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IG Airassault54

The Real Evolution Roleplay (XBOX 360)

Recommended Posts

IG Airassault54

(Sign up here--Make sure u read rules they will not explained in the lobby--Guns are the only thing that is not on here.)---We have over 200 or so people that can play this gamemode.. Would be cool to show this gamemode off the the GTAF Community


(This event was created back in GTA IV and play with by my community- This is an Original Gamemode that was created by me. Alot of roleplays have been based off on this, Changes have and will be made since its GTA V now)


(Copy and paste this to play the event)

Xbox Live Gamertag:


Character Name:Your Characters Name
Character Age:Your Characters Age
Character Bio:A Bio of your characters past,present, and what you want in the future(should be a 3-5 sentence paragraph!)
Job Wanted:Do not choose a job someone else has(you don't have to choose a job on here you may find one in game)



(All players must have an APT or House by the end of the first day)

(All players must eat 3 times a day if u dont u will be booted(Also u must sleep for 2 mintues every day for the rp!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Trust=Break it once u will never get it back(Their will be multiple IG Team members in each lobby so dont try 2 sneak ha)

POV(Point Of View)=You cannot take action in roleplay unless u see it happen(Includes all players especially police)

Fear Factor=Fear applies to a rp player when u have a weapon pointed at u and a player rp robbing,hostage taking,raiding,stealing,etc towards u. This means u cannot do anything unless u are on drugs that take away fear factor.---Being drunk takes away half of ur fear factor resistance but u more likely to get a larger ticket or fine!---If u are being fear factored by a player u must comply and then report it to the police if ur civilian...If it was illegal dont because ur dumb
If you are in a car or truck (no motorcycles) you can try to get away, but only as a first response. You can't wait until after the gunman makes a demand to flee.

Player Grabbing=Taking Weapons on the ground without buying them

RD-(Random Destruction)-No destruction of LC without roleplay reason including npcs

Player Griefers-Complaning about legit RP kills or stuff that happens in RP--(If u dont think so talk 2 an admin in private and let them get 2 the bottom of it---Dont be annoying or we will boot u)

NewLifeRule-NLR-If u are killed u forget the last day and dont get ur payday if u have a govt and/or civilian job

Assgunning= Pulling a gun that would not be able 2 be concealed-exp...(Rifles,Shotguns,RPGs(lol),Snipers_) Luckily if u are in a vehicle--U may get out and use those weapons bcuz u pulled it from ur car<----Exp of rping-----If u are in ur house u may pull out ur weapon unless u have been put into fear factor mode-

RandomDeathmatching-(RDMING)-Killing another player without roleplay reason. exp...Killing somebody for pushing u, cutting in line,---U have actually play out ur actions as they progress through the roleplay and killing people is not a good way to make friends or money. If all u wanna do is be a gangbanger or cop and abuse u will be perm banned xD-We want people taking it 2 th,e next level-If somebody pushes u tell them they better watch(They dont say anything u cant do shiz_If they talk shiz back u bet ur ass u can but later down the road with a legit rp reason...Exp//Drugs,raids,etc

Meta Gamining- U cannot communicate with other players except with roleplay interaction...So u cannot call somebody and tell them they heard something about a raid when they were in a car..Obviously u wouldnt be able 2 hear them and same goes with cops and all players alike. (No party chat or private chats will be allowed by anybody except the IG Team-unless invited by one of us. ---More or less dont use 2 ur adv.---

Powergaming= Forcing another player 2 do something that has nothing 2 relate 2 the rp or is extremely unfair---(Dont take things into ur own hands...Cheaters and players who ruin the game will be removed)<-----Contact an---->Admin



Police Evidence/Leading to an arrest- Guys the cops in the game r just like in real life. They will give u tickets for minor things.(When ur endangering the citizens/Ai Characters of liberty city u may get a big fine or even jail time)---It is better to get minor tickets and just pay them off an ur good to go---If u get another ticket while ur other one is pending that is automatic jail time. U usually get about 3 tickets b4 u get jail time.----

Also police need to be in a roleplay for 5 times in order to become a CSI--This will enable the police to harvest evidence from the scene of the crime---(Not even going to perseus and paying 15 G's for a suit will help)

U wont be able to exactly identify the person that did it. But if they dont change their clothes they will still have gun residue from the muzzle blast theirfore they can get caught--Also if they were in a car that they bought with a liscense the bullet casing and or residue would be in the car.

