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The (unbelievably gay) approach to FM gaming in GTAO--A fun guide for

Gay GTAO gamer test for "good sport" gamers  

36 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you find doing more "gay" non PvP/PKing game play activities in FM interesting?

    • Yes. But I'm in the closet. So I will anonymously admit I'd like to see/do more fun non mission marker activities with randoms in FM around the map
    • Yes. Don't care what anyone thinks of me for wanting to do faggy, fun s*hit like yoga or tennis with other randoms
    • Yes. Or at least until R* pulls their finger out and gives us new DLC.....
    • No. I'm a die hard, bullet eating, beat u with my 13 inch dick, hard core PvP FM fanboy (who also happens to be a good sport). Now GTFO.
    • "Good sport" gay GTAO gamers like this actually exist?
  2. 2. What sort of "gay" non PvP activites would you like to do with other randoms in FM?

    • Impromptu racing activities in FM (drag racing, skydiving off random buildings etc)
    • Making mini games out of existing activities (e.g chain store robberies and evading police etc)
    • Gay holistic activities which may or may not build skill stats (like yoga/tennis to build strength etc)
  3. 3. Have you ever done/want to do creative "gay" PvE RPing with other randoms in FM like RPing a particular role?

    • Yes. in PvE scenarios as a cop/firefighter/vigilante helping (or tormeting) peds in FM
    • Yes. By helping out other players who need it on the map (i.e. help them evade wanted levels etc).
    • PvP mayhem creating scenarios---regardless of whether they piss off other session players or not--is the only way to go
    • Why the f*ck would I want to do any of this? GTFO. Faggot.

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Wow. Sensitivity overload. I know this post is somewhat dead and gone now. But Jeeeezus Christ some people need to grow a pair and get over themselves. I find it more immature to discount an entirely valid and thought-out message just because you don't appreciate the poster's sense of humor/moral tone rather than just ignoring the content you don't agree with and reading on and giving feedback. Like damn, the thread degraded into some kind of attack on your sense of right and wrong and f*ck that. Better yet- I feel it's good you stood your ground and didn't change a thing because it's just silly that people would get so worked up over this crap.

My two cents.


The post is going on 3 months old. How in the world did you dig up this garbage?

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