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Playing GTA realistically

Do you play GTA V realistically?  

63 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you play GTA V realistically?

    • Yes, I like to play realistically, but not on my first playthough
    • Yes, I always play realistically
    • No, I never play realistically
    • Sometimes

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So on my first playthrough of any GTA... or any free roam game in general, I play it however I want. I go around blowing things up and do whatever I feel like doing. Just enjoy the game really. But then once I've completed the game I likle to re-play it realistically. So I drive like a normal driver in the game, stopping at traffic lights, and I don't go out of character. For example, I wouldn't randomly go on a huge rampage and kill hundreds of people. I also only buy cars that I think that character would have, and generally just play as realistically as I can.


i just wanted to know if anyone else does this. Doesn't matter if it's on your first, second, third or whatever playthrough. Also, if you do, what kind of things do you do to make it more realistic.

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I don't really play it reaistically on my second playthrough, but I do turn the HUD off and if the game gave the option - disable any aim assistance

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I do my best to avoid killing people and certainly don't go on rampages (aside from Trevor's in this instance), but I don't obey most road laws. I drive fast but fairly safe, so I'll hang back instead of overtaking if it looks like I may crash. I often go straight through red lights and drive on the wrong side of the road if it's quicker, though.


I'll usually just load up a save and turn off auto saving if I want to stir up some sh*t or have friends over or whatever.

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When I'm either bored or just don't feel like killing countless peds, I usually just stroll through Davis or Strawberry, admiring the graffiti and realism.

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I try to play realistically, but sometimes it gets too boring too quick lol. However, last night I loaded up Chop and drove to the beach. Walked down to the water and played fetch with him for a while. Stopping at all stop lights and whatnot. It can be fun at times.

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I played realistically on my first playthough, but I constantly save my game so I can see how alternate choices would have panned out. Once I get a glimpse, I reload my save and make the "realistic" choice. That way I don't have to play through twice.

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you mean like only using pistol and melee weapon? I see a lot of players that look like they are in Syria. This is Los Santos not the vietnam war.

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Cicero The Great

Playing realistically a game that force you to kill people on almost all of the story missions ?


You could, sure

But who can resist with all the toys rockstar gave us ?


Nothing better than a round of golf against glenn after a mass murder with trevor

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

I'm the calm type of GTA player, if you will. I like to go on a rampage or just drive erratically sometimes, but most of the time I do play realistic. On my first playthrough of V, I did rush. But I will replay and do everything properly. I did this in my playthrough of IV this past summer. Drove normal to my missions, saved to where my day begun in the morning, and made calls often to hear Roman's input on what Niko was doing at the moment -- weird that I only just now figured that out on my last playthrough of IV after all of these years. If you randomly call Roman or someone, they'll have something interesting to say until the story is over.


But yeah, I do usually play GTA realistically. Even after the story mode. It's just a way I relax if I have nothing to do and just want to cruise.

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By the time you catch a couple of red lights, I guarantee you will stop playing realistically.

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Since I finished the game I try play it realistic. Following the traffic lights, signs and no random violence. Drive to places and do a usual real life day or night thing.


I noticed it is actually not simple to try be REALISTIC as NPC are somewhat, f*ckheads.

Example: I driving along normal and they will turn into me or into my lane when I get closer along side them. Smashes my car up and I get out and beat the f*ck outta the driver! You can't talk to much NPC people as usually after the first things are said your character insults them. Sometimes even standing in a crowded area people for no reason call the cops or they all leave. Even if you say nothing? Happens a lot wit Trevor but also happened with Michael and Franklin for me too.

That sh*t's annoying when you want to just suck out off the game to let night or day come and NPC people have called the cops because you standing somewhere normal.


Booty calls/friend hangouts. If you far away and not make it to them in a certain time they will call you and cancel. I'm not sure about, Ursula, as she's a booty hit I heard at anytime of the day or night? Since, I got her on Franklin, I call and make it on time to the Marine centre in Sandy Shores from Davies St. I drive realistic as well.

F.Y.I - you can find a numbers forum post and get Ursula to booty call anyone, that is if you didn't deliver her to the cult or choose one of the character removing endings. That means you can only have her on two characters and if cult got her, not have her at all. She full creepy when Frankie banging that board. Another tip with Ursula, is after you finished banging it always rains. This could help you 100% compilation people who need it to rain to see the UFO in Sandy Shores? I think that's it's location of the hippy camp? So that's a tip for you to make it rain is go bang Ursula if you got her!


Another hard realistic play is with the buildings that are open for you to enter, most offer nothing. Like a coffee you can hold for a couple minutes like you stay drunk for etc. Can't eat or really have anything realistic along them lines which is annoying but I doubt R* thought people go try play SP-REALLIFE:GTA, haha. I wouldn't mind if the players held the soda's from the machine for a bit like the drunk effect. I mean you could drop your soda if you pull a gun or run. Just been better then the 'smash this soda quick' scene.


