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[SA] - A weird bug

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During the dawn,and upon sunrise,the lights of the lamposts change colors (i.e. White,Green,Pink'ish) though they are actually orange-yellowish at the rest of the day.


I'm using the next list of mods :


Plugins and Miscellaneous:


-modified timecyc(various configs of timecycs still had this bug)

-IMFX (Contains Overdose Effects 1.5 Part One,which requires replacement of surfinfo.dat and object.dat)

-Project 2DFX v1.2

-Road Reflections Fix

-Bullet Mod by Ryosuke839

-AirLimit Mod by Ryosuke839


-ImVehFet 2.0.2


CLEO mods:












what might cause this?

Edited by Danikov

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Probably the corona related scripts. That's where I'd look first.

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Sounds like a Timecyc issue, you could use @fastman92's in-game timecyc editor to check if its the problem, pretty sure its in the "world settings" option or something like that.


P.S You can delete proportionalcoronas.cs with the latest IMFX, since its already included with IMFX. :p

Edited by TheJAMESGM

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Yes, it indeed is the timecycle you're using. The value causing the problem is named "SprBght", and once it's set to be higher than 1.0, bug like you mentioned will happen.You can read more about different values of timecycle in here.

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