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Ca11 me Zee

The HooKii Nation XBOX360 Recruitment Topic

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Ca11 me Zee

"Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!! HooooKiiiii!!!"




Hey guys Ca11 me Zee leader of the crew here looking for some muscle to join our ranks in The HooKii Nation! The call of the HooKii is a mighty one, we are about five members deep, all good friends looking for a wave of new, interesting, rebellious folk to help us dominate Los Santos, we are interested in ranking up and makin money, you know the finer things in GTA life!


Starting positions in the crew are of course in the Muscle slot with much and expected room for expansion, our goal is to branch out to a small community of active players so that a crewmember can be found on a gta server at all time, to always find backup just a HooKii call away!


Promotions will be handed out depending on your crew rank OR also proving to be an asset on crew runs amongst the council (higher ranking members the lieuenants+). We have currently an open membership but if your looking for an invite please voice or text message one of the HooKii council members through XBL to join and dont forget to have a profile on the Social Club, thanks for your time, check us out, and join up today, Hooookiiiiii!!!


HooKii Council Gamertags


Ca11 me Zee




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Ca11 me Zee

Hey guys still looking for members, we have gained a total of 4 more members and still active causing mayhem every day/night, looking for some more muscle to have that backup on the streets of LS!



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Ca11 me Zee

If your interested man just hit me up online and we'll help each other out ranking up and making some dough bro!

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Are there any requirements?

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