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Can't replay missions anymore



So, I was replaying some rampages. I got to the second one, with the Vagos. I finished it and wanted to restart. When I went to the starting point, the message didn't appear and I tried to restart it via the menu, and the message about the restoration point appeared. I choose yes, the message went off and reappeared a few seconds later, in an endless loop. Now, it happens with every mission. It was on Xbox. Anyone knows how to solve it?

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5 answers to this question

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Good Day to You Drath_Starkiller can u give me a CD key or File's

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If you have got the golds already DO NOT replay rampages

Try to load an earlier save before you did this .

There is an internet bug caused by doing rampages . This doesnt sound like what you have but try not to do them if you can .

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GTA Phreak

I had the same problem, replaying the rampages by going to their location screws up the mission replay and also changes the save name.

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I'm having the same problem for all replays.

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After finishing any replay the game return to the previous state by "loading the game" back so for everyone who has the updated version of the game 1.08 it will continuously try to load games since the great Christmas gift R* gave us. What is ridiculous is that even after 2 days of trouble no one has yet come forward and explained to the fans that they are even trying to fix the problem, the very least they could do is making the update 1.07 available so that it would be possible for someone to erase the bad update and return to the previous which I suppose it won't have this issue.

For now the only workaround is signing-out of the PSN or disable the internet on the console so it won't load this precious Christmas gift.

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions", thank you R* you gave us a cold day in hell no doubt that.

Edited by fnxrak

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