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Mission Pack DLC Idea: Epsilon

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I got an idea, how about a mission pack which will have a different mission thread for each character?


For Micheal, I think Epsilon would be a great antagonist for him post game. The story would be like this: Micheal is contacted by a random person on his cell to meet in a warehouse. Alternatively, if you helped Epsilon during "Unknowing The Truth", Chris Formage will contact you to meet him at the warehouse. Regardless, you will be ambushed and have to fight your way out (with the Epsilon friendly reason being "you need to die for the greater good"). This will eventually result in Micheal and his family having to leave Los Santos in order to evade Epsilon. But instead of going to Trevor's Trailer, Micheal steals a fancy Motorhome and parks it in a secluded lot. This becomes Micheal's new safehouse, and will remain a safehouse option even after the Epsilon mission pack is completed. You will be able to store cars in one of the two marked parking spaces nearby. You will begin to plan a heist against the main Epsilon building. You will choose to either have Trevor steal (or buy) a Rhino Tank and have a full frontal assault on the Epsilon building, or, have Franklin pose as an Epsilon Member and sneak Micheal and Trevor in. Either way, you will have to fight many waves of Epsilon members at a certain point. The payout will be $15 Million total, but Micheal will give up his cut, because to him this wasnt about the money, it was about revenge. Thus the money isevenly split between Frenklin, Trevor, and Lester (Note that this is just a rough draft idea. Im open to better versions, especially in the Heist department.)


The Heist Prep. Missions would be this:


Full Frontal: Steal (Or Buy) Rhino Tank.


Backdoor: Steal Epsilon Tailgater, Steal Epsilon ID card, Steal Epsilon Hooded Robes.

Edited by X12-1992

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I wonder why no one has replied to this.....wrong forum section perhaps?

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