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-PS3- Free Space Docker/Alien Car

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The Space Docker is an extremely rare car that can only be found legit in single player by finding all of the alien spaceship parts. Overall, this cars stats are not good at all, and it is not a super car. It is just a rare car. The way this car got into GTA Online was when someone decided to mod it into the game, and they used the duplication glitch to give it to other players. Luckily, I myself got my hands on one, and am willing to duplicate it for anyone who would like me to do it for them. After you have this car, you can duplicate it for other people yourself! Now let me explain to you how this will work.








Step 1:

Add me on PSN, and contact me when I am online. My PSN is AvanH.


Step 2:

Make sure I am online, and send me a message letting me know you would like the Space Docker. I will reply ASAP with an invite into a private game, and I will wait for you to join.

Step 3:

Go to the front of your garage, and tell me when you are there. I will meet you there in the Space Docker.


Step 4:

Get in the Space Docker with me, and proceed to doing the duplication glitch! (See Duplication Instructions Below)


Step 5:

You're Done!






-Duplication Instructions-


Step 1:

​Get in the passenger seat of the car.


Step 2:

Accept a mission from someone from your Job list or request one from your contacts if you do not have a pending one.


Step 3:

Once the mission has started you should be in the vehicle that you were in the passenger seat of before you started the mission. Take the vehicle to your garage.


Step 4:

Drive into your garage with it, and walk out of your garage on foot.


Step 5:

Once you are out, you can quit the mission.


Step 6:

Go into your garage after quitting the mission, and the car should be in your garage, and it should be registered as a Personal Vehicle.


NOTE! This glitch does not work for Super cars.



Edited by Avan

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Most people know how to dupe, and there is a sub-thread for this. Expect moved or a locked thread.

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You're going to get ban for it!

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My friend just got it from someone, so this isn't patched. Can you still do it?

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