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Worst Movie You've Ever Seen

Lock n' Stock

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Tracksuit Hitman

Actually, the worst movie I have ever seen is Begotten. Nothing but boring, pointless, pretentious sh*t. And I don't care how many people will claim that I ''just don't get it''.


The Blair Witch Project is also very awful. Bunch of idiots with a camcorder fumbling about in a forest and sh*tting their pants at every sound they hear. Bunch of bullsh*t.


There really are too many terrible movies to list.

I don't really see how chasing a local legend with hopes to make a successful documentary makes the three protagonists of The Blair Witch Project idiots. They've been told stories and they've seen weird things (the 'graveyard'), of course they're going to be scared when they hear unusual noises. It's hardly like the noises weren't much as they were mostly unusual and pretty creepy noises.


The Blair Witch Project brought $240.5m even though the movie only took $22,000 to make. I'm not trying to pull an argument out here, I just don't agree with people that throw words like 'idiots' and 'bullsh*t' around when describing movies without having a good reason to do so.


The Blair Witch Project was scarier to watch back when it was first released and everybody thought it was real. The movie went a bit crappier to watch once everyone was told that it was, in fact, a movie and not real. It's still entertaining though.

Edited by geobst
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Most recently, Man of Steel. I call it Soup Man from that scene where she's like, "We should call you Soup--" *gets interrupted* then later on in the movie people are actually calling him Super Man and it's like wow.

You got to be kidding me, really MOS as the worst movie you ever seen, you either don't watch many movies or you are a really bad troll


He said "most recently". And I agree with him. Movie missed Superman feel by miles.


Absolutely agree. It was angsty, depressing, long winded, pretentious and poorly paced. It was like the opposite of what what big summer blockbusters are supposed to be. Or at least used to be, ever since Dark Knight, everything tries to be dark and fails more often than not. Let's go back to Independence Day and Armageddon, those were fun. Pacific Rim had the right idea.

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huhuhuhu Dragon Ball Evolution, easily. I mean where the f*ck do I start on this piece of sh*t?

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  • 5 months later...



Troll 2. I highly encourage everyone to watch it as well as the documentary

That is the movie I was going to say as well. However I recommend nobody watch it.



You're hating it!

And then you're going to hate me!



In all seriousness people, watch some MST3K and then come back and tell me that Amazing Spiderman or Inglorious Basterds. Y'all need to find some Manos.


Sorry to bump, but I just have to say. Troll 2 f*cking rules, it's a cinematic masterpiece for all the wrong reasons. I bought it off PSN for about £6.99 and consider every penny well spent, just for how hilariously bad the whole thing is.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The Room is so bad it's legendary.

Edited by Tehguy123
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Guest Billy Russo

Disaster Movie. Worst thing I've ever sat through in my life, such a waste of time. It was obviously going to be bad, but it wasn't even funny. Like, I don't think the Scary Movie films are good, but the first couple are pretty funny.

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Scary Movie 5 made me want to shoot my head off. Thank god I never went to the theater to see that awful piece of trash.

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Scary Movie 5 made me want to shoot my head off. Thank god I never went to the theater to see that awful piece of trash.

I'm gonna go with that, that thing was defined the term "Overkill"

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Scary Movie 5 made me want to shoot my head off. Thank god I never went to the theater to see that awful piece of trash.

I just watched The Hungover Games and while it was complete trash it made me laugh because of how awful it was.


Seriously though I miss quality parodies like Spy Hard, The Naked Gun, Blazing Saddles etc. The last decent one was Superhero Movie IMO.

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A long time ago I bought the DVD of Day of the Dead (1985) by George Romero. I went home and started watching it with my friend. We watched for a while and then we were like "this doesn't look like a movie from '85". On the outside, the dvd package and the actual disc artwork looked like the movie from 1985 though but turns out that the movie on the disc was actually a piece of sh*t called "Day of the Dead 2: The Contagium". http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0411269/


That movie was seriously one of the worst I've seen. I only watched it about half an hour but now I have a life-long trauma that was caused by that abomination.


What pisses me off the most is that I would have never ever seen it if it wasn't for the manufacturer's f*ck up or something.

Edited by ManOfSimplePleasures
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the one with the fat girl trying to score with the pretty dude, it was a parody movie like meet the spartans, but this one included carmen elektra and i think jennifer lopez in shiny clothes with inflatable asscheeks

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I'm rather amazed at how those Sci-fi movies continue to be made, more surprised that people can bear to watch them. I get that they're intended to be "so bad it's good." But they're really just bad. No memorable quotes, scenes, characters. Just sh*tty CGI and a silly premise, everything else is stock filler. I watched Raptor Island 2 one time with some friends thinking it would be a laugh fest. No dice. I would have had a better time contracting AIDs.


As for one of the worst I've seen, it may have to be Battlefield Earth. Now here we have a film that actually had a decent budget and credible actors, and yet the result is so amazingly awful. It's like the script was written by school children. The bad guys are called "Psychlos," and the protagonist is called "Johnny Goodboy." f*cking kill me already. This is a film that's just impressively bad.

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Any of Ed Wood's films. Ugh terrible.

At least the guy had passion. I'd watch Burton's Ed Wood (1994) for further info.

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White House Down isn't a good movie in my opinion. It just sucks.

You stole my idea. :p




Eugh, don't even get me started.

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The hangover part 3 its not as good as the first one.

Yeah, I agree. But I guess that I kinda enjoyed it?

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Transformers : Age of Excrement was f*cking--excrement.

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Transformers : Age of Excrement was f*cking--excrement.

I haven't even seen it and I already thought that It'd get that kind of reception. I mean seriously, replacing Shia Labeouf is Mark Wahlberg was the worst decision that could be made.

Edited by _Kindled_
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Paranormal Whacktivity. Please save yourself the trouble of sitting through an hour and a half of this garbage and go watch paint dry.

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