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Looking for Police/Law Enforcement oriented crew Xbox 360

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Age 26

Gender Male

Location Canada

Console Xbox 360


I've been grinding in Los Santos since launch and I like assuming the role of law enforcement in GTA:O. I have multiple of my own law enforcement vehicles and an apartment in Eclipse Towers. I want to get a crew together in time for the launch of heists. Imagine, a squad of cops/FIB/military knocking over a jewelry store. Unstoppable. Also would love to have a team for free roam, random missions, death matches, etc.


I play in a mature, non-douche baggery way. I like to have fun and banter but I get things done and I won't trash your property (ie vehicles, etc). Good driver and excellent shooter. Willing to help friends and teammates out too, so long as you don't screw me over in the end.


PM me if you have something in mind. Thanks guys/gals,

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We are currently accepting members. We do find our selves griefing in free roam due to the fact that the more we kill competition the less money they have, we see it as dominance and not griefing. We are not douches, we just have a different plan on how to take Los Santos. We only have a few members right now but we are looking at expanding.



Hit me up on XBL if interested Gamertag -------- > xRunawayGuN

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I would be happy if can be invited to this crew. GamerTag: juggernaut2115 add me if anything. I also have a mic. -xJugg

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I would also be interested in this

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For anyone still interested in joining a Police Crew:


We have access to police vehicles you can't get anywhere, we require uniforms, we train new cadets in academy, and we use Police 10-codes.

You must have:

1. Maturity

2. Professionalism

3. Headset

4. Hit puberty.

Welcome to the real LSPD.

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