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Favourite GTA Antagonist.

Favourite Antagonist  

171 members have voted

  1. 1. Salvatore Leone

    • Catalina
    • Sonny forelli
    • Lance Vance
    • Frank Tennpenny
    • Ryder
    • Big Smoke
    • Vincenzo Cilli
    • Jerry Martinez
    • Dimitri Rascalov
    • Jimmy Pegorino
    • Billy grey
    • ray boccino
    • Ray bulgarin
    • Rocco Pelosi
    • Devin Weston
    • Wei Chang
    • Steve Haines
    • Stretch

Recommended Posts

Grotti Vigilante
2 minutes ago, xXxRyanxXx said:

Admittedly I don't think Pegorino's as strong though. He's introduced far too late into the story and I would've preferred Bulgarin to have been in his place since the Bulargin/Dimitri relationship never really goes anywhere after the diamonds go missing.


Pegorino feels like a weird substitute for some reason. He's definitely not as bad as Stretch or Wei Cheng, but I would've been more satisfied with Bulgain as a co-antagonist with Dimitri in the final part of the story.

Now that I think about it, it's funny that Niko doesn't seem phased much by Bulgarin being in Liberty City. If his harassment was enough for Niko to cite it as a reason he fled his home country, then surely it would have a big affect on him when his attempts to get away from it all prove to no avail? But no, Niko isn't bothered in the least, and Bulgarian actually had a past vendetta against Niko, and played a crucial part in Dimitri's betrayal of him. I think I agree with you that he could've worked better. Obviously the loose end is tied up in the end of The Ballad of Gay Tony, but in some way that feels like it was partially done just to tie up the loose end. It's not really helpful either since Niko isn't made aware of Bulgarin's death, but then he didn't seem so bothered about him being in Liberty so I suppose it doesn't make much of a difference to his story in the end.

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Let me give an unconventional answer. Jane Hopper from Liberty City Stories.

Clearly based on Jimmy Hoffa, she's not so much a criminal as she is a militant union leader trying to fight City Hall. The way she tries to manipulate the Mafia out of money and then openly mocks them in public is really interesting for how arrogant it is, and gives an idea of how untouchable she believes herself to be.

More, the striking union workers are a really unique faction, and whilst not very dangerous definitely do stand out and inconvenience the player at various stages.


If I had any criticism it would be that the limitations of the system never allowed the strike story to be explored in great detail. Imagine how they would have portrayed it with the technology of V. Huge camps of striking workers, buskers singing protest songs, journalists doing interviews. It could have been really impressive.

Also, considering Hopper is a Hoffa analogue, why does she survive the game?


Wouldn't it have been super exciting to have to try and disappear her without anyone noticing? You could have had a whole scene with the Leone family gathering together and deciding to get rid of her, really make it this huge crime which everyone knows can never lead back to them.

Hell, maybe even have her buried in the foundations of Callahan Brudge, so when you go back and play Grand Theft Auto III, the bridge has a lot more importance because we know the story behind its construction.


But all in all, I think she was a really interesting idea for a villain, even if the game she appeared in didn't allow her story to be played out as well as it could have. Great idea, poor execution.

Edited by Typhus
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  • 8 months later...

A little revision (and this time with GTA V's antagonists included):


Main antagonists:

  1. Dimitri Rascalov
  2. Armando & Diego Mendez
  3. Billy Grey & Frank Tenpenny
  4. Sonny Forelli
  5. Ray Bulgarin
  6. Steve Haines
  7. Jimmy Pegorino (in the Revenge ending's case)
  8. Jerry Martinez
  9. Catalina
  10. Devin Weston
  11. Massimo Torini

Secondary antagonists:

  1. Big Smoke
  2. Lance Vance (Vice City only, obviously)
  3. Marty Jay Williams
  4. Jimmy Pegorino (in the Deal ending's case)
  5. Wei Cheng
  6. Salvatore Leone (GTA III only, obviously)
  7. Stretch
  8. Paulie Sindacco


  1. Dimitri Rascalov
  2. Armando & Diego Mendez
  3. Billy Grey & Frank Tenpenny
  4. Big Smoke
  5. Sonny Forelli
  6. Ray Bulgarin
  7. Steve Haines & Lance Vance
  8. Jimmy Pegorino (in the Revenge ending's case)
  9. Jerry Martinez
  10. Wei Cheng
  11. Catalina & Marty Jay Williams
  12. Devin Weston
  13. Salvatore Leone
  14. Massimo Torini & Stretch
  15. Paulie Sindacco


As for the Mendez brothers, despite GTA Wiki stating that they're the secondary antagonists, I don't see any reason why they can't be considered main antagonists alongside Martinez (if not them only as well). They were more threatening than him after all, and they actually had reasons to go after the Vance brothers, unlike Jerry's totally unjustified rivalry. Even the last mission is mainly focused on taking them out, and not specifically Martinez.

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I think the reason why I like Sal Leone as an antagonist so much was because of how the other games built him up. LCS and SA made it a point to build his character into a paranoid mess, I just wish we could see more of his paranoia seeping through in LCS. One of the most integral moments that I remember was when he pointed a gun at Toni, one of his most respected men. If his paranoia was really built up that high, who knows what he could be capable off?