So my views is it's hard to be too realistic as we don't got much SP social places. Clubs, coffee shops etc. We can only do sports alone, get drunk on hangouts. The movies I'm not sure if you can alone watch or need hangout to watch? I only did it with hangout and didn't stay long...was boring as hell the movie haha.



Not really a 'realistic' thing but I guess you could say it is, is the gang locations and when you have a shoot out the cops come after you and you alone. That is without a doubt the biggest annoying thing in GTA for me. Gangs, MC and others can hurt you with no reason but once you defend yourself the cops chase you? 79 gangbangers vs Frankie C, but I'm the danger?

So that realistic part is f*cked feature in the game. Understood if you hit a civilian while gang Shoutouts going on the cops come, but when it's gang on gang (well, Gang v FC/TP OR MDS) it should be cops after you. They (cops) could just roll up at the scene to take on me and the gang but I noticed they don't hurt the gangs. They chase me with the gang? Only time gang fires at cops of they chase a car into the gang area and open fire at the persons in the car the gangbangers will blast the cops and no cops turn up... :/ lame sh*t R*!

Edited by Syphiroth

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Now I've completed the main missions, I like to randomly cruise around in my cars, driving reasonably quick but stopping at traffic lights and that sort of thing. :)

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I spend all my money on sticky bombs and never let off the gas. If I run into you, it's your fault for being there and you must explode.

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I find it hard to play realistically since everyone in the town is a f*cking retard I can never drive correctly because some dip sh*t will rear end me at a red light throw the finger which forces me to go out and beat his or her ass. That usually leads to cops and they are never a good sign.


So no I never play it realistically

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A couple of people have mentioned it's hard to play realistically because the cops are too "hard on you" when u drag a civilian out of their car and beat them senseless...lol


But I will say it's one of the most satisfying things when ur driving a fully pimped supercar and some mongoloid rams you with his 93 Nissan Senta and you absolutely curbstomp the sh*t out of him in front of his terrified trailer trash wife...

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First time in story mode I did and I will continue. I was busy cruising around, checking out things and exploring. I noticed early on that there were subtle changes in how the city reacts to you depending on what you have done. In Story mode with Michael, I can walk around the beach area, say "Hey" to an NPC and get a nice "Hey!, whats up?" from them. Clothing stores are the same.


Online, I've committed way more crimes and just to say when I go into a store their like "Oh... Heyyy..."

Obviously, if you commit more crimes (in free-modes) the city and cops will react differently towards you.

While playing SM I always look for cars in secluded places to steal.

Online, I didn't at first but now, I'm beginning to.


I followed an NPC in a Coquette yesterday online without hitting them. Eventually, after a little tail gating, they started an attempt to evade, in which I pursued. Never hit the car but ended up with her abandoning it and running off. I took it out for a good 20 minute joy ride, I don't think It was ever reported stolen.


In online free mode, I'd like to see more people cruising around working together. Way point races are cool but To get more people to work together you could do things like have an event where 4-16 players get a waypoint to meet at the hosts garage or apartment. When all participants are there you all ride out to the race location, loiter in the parking lot and throw live bets on pairs of racers until every ones raced the set waypoint. Odd man out or a chick can be the stager. Sorta like a larger "group" impromptu race.


What would be really cool is if you could pay some money to the cops to block off the section. If you complete the event without causing a scene you get a little + rep towards the cops. All done in freemode.


Thing is, the majority of the time its hard to sync everyone's mood, sometimes you just wanna shank ah motha. Obviously freemode is already setup like this, death matches and all, its just rarely used like it was intended to be. Its hard because, truly its caught in genre limbo. It will have to be more realistic or less or have the options to switch because, people are getting slightly confused in terms of general conduct.

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Sometimes, but i don't do random shootouts.

Cause when you do that, lose the police, its kinda weird to go back on the streets like nothing has happened.

But then again, that is probably the on the edge between realistic and fun.

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I do this. I began on my 2nd file, but it was not pure. I just tried to generally behave more realistically. But I wanted to try do it purely, and that's my current 3rd file.


No character has ever died. Michael has never murdered a civilian, and never killed someone in a car accident. Neither has Franklin. Michael has never stolen a car, except the Bugstar van. Franklin only does it at night when no one is around, and no one can call the cops. I generally don't follow traffic rules though; I may try somewhat but to do so completely would take too long and not be enjoyable.


If I break any of these rules, I'll just reload my old save. Even if I was playing for over an hour without saving, and accidently kill someone speeding through an intersection.


Trevor is a maniac so he does whatever he wants, so I just use him when I want to play crazy. But he has also never died.


I also chose not to invest in the BAQSAQ because it feels a bit like abusing an overpowered money source. It sort of feels cheesy to have Michael complaining about being broke with no money in exile but actually having over 20 million (my 2nd playthrough). So, maybe I'll take full advantage of Lester missions and BAWSAQ later if I get bored and need to buy more properties, but for now I want to see how much money I can make just doing heists, robberies, running businesses, etc.

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stopping at red lights? No way.

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