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Beyond a joke, give us FF off servers.

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no FF server = annoy and piss people

Bad sport = is unfair and bullsh*t

passive mode = is a joke


they need to fix the system with:

1- offer ff server mode.
2- redesign the lobby creation system when you want to join the online ( so 3 selections, one for normal, second for ff server , third for the any servers that active )
3- apply a classic free-roam as job or mission mode to play and have fun without cops or any sh*t that threating the players or make you loss money, no need to gain money or rp in that mode too as well.

Edited by RedHound88

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Appreciate all the positive responses. It's godto know there are like minded people amidst all these other types.

For me, a good fix here would be to do away with bad sport lobbies and use that server space for FF off lobbies.

Then there isn't any need for a bad sport system.

People who wanna blow each other to pieces can, as many times as they like.

Everyone else can actually have fun playing in the map.

Edited by Chukkles

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im actually playing in a freemode now for past 2 hrs and have not been shot at once. everyone is driving around together just having fun. its amazing!

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Friendly Fire should be on in my opinion....but you shouldn't be able to auto-aim your own crew members!

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this must have been said before in this post but im too lazy to read this dumb topic, anyway, have you tried creating an invite only session with you and your stupid friends??????

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