It's satisfying killing him in III for this reason.

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  • 11 months later...

Main Antagonists;

1. Tenpenny

2. Billy Grey

3. Dimitri

4. Catalina

5. Jerry Martinez

6. Sonny

7. Wu Lee

8. Vinnie

9. Bulgarin

10. Devin Weston

11. Massimo 


Secondary Antagonists;

1. Big Smoke

2. Salvatore Leone

3. Jimmy Pegorino

4. Armando and Diego

5. King Courtney

6. Ray Boccino

7. Zhou ming

8. Lance Vance

9. Rocco Pelosi

10. Paulie Sindacco

11. Steve Haines

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I like Dimitri and Tennpenny but i think the second is better, he is a realistic representation of the typical cop involved in corruption and brutality. And he is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson above all.

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  • 6 months later...

1-Frank Tenpenny


This guy is one of the most well written characters in the series.


He is so evil and it's amazing how he manipulated everyone and his plan would have gone perfectly if it wasn't for Hernandez Saving CJ before dying So the guy is smart , intelligent and very threatening , strong and menacing and he knows how everything should go 


That's how to right a good villian 


2-Kenny Lee


I know this might surprise a lot but this guy's betrayal was perfect we had some clues in the beginning and how bad he was treating Huang But is someone that evil to kill his own brother?

Any way later you start seeing the good side of him that makes you forget about all of the bad things that he did (EX saving Huang from getting killed by Hsin when he thought that he is THE TRAITOR telling him that his nephew isn't THE TRAITOR) and after introducing Hsin I felt like if he is the traitor somehow and I always feared that guy.

But damn during the final mission I was shocked the final cutscene in the game scared the sh*t out of me seeing how insane Kenny is and how he planned for everything in the whole game to go that way  ( except for Wade Heston showing up in the story) and seeing Hsin the guy who I feared and respected screaming in fear for me to save him and him getting stabbed by Kenny with the Yu Jian made the cutscene a lot more uncomfortable


3- Dimitri Rascalov 


When we meet him for the first time we think he is the good guy in the middle of these MFs but then when his betrayal comes you get surprised how can a guy who's thus innocent betray me then you realize that that's how he was from the beginning 

Always wanting to go by the rules to save himself and survive in the underworld  even if these rules have him betraying his friends and killing them which is one the subjects that GTA 4 talks about and it's that everyone who deals with crime is dead already but it needs someone who's smart to know how to survive 

And that's really Dimitri



She is good for a first antagonist you know

She didn't have that much screentime but when she appeared the cutscenes were great


5- Jerry Martinez 

I know people don't like Martinez

But I see that he is a perfect Antagonist for Vic and all the things that he did to kill Vic damn this guy is crazy he has a very huge hatred towards Vic I mean he burnt a tower

Shot a bridge with a Hunter's missiles ,  raped Louise .. etc

All of this shows you how much does this guy hate Vic 

These are my favorites my least favorite would be the three clowns from LCS

Edited by DR:BUSTA
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Wayne Kerr

Billy Grey. Nice combo of charisma and douchebaggery that made me love to hate him.

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Wait why is Salvatore Leone the name of the poll?

  • KEKW 1
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Dimitri and Tenpenny. The former because he was really well-written as an antagonist. He betrayed everyone who came in contact with him, taunts Niko with his phone calls and is overall intelligent, but the only con is that he is a coward. The latter because he is a corrupt officer who was an asshole to CJ throughout the game and is pretty smart too. He even had Big Smoke and Ryder betray the Grove! 

A honourable mention to Catalina and Billy as well.

Edited by OH76
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Algonquin Assassin
29 minutes ago, DR:BUSTA said:

Wait why is Salvatore Leone the name of the poll?


lol. I've never noticed that until just now.


I guess the OP accidentally put Salvatore in the poll title instead of something like "Favourite antagonist". 

  • YEE 1
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Carl Theft Auto

Tenpenny, I get pissed off every time I hear his voice back then. Hated him so much that I downloaded DYOM just to beat that ass on the gym.


Dimitri is good too, but his voice doesn't piss me off that much, but yeah he was a good one, but not as good as Tenpenny.

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Tenpenny is the best antagonist of the franchise. Samuel L. Jackson gave a great performance and his character was really threatening & entertaining. I liked how he had a constant presence throughout the game as well.

Dimitri is definitely the second best antagonist overall, his betrayal was well done and he had more depth. I wish he had more appearances

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3D era- Frank tenpenny a corrupt self hating black cop really is the perfect villain for san andreas. Samuel l jacksons performance really made him memorable.


HD era- Dimitri I assumed dimitri was just going to fall to the wayside after you kill mikhail but he easily turns into a very treacherous and memorable antagonist who required the intervention of the feds and the mafia to stop. Killing him felt so satisfying. 

Edited by Copcaller
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29 minutes ago, Copcaller said:

Dimitri I assumed dimitri was just going to fall to the wayside after you kill mikhail

I thought that he would become my Ken Rosenberg and Roman Niko and Dimitri would rule the city together but someone spoiled it for me so I didn't get shocked when he betrayed us

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