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SG Above

Mafia Roleplay(XBOX 360)GTA 5

Recommended Posts

SG Above

Mafia Roleplay





Mafia RP puts players in the world of a Mafia Organizations in Los Santos and Blaine County. The main goal of a Mafia is to have the the most income. The family's of Los Santos and Blaine County are all neutral with each other at this point but will either develop friendships or become enemies.





-New Life Rule:/:When you are killed the current "Mobster" you were playing as is now dead. Upon death you will lose ALL past memory and all possessions you were carrying


-No killing without a reason. Just because someone is part of another family doesn't give you a reason to kill them


-Do not use items you do not own. Your Family Don can choose to pay members either with cash or items. If you use something that you were not given or you have not bought you will be banned from the Roleplay


-Listen to your leader. If you don't do what your Family'/ Don says you will be removed from Roleplay


-Wear appropriate attire for your family. Wear a suit of the correct color and style that your Don has chosen


-Pocket Gunning, You cannot take ANY 2 handed weapon out of your "pocket". You must be next to your vehicle or in your Family's hideout to do so




Creation Of A Family: The following is required to create a new family


-2+ Starting Members

-Admin Notified

-Family Name

-Family Colors

-A Territory for your Mafia, Territorys are general areas such as "Grove Street Area" or the "Shipping Yards"

- A hideout





Mafias will want to own as many properties as possible. Here is a list of some buyable properties and Drug Operations.




Hot Dog/Burger Stands-$2500::$1000 weekly income

Quick Shops/Gas Stations-$15000::$3000 weekly income

Discount Store/Binco-$30000::$8000 weekly income

Ponsonbys/Suburban-$55000::$13000 weekly income

AmmuNation-$70000::$25000 weekly income

Custom Autoshops-$150000::$35000 weekly income

Other properties may be bought just call an admin in game for details





Marijuana-$15 per seed-One week to grow-Max 30 plants a building-Sell $100 per plant


Cocaine-$1000 to make-1 Month to make-Max 5 per building-Sell $5000 per Cocaine


Meth-$500 to make-1 day to make-Max 1 per building-Sell $750 per Meth


Pills-$3 to make 1 pill-3 days to make-Max 750 pills per building-Sell $5 per pill




Guns and Vehicles-


Guns-----Call an admin in game to buy




Combat Pistol:$1500

AP Pistol:$2500

Micro SMG:$2000


Assault Rifle:$5000

Sniper Rifle:$10000

Sticky Bomb:$750 a piece

Jerry Can:$100



Vehicles-----All Mafia members start off with ONE 4-door Sedan










Mafias can destroy other Mafias properties and Drug Operations.


To destroy another Mafias stuff you need to notify an admin beforehand. Either burn the building with a Jerry Can or Plant Sticky Bombs. The opposing Mafia will be notified and will have 3 minutes before the building is destroyed.


To repair a Property it costs 1/2 the original cost of the property, Drug operations cannot be repaired.

Edited by xJim Bob IIIx

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The La Cosa Nostra Doesn't Buy Properties, They Take Them Over And Then Get Payed By The Store Owner... Just Saying.

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SG Above

I realize this but this isn't The La Cosa Nostra. This is aimed at for more a buildup to success not just take over places

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I realize this but this isn't The La Cosa Nostra. This is aimed at for more a buildup to success not just take over places

I just realized my comment seemed "smartass," sorry. But reworded, I meant, that the mafia extorts businesses and then collects payments from the shop owner. Now the competitive part is that other mafias will want that business so they attack the business, extort the owner, a claim it as their own. This is also called racketeering and usually causes wars. But before wars can begin it must be talked over in a commision meeting, where a bunch of mafias meet to decide whether or not to start the war and to gain alliances to go to battle with allies and that is basically the "long version" of "racketeering and extortion" among the mob while all being wrapped up with alliance ships.

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SG Above

Yes I understand. This Roleplay is no longer active though. We have a mafia in our other Roleplay if you would like to join

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