calming atmosphere
  6. The capability to further their skill set


[sDLS] has just established an Activity Events day where the members partake in different activities ranging from:


  1. Death matches
  2. Vehicle Death matches
  3. Races (vehicle, boat, aircraft)
  4. King of the Hill (see custom activity descriptions at: http://sonsanddaughtersoflossantos.freeforums.org/post19.html#p19)
  5. Zombie Attack
  6. Race Against Odds
  7. Mount That Bike


These activity events are scheduled to take place every Saturday, and are circulated throughout the day so that each member has an opportunity to participate in such in the cases of account inactivity. Each activity event victor is granted a money reward and their account name will be displayed on the home page of the [sDLS] H.Q. website as the “Champion of [sDLS]” until their record has been surpassed by an opponent.


Additional Note(s): [sDLS] is currently undergoing the process of instituting a role playing feature -- tossing around possible ideas that will distinguish our role playing as innovative, addicting, and sufficient to the preferences of our members.


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  1. Two (2) remaining roster seats are left to be filled
  2. Three (3) Council Official seats remain to be filled (Public Relations Official, Crew War Official, and Recruitment Official)
  3. Mount That Bike has been added to the daily Activity Day
  4. Grouping (small-scale) has been initiated for use in competitive game match types (small squad forces)
  5. Role play: Guerrilla Warfare - [sDLS] members will invade a public server with the intentions of “conquering” the server while operating with the use of military tactics such as: ambushes, sabotage, raids, petty warfare, and hit-and-run tactics. [sDLS] members are required to dress in the appropriate camouflage attire resembling that of a military combatant before carrying out guerrilla warfare in any public server.

​​The purpose / reasoning behind guerrilla warfare is to bring about self-discipline and an amplified skill set when operating and devising against a live opponent. [sDLS] members must accurately prepare themselves mentally and physically on how they will successfully execute their target(s) with the use of constructive / creative strategizing. [NOTE]: Such will also pertain when versing the law enforcement / government officials.


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[sDLS] has incorporated title roles with specific job-related responsibilities concerning such titles that members have the opportunity of taking up. Title roles are formally recognized positions that are assumed by a member who demonstrates dominant control at a given time. The individual commanding under a title role must possess the proper attributes to that of a leadership standpoint – title roles cannot simply be assigned to whomever; one must naturally bear the essential qualities. Current title roles available for fill are as follows:


  • Street Soldier (illustrates representation of the crew both by verbal declaration and physical force within all server types)
  • Protector (enforces security over the crew by measures deemed necessary)
  • Facilitator (maintains order and manages over assigned duties assumed by street soldiers and protectors)
  • Council Guardian (enforces security over the council party and carries out assigned duties issued by the council officials)
  • Head Enforcer (director of security and supervision of protectors and council soldiers)
  • Head Instructor (a teacher of sorts that demonstrates what a member should expect and experience while upholding an essential mindset and assimilating qualities during crew expeditions)
  • Head Adviser (an overseer that maintains order and manages over assigned duties assumed by all title roles)

- ​[sDLS] recruitment status is still open for applicants so we encourage those seeking a crew that's of "quality over quantity" to send a PSN friend invitation to:

  2. K-U-J-A-30

- [sDLS]: "An innovative established 'clan' that strives for the new, to conquer, and influence an exhilarating gaming experience."


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  1. [sDLS] has a couple of positions left to fill -- we're seventeen (17) members strong thus far who're active on a daily basis, possess a variety of outgoing and easy-going personalities, game in an organized and strategy driven manner, are thorough team players, and aim to win.
  2. Crew War Statistics: 1W – 0L (7 v.s. 7 Match-up: The rival crew had opposed us with the primary use of tanks / buzzards while [sDLS] remained on foot throughout the entire match. We used the surroundings to our advantage by widening our perimeter around the group of tanks stalking the streets, and attacked them from alley ways, within moving vehicles, atop rooftops, and by jets.)
  3. Two (2) council official seats are still in need of being filled: Public Relations Official and Crew War Official
  4. M.o.t.M. (Member of the Month) has been put into effect as of Dec. 13, 2013.
  5. [sDLS] has begun the creation of custom death matches for our personal matches.
  6. Coming soon: Custom [sDLS] crew vehicle
  7. ​[sDLS] Crew Territory: Paleto Cove (Archipelago)

