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[ Xbox and PSN] The Los Santos Police Department - Serious LEO Crew

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The Los Santos Police Department is the primary law enforcement crew to protect and serve the populace of Los Santos and the surrounding county. This adventure is carried out by trained, experienced, and dedicated men and women working for the Department as police officers, who patrol streets day and night, bring justice to criminals, and safeguard the city from crime on a daily basis.

We have +200 active international members, and growing. We are the largest and most professional Police crew for GTA Online

In order to join the Department we require a certain number of traits that you possess. Below we have listed skills which we would consider a mandatory requirement and a foundation for an applicant so that it can be built on during the academy.

Basic Requirement :

• Be of age 17 +
• Level 20 and Higher
• Have a Place and a garage to store police vehicles
• Must be registered on Social Club and LSPD official website

As a member of the Los Santos Police Department, you must be able to...

• Respect others
• Work efficiently in and as a team
• Remain mature consistently and must respect senior officers
• Represent the Department professionally and maturely
• Dedicate the vast majority of your game time to the crew
• Be able to respect authority and follow instruction

Upon being Sworn as a Police Officer and progressing up the rank hierarchy, you are entitled to expand your type of patrol with specialized divisions. The LSPD offers every type of specialized patrol and engagement with the community to suit your needs and en devours.

- Special Weapons and Tactics ( including Bounty Rescue and Protection details )
- Marine and Air Support
- Motor Traffic Unit
- Federal Investigation Bureau of Operations
- Sheriff's Department

... and many more opportunities.

Do you have what it takes to be LSPD? Enlist now, and find out ...

Website : http://lossantospolice.webstarts.com
Social Club : http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/los_santos_police_

We have three crew pages, one for PSN, Xbox and General purposes.


Edited by Drunkpolice

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