Police actually have to get a reason to search their car...Could be anything small to a traffic stop due to a CSI (Which causes the superstar cafe to close down since their was a homicide(Actually happened xD)

It has to be legit. If u dont know sh*t about a cop go look it up online.(Police Officers for dummies lol

More Police Abilities---

Liscense Plate tracking-(Cars for Civies ..etc)-=This pretty much means if ur scene leaving the scene of the crime and somebody had atleast 5 seconds to 'Write down ur liscense-Would be ur GT-They would then tell the police..This also works with the police. If u outrun the cops dont think ur clean free(Once u buy a liscense its only for that car and u have to use a lock pick to break into low class cars.)--Need Locksmith perk 2 to break into higher class vehicles)

Criminal Ability-The only way around this is to have a Illegal Supply Truck Driver ship in a new car--(THis will be about the same amount as the actual liscenses for each car class--(Therefore meaning if u wreck it the car is scrapped bcuz their are no plates and its an untraceable car)---(U May store this car at ur apt-house but if u have apt and cop patrols by ur house ur f*cked! Wink

Changing of Clothes after blood spatter-=If u ever kill anybody or get blood on urself under any circumstance u must buy clothes from perseus or modo=Perseus u have 15% Chance of getting caught---Modo is 35% chance

Successful Murder=Some- Their can sometimes murder unless u take through all of the events a real criminal in Real life would do to save his ass from getting caught. If murder somebody u have to wait their for 1-2 hours to clean up the whole crime(Then u will have to dispose off the body in an undisclosed location or throw it out in the ocean with bricks attached)---(Also u will have to buy a shipment of alchohal to clean down the place)...If anybody comes in their at that time it would be best to convince them to follow u(Disclosed location and murder them to u have to otherwise they will tell on u xD--------Also u can get away from the murder if their are no witness the case can run cold!!!)

--------------Police Rules Of engagement/Wanted system=============One star

Person with a gun
Person with a knife
Hit and run
Illegal parking
Drunk Driving
Threatening phone calls
Fist brawl

Two star

Stolen vehicle
Speeding or racing illegally

Three stars

Use of illegal weapons
Resisting arrest
Assault with deadly weapon towards police officer
Armed robbery

Mayor=3500-4500(Controls Liberty City and its Police Force)---Does his daily duties---(May make taxes and other laws during the rp and stay in effect until the mayor becomes deceased)----

Law Enforcement Chief=2000-2500---(In charge of Liberty City Police force)--If their is no mayor the Law Enforcement Officers would come to the Chief for warrants)

Swat Officer=1000 for a mission completed(Will be given swat officer by the Chief)

Law Enforcement Officer=1000-2000(May be promoted throughout the game for being a good police officer)---(Must listen to the Chief of Police orders)---(Makes 500 dollars for every Legit RP Arrest)

Lawyer=1500 a day=== Also Makes money by doing different cases(Must go to college)

Judge=1000-5000 one time only(Must go to college to take part as a judge during a case)--(Must go 2 college to take this job)

Real Estate and Banker=Admin only----(Talk to Airassault54 if u are trying to buy a house for EVO RP or Rent it for that RP Lobby)---(If you dont want to lose items or money when u die contact me so i can save it)

Doctor/Paramedic=1500(Must go to colony island to revive a player that has been killed and will receive the 500 dollars from the recently deceased player)---(If a player is injured they have to call a doctor/paramedic and have them meet eachother b4 the player can pick up a healthpack)----If flashing red u must call an ambulance and u cant meet with them because ur critically injured----200 dollars for gunshot wound--150 for stab wound--250 for a concussion(Being knocked unconcious with fists or a bat--(If bat is used on 2 ur player while on the grounded they are Player killed)--400 for multiple wounds---(If u are ran over by a car or fall from a high distance u might have to be put into a wheelchair if u die and u dont want to lose ur money-weapons-rp items)-----
Fisherman==Contact me for this job its long complicated but a good money maker------

Civilian=====(If u have a job that is not in this area u can talk 2 me privately on XBL if u are serious on pursuing this new job)---ALL CIVILIAN JOBS IF DONE WELL WILL RECEIVE PAY UPGRADES!!!!

Business owner= Owns businesses and operates them his/her way(Makes money depending on business and placement)

Supply Truck Driver=500 a day--(Also receives all the money for Food,alcohal and legal gun shipments)

Taxi Driver=750 a day---(Receives money for all cab fares)

Food Employer=750 a day--(Receives 250 dollars every day the food business has been open)(Receives all the money from food sales unless you hire an employee)--(U only get food sales for the time of day u work)

Food Employee=300 a day--(Receives all the money from food sales if hired by a food employer)

Bartender=(Variable depending on place of work contact me)

Dancer/Stripper-(Varaible Depending on place of work contact me)

Hooker=Salary is based on jobs done to other players(Is illegal if seen by the cops)

Auto Shop Worker=450 a day(Also gets money from color changes and repairs to cars)

Gundealer=Receives all money from Legal gun sales(Only receives 1/2 of profit)----Glock=2000---Pump action=3000----Combat Shotty=4000----Deagle=3000 (Does not need to pay for the merchandise to sell)--(If u buy a gun from Gundealer u automatically receive a a gun Liscense for these 4 weapons-----

$420- Underground $1500.00 + - Professional ==Boxes in either underground boxing events or professional boxing events

Construction Worker=Works at different construction sites around the city to get money(Contact me)

Bodyguard=(Variable)--(Depends on how much their trying to pay you)

Garbage Man=(Works 4/5 of a day and roleplay and makes 2500)---(One time thing this also allows u to automatically have a truck liscense)

