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What is creepiest place in gta v?

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I've gotta say, GTA V flat-out rocks when it comes to delivering creepy locations. I'm hardly bringing up anything that hasn't already been brought up in this thread, but here are my picks and comments.


* The ocean. I've got a biiiit of thalassophobia (fear of large bodies of water), and few games have triggered it like this one has, even if I actually love exploring the ocean. Yeah, it's technically a lot of space that could have gone to a larger land mass/more interiors, but I still find it really cool. And creepy. Like going about as far out into the ocean as you can go, and hopping out of your boat or jet ski and going swimming, finding yourself in just a blue abyss. Terrifying, even if there aren't any sharks around. Or when you happen to be about as deep as you can go without hitting crush depth where it gets darker, especially at night. I was doing Michael's submarine part hunt and was swimming around near a plane wreck looking for a piece, and it got really dark, and I couldn't get my bearings, and it creeped me out big time. Oh, and that was all on the Xbox 360 version. I have yet to really explore the ocean in my XB1 version, and I can't wait to do it all again with all the added sea life. I have had a couple occasions where I've been swimming and heard that orca cry and jumped out of my skin, even though it's just Shamu and they can't hurt you.


* This is gonna sound a little weird, but the mountains on the shores of the map, if that makes sense. You know, the edges of the map that slope down into the beaches on the east? Those. I've been out there a few times, and they're some of the only places in the map that really, truly feel remote to me. Especially at night. I remember being out there as Franklin once (it was after "Hood Safari", and I'd escaped on my jet ski and decided to get back to civilization with him instead of just switching to another character, without going back to where the cops had been looking for me before - yeah I like to immerse myself, shut up :p). I was going up those hills on foot, and it was dark, and I was role-playing and using my gun's flashlight to see the way, and it was really pretty creepy.


* Mt. Gordo. I really don't think I have to explain why. One time I decided that I was gonna find Jolene Cranley's ghost, so I went up there as Franklin and sort of camped out, not leaving until I found the ghost. It was really cool, as I'd never really been up there before and the sun was setting while it was kinda hazy, and it just looked gorgeous. Like something out of a painting. Then night fell, and it actually took me a while to find the ghost, especially since I wasn't too sure about the specifics of her location/the time to see her (I think I was playing during one of many periods where I didn't have internet access). Nothing is Scarier was in full effect, as I was on edge the entire time. And when I finally did find her... yeah, I was creeped out. Yeah it's just a 2D image floating up and down that doesn't do anything, but I still find that gaping mouth so terrifying. And I hear that the XB1 version adds screams. Oooh yeah, I am definitely going on another ghost hunt at some point.


* The mine shaft. It actually took me a while to go here, as for whatever reason I wasn't that interested. But then I decided to go looking for it. When I found it, well, I was expecting just a short little shaft with that corpse in there and nothing more. What I got was a surprisingly big series of shafts that didn't really go anywhere or go out that far, but still felt big enough that it was creepy and intimidating as hell. At first I was gonna walk the whole way to make it even creepier, but before long I was running, and not just because it's surprisingly large (and I was playing as Trevor, so it's really kind of funny imagining this psycho running through the mine shaft freaked out :p). And I understand that Online used this mine shaft for a Halloween slasher-themed mode, which is perfect (EDIT - apparently it actually doesn't - whoa, that's really surprising to me). But they really missed an opportunity by not having a gas mask with those eyeholes and a pickaxe as a weapon (especially since they could just do a quick reskin of the hatchet and call it a day). My Bloody Valentine, anyone?


EDIT - And I definitely plan on going back there and playing THIS. Just like when I played "Aquatic Ambiance" and DKC3's "Water World" while exploring the ocean, It'll be so perfect.



* And this one's pretty tame compared to my other examples, but the non-Families parts of South LS can actually feel really creepy and dangerous, especially at night, and especially because the other gangs are so easy to piss off. There was this one time I was driving through there as Michael with Dave Norton in "By the Book" (leaving the hideout), and I stopped at a stop light, and these two gangbangers actually held me up and shot at me. I was startled, but impressed.

Man, i love this post.

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Cutter De Blanc

Getting killed by crush depth, or when the Kraken randomly runs out of oxygen underwater always makes me jump it's just all quiet and spooky as f*ck, and then just suddenly, BAM, WASTED. :*(

sh*t's traumatic

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