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Underwater Briefcases not gone

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Ok so I have googled around and found a lot of topics saying the underwater briefcases are now patched and won't show or won't respawn. But I have to say that they are not gone at all when I first got the Nuclear Waste I have noticed that the briefcases would still show up and I thought ok so they have repatched it so that they would appear and continued with the hunting of the nuclear wastes. Then I went back afterwards with Michael and they were gone again, So I used and backed up save and went there again after buying the sonar property and before finding the Nuclear wastes and it seems that during this time the briefcase not only show up but they also respawn when I quick save and reload after getting them.

So it really seems that Rockstar patched it but only when those briefcase would appear.




Well at least the briefcase near the tail of the plane is there I'll keep an eye on wich ones show and not.

Edited by fnxrak
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Yes I always updated to the last, 1.04 now, I think. But only the one near the planes tail is available and for me only during the search of the nuclear wastes afterwards it didn't show and neither before buying the Sonar property.

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The briefcases were actually indeed removed, but they re-added them back in the 1.05 patch. They also fiddled with the respawn script so they wont respawn 100% surely anymore.

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And at what point do they show up cause I can't make them show besides the one I mentioned above and I do have 1.05 update Ithought it was 1.04 but no.

Edited by fnxrak
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After patch 1.03 the old 'switch character to respawn briefcases' trick no longer works, but there is a way to make it respawn with a quicksave. After you dive down and get the 25K briefcase (west of the roller coaster) swim to the surface and quicksave, then reload that save and dive down and the briefcase will have respawned. This is slower than the switch character method but it works. Scuba gear is optional but it makes it easier.

I had started a new SP game because I glitched the McKenzie Hanger on my previous save and couldn't access the arms race missions for the T.P.Industries trophy, so I started a new game and was trying to get all 3 characters to $1Mill before the first assassination mission so they all end up with $2Bill at the end. Michael had 1.1 mill from early missions, Trevor had 960k after collecting all the nuclear waste, but Franklin only had $300k and limited ways to earn $$$. I was trying to collect all the briefcases but a $7,500 case wasn't where it was supposed to be, so I quicksaved and reloaded hoping it would spawn properly, it did, so I quicksaved & reloaded again and the case had spawned again. It took about 45 minutes of quicksaving and reloading to get him up to $1Mill by farming the 25k case so it's not as quick as the old switch method but the outcome met my demand so I just googled stuff on my phone during loading screens to ease the grind.

Edited by BlackMetalDevil
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Ok but can you make this from beginning cause I can't find the 25k case no more all I can do with the 1.05 update is get the 12k case but only between buying the property and finding the Nuclear wastes. and yes I'm also using the quicksave.

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This method should still work. When you get to where you know a briefcase should be, quicksave (even if it's not there), then reload that quicksave and it should be there. Been a few weeks since I've played single player and patch 1.05 has come out since then so there is a chance they stuffed it up again when patching other things. I'll check later after work and see if it still works for me and let you know tomorrow if it worked.

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Ok thanks for your help! This is kind of driving me mad LOL :panic:


SO it's confirmed your method still works at least for 1.05 let's see what Rockstar makes from now on.

Edited by fnxrak
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Heres my experiance with the packages .

So i went lookin for the first one , couldnt find it for sh*t . I reloaded the game -found it right away .

This happened to me with all 12 packages .

I did not check to see if they would respawn . This was after the 1.05 update .

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Looks like you already know the answer now fnxrak, but just to confirm, it does still work. I checked it a few times and the 25k case respawned each time.

Unrelated, but something strange I noticed and I don't know why but my SP game save I used was spawning Western Daemon motorbikes all over the highways which was really odd because they usually only show up on one random event mission and that's it, I tried to find one when I was making my Ghost Rider vid coz I thought the raised handlebars would look better but could not find any anywhere. I tried googling their location and everyone was in the same mindset that they only appear on that one mission in SP.

I gave up looking after that and started a new game then purposely failed the first few missions to skip through quicker to get to where the random events unlock, I got the bike and compared it to the LCC Hexer but the Hexer still looked better with it's angled forks on the front tyre, and side by side the Hexer is a longer bike by almost a wheels length (mainly due to the fork angle) so I ended up using the Hexer. So I got a Daemon near the golf course and thundered my way to the beach to go check the 25k case spawn trick and headed to a little area I know that has a few jetski's floating about 10 metres off the shore. I'm at a pretty high speed when I see the jetski's so I kept flooring the bike towards them and drove the bike into the water to get closer to them to reduce the swim time. I jumped off the bike when the bike was almost underwater and the combo of the speed I had entered and the timing I pressed triangle to dismount made my guy skip across the water like a skipping stone, I got about 4 bounces off the top of the water before my momomentum died down and the water softened and let me swim but before that it was like concrete (like when you jump off a bike on a road).

I'll have to test it out a bit more but it looks like it could be a fun little trick to pass some time, so what started as a quick test to check the 25k briefcase turned out to be an interesting observation of game physics.

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Yea I have patch 1.05 also and I found the $25K case last night. I went under the first time, having killed that shark xD and didnt find anything but the health pack flickering. So I went away and came back, it was there! I still havent found the other one down the way but it may appear at some point. I will have to see if the quick save function will work for me! I also noticed whilst looking around down deep in two of these locations for these cases (off the shores of Lago Zancudo and Pacific Bluffs areas), that there are some weapons/ammo down there, there is an armor vest at the bottom also.

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Yeah I've also experienced quite a few bugs glitches whatever when I was trying to get the Orange Bison on the "Repossession" mission (it's the orange pickup Lamar tells you to take cover after killing the first vagos) and when I went against the gate in the beginning the pickup made some weird unnatural movements I'll try to record it on my second run. Also got another funny moment by jumping from the pier to near where the dinghy is the LS harbor, the caracter assumes it's water so he jumps like he is about to swim but then he went against the floating platform and I must I think I saw a couple of imaginary birds around his head LOLOLOL, no just joking, but it really made me laugh.

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