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annoying aspects

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-Ffs give us a default radio station option, sick of hearing channel x when I get in my car then slamming into npcs trying to change the station. Also it randomly changes coming out of the customs, hella annoying.

- Cops, tone those bastards down, their easy to shake but Gd their annoying ill have 2 stars and 30 cop cars ramming me/getting in my Fkn way and blocking my shots.

-loosing ammo upon death. I mean really wtf is the point? Let me guess so we will spend more money and ultimately buy cash cards. No thanks r* ill stick to glitching, eat my Dick.

-Police impound wtf is the point? Oh I know it adds a high possibility of you vehicle being destroyed so you have to pay insurance which adds a higher % chance of you buying money.

-Painting vehicles, why can't I select paint preview it then confirm wether or not I want to pay for it. This is mostly about pearlescents bec you have to paint it metallic first to get an idea of what its going to look like.

-wanted level right after respawning, wtf.

-Can't sell cars that cost more than 50k

-Can't store high end stolen cars.

-wanted level when in stolen vehicles, atleast add a timer.

-Dead npcs placing bounties on you, really? I killed that mock for a reason.

The list goes on and on and the more you think about it the more you realize every aspect of this game tries to funnel you into buying cash cards. Half of the games mechanics aren't needed at all and are onlyin place to increase the % of profitability. So yeah ill glitch the sh*t out of the game and exploit every bug I can and try my best to do my part in breaking the Fkn game because they try to take the fun out at your expense, R* is greedy as f*ck. So glitch away, don't but their cash cards because everytime someone does their reinforcing this type of behavior.

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Corrupt King

You should write a new post maybe someone will make a thread about it.

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Agreed on the perlescent. It needs a preview before buying because of the Metallic.

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You know out of all the bs I think the radio station annoys me the most even though its quite easy to change the station, channel x is just like needles to my eardrums even if it is for a couple of seconds.

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