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Rude Tube

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What do you guys think of RudeTube? A lot of my friends seem to enjoy it and watch it whenever it's on. I remember back in the day all my friends talking about the clips that they'd been showing. Since everyone was raving over it, I decided to watch it.


My god, it was so sh*t.


All they really seem to show is the cringey videos you'd watch half of, laugh a bit, then forget it within the hour. It seems now that the "big bad internet" is being pandered over into other media now when it wasn't too long ago people were saying how evil it was. Now someone takes a funny picture of their cat saying "I IZ UR BAWS" and everyone seems to regard it as entertainment. Rude Tube seems to remind me of those 15-year-olds who go on 4Chan or Reddit for the first time and start saying "trolol u made? XDDDD"


But hey, as much as I'm forcing it upon you, it is just my opinion. What do you guys think?

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Its alright, I don't really watch TV but its OK background noise. Epic meal time, Dan bull and a few other worth wile youtubers have been on there. I really hate them clips where people turn a not-so-funny video into a really terrible song. Rude tube seem to like them horrid piles of faecal matter

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Lately they've grouped particular topics into each show.

So for example. The web celebs episode was pretty poor because it was all people who have got famous over youtube for being partially retarded in videos.


Other episodes can be alot better, but also individual vids that they show may be good or rubbish.

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I think it's pretty lame to create a show centered around videos other people have made. I never liked "America's funniest home videos" but it had more integrity than most of these shows.

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Tosh point what?


I think these sorts of shows are destined to fail; however they prove to be successful in the short term. Hopefully the inevitable failure (or prolonged Toshy death) will be a comfort to anyone who thinks they know better than the programmers.


Absolute zero biterness. I swearsies.

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