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Devils Disciples MI

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I am trying to recruit as many good players as I can for our motorcycle club so that I have other crew members to ride with because the three of us in the crew now are always on at different times.



General rules:


1. Your main method of transportation is a motorcycle ( Hexer, Bagger, or Daemon).


2. You can own and ride a sport bike unless you are riding with the club or wearing our colors.


3. You will not kill club members. If you do you will be demoted or kicked from the club.


4. Colors should be worn at almost all times.


5. If you are in a lobby where another club member is being attacked you are expected to help.



Other Info:


We dont really wear a certain color but it is mostly red, white, and black. As long as the crew emblem is on it, it doesn't really matter.


We don't claim a specific area as our territory, We ride around the entire map.


All time zones are welcome.


Must have mic.


Must be on xbox360.


If you want to join just request an invite.




We are still trying to fill the ranks so any new members will only be prospects until I play online with them and see if they fit in with our crew.




Vice President


Secretary Sergeant At Arms Road Captain

none none none

Patched Members




Edited by manslaughter119

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I am no longer a part of this club but you can still follow the link and request an invite from the new prez.

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