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''Joined six hours ago''

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Judging people by their join date is wrong.


I prefer to judge people by their avatars and usernames.

Same, along with their signatures.


And member titles.


I only judge people by Join Date if they have a great history of trolling or try to derail/troll topic on purpose.

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Rock Howard


That sort of comment is more alluding to the possibility that since the member recently joined the board, it's quite probable they have simply joined up to troll and hate on the game in order to get a reaction and 9 times out of 10, that is the case.


Do they (the "trolls") admit to hating the game to get a reaction? A lot of members (especially younger ones or learning ESL people) have trouble getting their point across clearly, so they sound like they're trolling sometimes.


A lot of the time the people who point out the join dates have nothing else to say, except the occasional "/thread". If you've got solid refutations you shouldn't need to point out that the other guy's a troll anyway.


Well, if they admitted to hating the game in order to get a reaction they wouldn't be very good trolls now, would they? They're not always trolls, though. Sometimes it's just clueless kids bitching who shouldn't even be playing the game anyway...

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I agree, but shortly before and after V was released there was a large influx of new members coming in and most of the ones I saw were quite obnoxious with their views on the game. They'd start topics with complaints that weren't worthy of discussion, or they'd just be plain rude anytime you'd try to defend the game.

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