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Saving/Deleting cars in Single Player

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So as far as I'm concerned, saving and deleting cars in this game is pretty ****ing retarded. Someone is going to have to clear this up for me.


I have saved cars in my garage. I take a car out, drive it to a mission, am forced to get in a new car, then when I come back after the mission, the car is GONE.


So I return to my garage thinking it's there, but it's not there. So I go to the impound and I find it, for $250. So I pay the fee and get it out, park the car on the corner for a second to do something, come back, AND IT'S ****ING GONE AGAIN.


So I check my house and the impound and now it's not anywhere. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO ME, ROCKSTAR!?


My questions are where the hell has my car gone? What is the ACTUAL way to get rid of saved cars? And under what circumstances is your car impounded, instead of just returning to your garage?



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From what I experienced and have read from forums, YouTube & other internet asked questions about cars, is that the cars you store at house garages do not go under a ownership.

So if you lose the car, gets stolen, blown up or whatever the f*ck it might be, the cars gone. This might also be for car's you purchased from the games internet and car dealerships. I have not done; purchased car, take from garage to my house garage - save game. Go take it out and leave it or wreck it and change characters for a few minutes, or just start changing characters clothes etc. Go back to other character and check for the car just destroyed is in the repo garage. I read somewhere else that your car won't load in repo as soon as it's disappeared? It is best to not take any other car but your own characters given car to any storyline missions to stop the car from disappearing. The house garage 'myth' I don't know if it's true but I never keep my good cars at any my players safe houses. Only in the car 4 garage & only take them out for non-storyline related missions/activities.


I got Michael a cabrio, took it to Soloman's first mission to go beat up Rocco. My car went missing and did not after a few game days respawn in the repo garage. I also took this car out from my 4 storage garage not house garage. Lucky I auto-saved before entering the mission so I reloaded and dropped my cabrio to my 4 storage garage an got a taxi to do the mission over again.


I read that driving a car into water or blowing it up will remove it completely and not go into the repo garage. For myself, not tried this.

Bums/NPC can steal your un-attended car. It's f*cked as you don't see it and even if you did? You would shoot them and get automatic 3 stars for defending yourself and not letting anyone hijack your whip dawg!

Edited by Syphiroth

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Why would anyone save cars then? You can't drive them anywhere for missions otherwise they'll get impounded. If you damage them, you have to PAY to repair them. Where is the incentive to use this aspect of the game?

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I don't really know why GTA5 is like the way it is with your stolen/purchased transport. I find myself at the repair shop a lot from a tiny touch on a pole half my cars scratched and lights are popping out like I just driven off Mt. chilliand's peak O.o and it's annoying. The switch characters for car repairs does work but not all the time. I find I Switch back and I got busted windows or scratches but the cars body is in perfect condition for the character. If I change back too quick the car remains in it's f*cked up condition. This of course is in free roam, not missions or stranger task. I would of liked an option to favourite cars while in the storyline and don't understand why it couldn't been done. As we get some 'special' option at the four car garage with that they could put the characters main car on the slot if you chosen to favourite another car for your character through the storyline. Wouldn't been hard for the car to be in cutscenes but I don't know what the f*ck is up with that or the 'this is your car only' feel and everything else you steal or buy in the game driveable is a waste of time unless you got plenty cash, finished the story or just plan don't give a f*ck if you lost the automobile throughout the storyline and buy it over & over?


I (so I think) can make Michael's car & Franklin's into my own style I like. Trevor's is a little harder since I try keep him pimp looking but his truck is hard to pimp/deck out without it looking cheesey.

I'll try upload a photo of Michael's car and how I deck it out. I haven't taken one of Franklin's yet as I put the wrong wheels on and cbf to change yet haha.

Edited by Syphiroth

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This problem would totally be solved by them implementing the same "personal vehicle" concept that they did in GTA: Online, where your most recently accessed car is marked as your personal vehicle. You spawn in it at the beginning of missions and, when missions end, it is returned to your location regardless of where you end up. And it's always marked on your map so in case it's around a corner or up an alley out of view, you can still find it. I don't understand why this wasn't put in SP.

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Sucks you cant change personal cars.

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Sucks you cant change personal cars.


Yeah that's probably my biggest gripe. I have to admit, Franklin's SRT8 Charger is awesome, but if I never again had to lay eyes on Michael's Audi or Trevor's....whatever the hell that thing is lol....I wouldn't shed a tear.

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Retired Mango

This topic was actually why I came here. I was going to ask this myself but luckily it's already here.


I was really excited to hear that GTA V had garages. I've been playing the crap out of GTA IV (I finally just got it a while ago with Microsoft's Games with Gold) and I really hated how I would find a car I really liked, start driving it around, there would be a cut scene for a mission and then my car would be gone. I was hoping with the grages in 5 I could just go and get my car if it disappeared.... not the case. So I agree, I see no point in spending thousands of dollars customizing a car just to have it go poof if you decide to take it on a mission.


Another thing about customizing the cars that really disappointed me was the license plate. I got really excited when I saw you could do custom plates and even more so when I saw there was a Black plate with Yellow lettering......how could I *not* do "BATMAN", but no, it was taken. I don't know why we can't have 2 custom plates one for single player that can be whatever we want, and then one for Online that has to be unique. Hopefully they will include this in a future DLC or something.

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