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GTA Half Life

Recommended Posts


Previously made somewhat mission 1: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/28549

Previously made somewhat mission 2: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/28587

Previously made somewhat related mission 3: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/28823



Final mission for the previous storyline, introduction to Half Life storyline.


This mission is an overview of what the following mission might be like. It will very likely to follow the same concept.


Half Life: Unforeseen Consequences (99%)

Half Life: Office Complex (75%)

Half Life: We've Got Hostiles (0%)

Half Life: On A Road (0%)

Half Life: Surface Tension (0%)

Half Life: Lambda Core (0%)

Half Life: Xen (0%)

Half Life: Ending (0%)

Half Life 2: To be determined.



Current Stats: 50% ---> Half Life: Unforeseen Consequences

This mission will contain both Unforeseen Consequences and Office Complex from Half Life.


Here are some changes from HL to DYOM:



I would love it, but it isn't in the game... It is either Shovel, Golf Club or Police Stick and Cane instead.


MP5/MP7 with Grenade Launcher:

MP5 is the only one we can use...


Scoped Crossbow:

Probably Sniper rifle, or Country Rifle?


Laser guide RPG:

HS RPG it is!


Pistol and Python Revolver:

Pistol is unmoved, Python, Desert Eagle with little ammo!


Spas 12:

Spas 12 unchanged! or maybe normal shotgun?






Charges, but it has to share slot with grenade...


Pulse Rifle:

M4 For Sure, Or AK?


Other weapons are impossible to convert.


Teleportation thingy...

I wanted to use the amber dots and green dots seen in the Sanchez stadium Event, but DYOM doesn't have it... So... It is either Fire, Green Goo, Parachute Target (It has a bright white light), change cloth sign, or bloodring event car fixing sign.


Player Model:

For weird NPC attacking you, I'm thinking about the short actor as Xen creature, Fire Fighter or one of those Police Men as Combine Troops, and random actors as zombies (yay zombies!) G-Man is the one you see in this intro mission, with cane instead of briefcase.



It will serve as Apache.... Hydra should be Human planes, and Sea Sparrow (NPC doesn't shoot you right?) as Combine Gun Ship.


Gordon Freeman:

I can't find a good character model for the protagonist, so probably CJ?


HalfLife 2: Long story...



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Why don't use this?

Edited by Dude1

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It looks weird, but sure why not. :lol:

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Cool storyline, very original

Waiting to see more about this

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Cane is not a choice, unless you want less damage with it. It only has 8 damage, golf club got 14.


All choppers shoot rockets..... And zombie must be changed into people controlled by some virus that will attack player.


Interior and locations all over SA will be used, Area 69 is way to small. Planning department is used as office complex.


Anyways, I will try my best to make this storyline as close to original as possible. Could take a while though.


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First mission complete! I might have to add a bit more animation to it but it is mostly done.

It isn't very good, as you would expect from a noob like me :panic: , so tell me where I should improve so I can make better missions in the future! :lol:


I'm trying to keep as close to the original as possible.

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Someone reply please!!! :panic:

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