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SG Above

GTA 5 Minigames!

Recommended Posts

SG Above

GTA 5 Minigames!

Here is all of my minigames piled into one! We do these all the time and they all provide a lot of fun!
If you wish to play ANY of these contact xJim Bob IIIx on Xbox Live!


Demo Derby------

Demo derby is a minigame in which players are put into the derby track and constantly smash each other.

No Military or industrial Vehicles
No Super Cars
If you leave the track in ANY fashion you are disqualified
IF your vehicle stops running or blows up you are disqualified
If you leave your vehicle at any point you are disqualified

Winner gets $5000


See http://gtaforums.com/topic/647714-gta-5-zombies-minigame/


Squad Battle------

Players are split into two squads in a LTS.
One squad leader is chosen for each team.

-You MUST listen to all orders from your squad leader
-You may NOT use anything that is not in the loadout your given
-You CANNOT use vehicles at any time during the game
-You may not leave the Immediate LTS Area

Here is the standard loadout for both squads:::

Primary:Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle or Advanced Rifle
Secondary:ANY Pistol
Equipment:Tear Gas

Special Weapons:Special weapons are given to squad members when the host tells you to.
Special weapons replace the Primary of whoever is chosen to use it.

Special Weapons Include:


Hunger Games------

In this minigame players meet at an area of the hosts choice.

-Players may ONLY use melee weapons
-Players cannot leave the chosen area
-When you die you must leave the chosen area until the game is over


Police Holdout------

This minigame is all about surviving the police.
Players will all be grouped together at a chosen area and will all get wanted.

Once wanted players will need to try to survive the police until death.
Once killed you must leave the area and wait until everyone dies.



Gang wars is a minigame where two gangs are made and fight each other.

-Gangs may not shoot on sight if they see another gang, You must have a reason
-Gangs choose ONE territory at the beginning of the game
-If you are killed during a shootout you must return to your gangs territory and wait until the shootout ends
-Gangs must wear the right clothing for their specific gang
-Gang members may only use Pistols, Melee Weapons and Jerry Cans
-Gang Members may only drive Sedans and Muscle Cars


These are all the main minigames played with us and we will have more to come!
Contact xJim Bob IIIx ASAP to play!

Edited by xJim Bob IIIx

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