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We want GTAO on PS4/Xbox One

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You don't want it because you're a dickhead. I whipe my ass with your reason, and fancy words Webster.


>Ridicules fancy words.

>Tries to insult.

>Can't get simple words right.



What can I say? I have big fingers and I'm typing on an android. I appreciate the effort you're going through to be funny though. Getting pics and stuff, you must have a lot of time on your hands.


What can I say? They call me a horologist. But you can call me Gerald Smythe. It's not quite as fancy, but I figured you'd understand that a little easier.

Nope. I know not who that man is and I shant go looking for him on the interwebs. I shat I tell you! Damn you man!


Lol shat was supposed to be shant.

Edited by Lunytunes

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Was that a rare pang of non-insulting behaviour from that man? I shall move my hands together repeatedly in an action called 'clapping'. Some might call that applause.

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Lc gta

I want it on the PS4 and Xbox One systems. Rockstar should have invested a little more money for this and I don't know why they didn't. Imagine it, GTAO running on a 8g Memory...


:( You SUX Rockstar.



OP sounds like Veruca Salt with "I want".

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Yeah f*ck the OP.

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