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Frank Brown

First Car?

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t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m

My first first first vehicle was an ancient Pontiac Phoenix LJ that had sat on our lot for years. It was solely a "learn to fix on" car, and it was completely dry rotted and the transmission wouldn't let you drive past 10 mph. Still, the day I got the battery to hook up on it, and seeing it light up was pretty magical. Never put it on the road except for field roads by my old house. The vehicle itself was a rarer variant, the non-hatchback sedan version.


My first first vehicle was a GMC Sonoma 5-speed. It was ugly as f*ck, the front had been spray painted and had oxidized. There were scratches and dents all over and the interior was pretty poor and missing a lot of parts. It ran like a charm though, and it gave me the advantage of practicing with a clutch and stick shift. I practiced driving the streets with it but sold it by the time I got my license.


My first vehicle was a Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2L. It was cheap and had a mildly sporty appearance. It was my first car and lasted me four, almost five years. The build quality was extremely cheap - most of my clear coat had peeled away, the interior panels would rattle and crack easily, and it was sort of noisy. The driving itself was pretty solid - lightweight and quick, excellent on gas, decent handling. Never had a problem with it except a bad fuel pressure regulator, which was a quick fix (and painful one because I ended up spraying a mist of fuel in my eyes :panic: ). All of the road head, all of the cannabis smoked, all of the tunes listened to, so many memories. I sort of miss it.

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1989 camaro it was busted up bad and got it repaired myself still and was my first car.

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nick rynearson

Chevy Cobalt there cheap and makes 40 mpg

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93 Mustang 5.0 hatchback. lol she was a turd

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