Club/Bar Owner=Variable(Depends)--Contact me if interested---


Mob Boss=None(Must get money by doing criminal activity during the roleplay--Ex. Loan Sharking,Gambling,(Drugs,guns--Need to get players to side with ur organization to have the benefits of the operations their doing that could help contribute and make yours better)---REQUIRMENT=U must have attended atleast one EVO RP

Pimp=750(Show your hookers who is boss)

Hired Gun=None(Must be hired by a Mob Boss and will be payed depending how good you help out for the mob/organization)

Drugdealer=None(You must grow marijuana in your house or apt for a day 2 begin selling it for the rest of the roleplay)--(DD can be raided during this time)---If the Drugdealer is raided they lose their product and have to redo it for a day)---Can get better and more hardcore drugs with the purchase of the chemist perk)----Benefits for certain Drugs=Weed=Eat 3x more food for the day and is extremely hard to get mad at)---Cocaine=4x more money for that day---(Must have Body armor on)---(Also known to be a hothead or paronoid while being on this drug)-----Heroine=Allows you to pick pocket players of up to 500 dollars---(Fear Factor Doesnt Apply)----Pills= Allows you to keep your money and weapons upon death--(Still must pay doctor 500)---If Aderol is taken college is done in 1.5 days instead of 3.0-------------(Some or All of these drugs can cause death if used incorrectly or with other types of drugs)

Supply Truck Driver=500 a delivery +(Receives money for transporting Certain supplies such as(Cocaine Making supplies=3000 for one day(5500 for the Roleplay)---Herione Making supplies=1000---(2500 For whole Rp)----Aderol(Pills)---2500---7500 for whole RP)---

Locksmith Perk=Can only be bought by criminals(===10000 dollars to learn the perk===)--Lock picks can be bought from the Mob Boss-----

Chemist Perk= Tier 1---Can make Heroine(2500)---Tier 2--Can make cocaine(4500)---Tier 3--Can make Pills(2500)--Aderol can be bought for 2500 dollars extra)

Gundealer Illegal Perk=7500--(Once bought u keep this perk throught the roleplays)--If u have a question about shipment pricing call Airassault54----


Rent- U can rent any building in GTA V even if u cant go to it just make sure it is not a huge building. Call an admin on the phone in order to discuss--

Buy- U can Buy any building in GTA V even if u cant go to it just make sure it is not a huge building. Call an admin on the phone in order to discuss--

(U will be charged 5 times for rent during the rp so choose wisely---If a house is bought u have that for EVO RP forever unless sold to another player---(Contact me about buying houses or other property u could use for a business)

All Houses will have locks on their doors so u cant force entry without a breaching charge or a lockpick----

Raid=2 or more players raiding a house or apt for the benefit of receiving weapons-money-better rp items- or revenge(If u raid a house or apt u automatically receive 500 dollars per person)

Robbing of Stores and/or food places and/or properties=1000 dollar max--- may be completed individually or with another person or more(Usually not a smart idea)--(U get food from their lol)

Player killing is when another player is killed by another and their character can be looted with everything on them!

All Players of the roleplay must sleep for 2-4 minutes in real life time atleast 2-3 times during the roleplay---This allows for players to take a break--Go to the bathroom--Get some food or drink--or whatever you have to do!!!---Players are vulnerable when sleeping during the roleplay so be careful-------

If you do not roleplay right----1st warning=warn/money loss---2nd warning=job loss------3rd warning=1-2 EVO RP Game Ban---------------------------------------------------------------

If you are really close to dieing or you know your going to lose a fight roleplay it and you might be able to get out of it if u beg for forgiveness...They may show mercy depending on character xD

Always stay in character during the roleplay if u areant trying to be in character while talking to them please say OOC(Out of Character) This will enable whatever u say cannot be used against u during the roleplay---(If somebody used this 2 their advantage this would be an example of meta-gaming.)
Edited by airassault54

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IG Airassault54

Thanksgiving weekend should be the first roleplay! So be sure to sign up asap

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Xbox Live Gamertag:AJROCK624

Age: 12 .PS TURING 13 SOON

Character Name:Austin
Character Age:27
Character Bio:Hard worker as child .At 15 he moved to LS To get out of his trobled past.wants have good life in LS.
Job Wanted:LSPD

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oborne 96

Xbox Live Gamertag: Oborne 96

Age: 18

Character Name: Luke O'connor
Character Age: 22
Character Bio: Started life with a life of crime after getting let off for assault and theft he finnaly decided to move away from it all. He Moved to los santos and wanted to start a brand new life.
Job Wanted: Police officer

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IG Airassault54

bump event still going on

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DJ Arrt

Xbox Live Gamertag:

Age: 17

Character Name:Damien King
Character Age:26
Character Bio:Damien King was born on August 7, 1988 in Vice City, but moved shortly to Los Santos at the age of 2. He was brought up in the streets of LS, but had no official gang affiliation until 2007 when he became a driver for a local crime family. Eventually, he witnessed a drug deal went bad, so he left the city and started a crime "tour" if you will around the country until he reached Liberty City in 2010 where he went to school and got his degree in Economics. Now, he moved back to Los Santos to find some "work".
Job Wanted:Bodyguard.

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