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Gang attacks Altruist camp?

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Does anyone how to trigger the gang attack at the Altruist camp every time iv tried I just get a wanted level instead I was thinking smash the crates but as soon as I enter the camp im getting shot at straight away and have no time to work out where the crates are any help would be appreciated

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You just have to work your way through killing them all.


I normally drive in, Back out and turn the car sideways to use as a shield - then shoot away.


At the camp though its not as easy.


Try running behind the building on the left (if you come from the footpath into camp).

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hi tried doing that wiped them all out but still got wanted level and as soon as I got rid of it they all respawned and started shooting again. is there any crates in this attack I tried staying out of sight and using my sniper rifle to try and find them but cant see any anywhere.

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i've done that gang attack, but i have to make my way to complete it.


As jameznash said, turn the car sideaway to get a bit of cover, kill the non-gang attack wave and then try to start the gang attack as faster as you can, because in a minute or half a minute it will spawn around 10 or 20 altruist that they'll shot at you.


When you start the gang attack, in my case, i've turn the car sidewalk in this place949323242.jpg


When you enter the wooden door, just get to the right and place your car on the watchtower or when you start the gang fight, there you have a good vision in all directions.


good luck. hope i helped you! :)

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I finally completed this by making 3 fly-bys with the Buzzard Attack Chopper and just went high to lose 1 and 2 star wanted levels.


Avoid police helicopters by never letting the wanted level reach 3. Don't shoot the police even if missiles lock onto them!


On my 3rd fly-by I noticed another player had driven straight in! They triggered the gang attack so I hovered outside, using missiles to kill gang members who were far away from the player.


Eventually my Buzzard took too much damage so I landed. At the top of the picture there's a tall building with a 3 level roof. Just to the right of that there's an open area without any guards. That's where I landed. (Pegasus replace the Buzzard for free so it is worth buying.)


From there I just stayed in cover as much as possible. Used Combat MG to take out gang members at range because the auto-aim locks on far away. Up close I used the Combat Shotgun because it's simply devastating. Blind-firing this around the corner of a hut makes short work of enemies who get close. The shot kicks up lots of dust so it's easy to see where to aim, even without a reticule.


Remember to get the crates! They are usually on the porches. One contains a pair of health packs but the other 2 contain ammo. (Some attacks have 5 or 6 crates but most seem to have 3 crates.)


The other player was just running gunning without even being that high a level! Some people just got skills...

Edited by BenMillard

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I did it by just walking in and killing all the cult members that appear, you get a wanted level, so just hide behind the building on the top right of Itz_Tote94's picture. The police won't come this far and it'll disappear, if you now walk around the gang dudes start to appear and you can carry on as normal.


What I did notice is that the gang members actually appear the same as the cult members and do not drop money when you kill them, instead I found 5 packages of $500 each in the main area.

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