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Alas, hacker ahoy! My first encounter!

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Well, this does it. I'll never touch GTA Online again if Rockstar doesn't address this ASAP. I'll go on private crew sessions with my moderators and play solo, but beyond that, f*ck it.

My god! What did the newspapers say?

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Actually, today I collected a couple of bounties in a row, and then a price was put on my head by one of the marks in true butthurt fashion. So, I head to lsc to fix my car (personal) and then the car caught on fire right as I reached the garage door and it gave me the message "cannot modify this vehicle". Needless to say I'm very suspicious of this.


For one my car was damaged, but not from bullets, more so of being in various wrecks. Second, the fire started from the front left wheel and spread to the back. Lastly, I saw no sign of fire at all before trying to enter lsc. The car I was in was my Elegy, if that helps explain something about the fire I don't know about.

Someone poured gas outside lsc's door and then shot it to light it as you arrived? Has happened to me.

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Guess the f*ck what? I came across the EXACT same thing that happened to me the first time, and on the EXACT same track! I've only seen it done on Criminal Records. So, if you've read the OP, then you'd know what I came across. I was basically racing, went far ahead of the competition, my car started abruptly slowing down, I couldn't move my car no matter what, THEN as soon as the guy went ahead of me I got control! What the f*cking hell does that tell you? What are the chances that I encounter the exact same situation/symptoms (for lack of a better word) on the same track as before, when I was winning? And finally, I was in my right mind to record the guy's name down.


Oh man, if only I had some sort of capture device to show you guys what happened. We were the only 2 racing at the time so who else could it have been? And hacker, if you're reading this man, you're just really sad to have to do that. It's not fun, it's not funny, you're just a pathetic asshole who can't take a loss and instead had to hack to win. Lol I gotta calm the f*ck down but still, it's so frustrating when sh*t like that happens.

Edited by CorporalBean675

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