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Grr Bad Sport

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Crimson Glyph

I don't understand it either. They allow you to purchase a tank, but yet, when you buy it and use it, you get bad sport. Why can't I just pay for all the vehicles I destroy and not get bad sport points? Seriously. What's the point of owning a tank when you can't even have fun with it?

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You don't always have to blow their car up just because they've blown yours up. Be the bigger man and just get your car out of insurance, for free I might add and resume playing like normal.. or simply aim better to kill them without destroying their car.


Bad Sport solved.

Wow. Simply wow.

This is grand theft auto if you hadn't noticed. Not everyone wants to play like an old man and stay passive in a sandbox shooter.


So the only way to NOT play like a old man, is to blow up vehicles? wtf is wrong with the bad sport lobbies, can't you just enjoy it? You are there for a reason- and if you are there you probably like to play with those people

It bothers me because we are being cast aside as 'bad' players for playing how we want to in a game that promotes senseless killing and chaos, and have to wear a silly hat plus lose features like wearing masks, haircuts hats etc, not to mention the ability to join friends who may not be as tank happy as you, all the while still forking out thousands on insurance!

I'm not saying you have to play like an old man, I'm saying if you want to be a passive target people are going to kill you, accept it or demand passive lobbies. Not revoke gaming rights from those who do wish to play gta as it has always been played.


Yeah I know what you mean, I don't like that "bad sports" get stamped as bad players, because in my opinion that should be a choice. If you want to play that way, you can choose in the menu to join a hardcore server or something. And I believe R* said that this would be a different game experience than the other GTA games, so maybe it shouldn't be played as it always have been.

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If someone blows it up they pay 10k, but the thing is, if they have no cash, they don't pay and I do.


Wow, this sucks.


I've been told that if you blow up the car by shooting the front grille to damage the engine block then that doesn't count as bad sport (but sticky bombs do?!?!)

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Bad sport definitely needs to be tweaked. I'm a bad sport ATM because 2 dickheads kept killing me, so I called for my tank and went on a rampage, I got a couple of warnings but after that I quit, got back online later with a friend of mine and he got shot a couple of times so i trew a granade at a his killer ( he was not in a car) BUT my friend came driving up with his car and I blew him and his car up and the guy who kept killing him. Now I'm a bad sport for 2 freaking days!! 2 days?? Who came up with that nonsense, srsly!


Bad sports are people who quit during missions or go free roming while still in a mission after the rest of the team got killed or people who quit because they died and the remaining player needs to drive back to pick up the second van for example.


IMO, change it so you CAN blow people up while they are driving their personal cars, but if the personal car is parked somewhere and gets blown up then give a bad spot warning. This sh*t is dumb and really annoying, fix it please!


This sh*t reminds me of that billboad, Hell awaits if you're having to much fun.. or whatever it says..

Edited by greenthumbzup

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