​- Potential applicants that expect a crew to be of "quality over quantity" please send a PSN friend invitation to:

  2. K-U-J-A-30

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  1. Actively recruiting for potential recruits: skilled drivers (vehicle / boat), pilots, keen marksmen, and creatively driven gunmen
  2. [sDLS] Crew Vehicle: Cheval Fugitive
  3. Two (2) Council Seats [OPEN]: Public Relations Official & Crew War Official
  4. Available seats for grouping (small-scale) in two of our specialized squadrons used for public server crew wars (Silent Conductors & Gentlemen in Red)

- If you believe that [sDLS] would suit well as the G.T.A. 5 crew for you, please send a PSN friend invitation to:

  2. K-U-J-A-30

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  • We're still actively recruiting -- twenty-four (24) members strong thus far with a wide variety of skill sets based in driving, piloting, scouting, utilizing objects within the environment to use as a bomb transport for killing opponents, and facility basing for the means to clear out street blocks from the ground / rooftops.
  • Crew wars (public server take overs) are set in motion each day during the given week
  • Additional events (missions, death matches, team death matches, races, etc.) are set in motion throughout the given week
  • Continuous member activity throughout each day of the given week (six - eight members are always active at minimum during each day)
  • Two Council Official positions are available for seat filling: Public Relations Official & Crew War Official
  • Seating for Grouping (small-scale) is available for fill in our specialized squadrons used for public server crew wars (Silent Conductors, Gentlemen in Red, The Mishaps)

[sDLS] Crew Portrait



- If interested in being recruited into our crew, please send a PSN friend invitation to:

  • K-U-J-A-30

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[sDLS] Crew Portrait (Updated)



  1. Our recruitment status is still open to those potential recruits who are desiring a crew of quality over quantity -- twenty-five (25) members strong thus far.
  2. We're in-search of skilled pilots to assist with aerial support in combative scenarios
  3. Our crew vehicle has been changed to: Vapid Sandking (XL)
  4. We're expanding to YouTube with the intention of uploading personal montages (we're always in-search of assistants for this project)
  5. We have expanded onto Facebook and Zello Walkie-Talkie (for more information, please contact me)
  6. We are beginning to create personal [sDLS] graphics for the use of forum representation within the gaming community (we're always in-search of assistants for this project).
  7. We have incorporated a new victor title known as: M.o.E.: Member of Events.
  8. We participate in multiple competitive capture, death matches, team death matches throughout each day in addition to other competitive game modes.
  9. We're beginning to hold personal crew wars opposing a specific crew once a week.
  10. We're now extending our aid to personal services for other G.T.A. V players / crews such as: providing training courses on tactical advantages when opposing hostile players, vehicle / boat / aircraft maneuverability training, the persistent control of a strategic mindset, the best options for reinforcing the substance of your character, the issuing of personal protection (protection order), the issuing of a hired gun, mission guides / aides, and even a crew alliance formation, and additional services suggested by our clients.
  11. [sDLS] Public Relations and Crew War Official seats are still open for fill within our Crew Council.


  • For those interested in being recruited into our crew, please don't submit a Crew Request for we will deny your request. Simply send a friend invitation to: DREAMLESS_ZzZ or K-U-J-A-30 and state your purpose for contacting us within the body text of the PSN message. [sDLS] desires a "face-to-face" approach with potential recruits -- an observation from afar for judge of character; we want to witness who we may be recruiting and adequately assess them.
  • If you're desiring to sit-in on one of our public server raids to see how [sDLS] operates and incorporates precise processes in order to achieve the forced departure of opposing players, please don't hesitate to contact me. As a potential recruit, you're free to suggest how you'd prefer to observe [sDLS] if such is desired as well -- suggestions are encouraged.

We're just as interested in recruiting you as you're interested in being recruited by us so ensure your seat today!



[sDLS] Leader of Governance


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