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Alec Skorpio

What's with the hate on Vans in online?

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Alec Skorpio

I've found a Rumpo once in a parking lot, then I found a Speedo in a mission from Lamar and by some miracle it didn't disappear after I completed the mission.


Unfortunately, all my vehicles in my garage disappeared when I moved into my new apartment, so I lost them.


So now I'm driving around, hoping to find anything, Burrito, Speedo, Rumop, Youga, ANYTHING


Yet, now I can't find sh*t. Even when I go to El Burro Heights like everyone keeps telling me.

It's not enough that I couldn't even change the paint job on the Rumpo and Speedo, but now I can't even find one.

What's with the lack of vans? They really should have set up some system where we could buy any vehicle we want and not just their pre determined list. It took me forever to find a Daemon as well, but even they are not as elusive as these vans!


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i know what you mean, i've seen some burned out vans in the game, and i've found some vehicles that fell into van catagory but i couldn't upgrade them at all. :/

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I got a Rumpo if u wanna dupe it ?? (Ps3)

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The vehicle spawn system has been flawed in GTA for generations - i still get sessions without cars or with just 1 type of cars everywhere ... Try changing to another type of car at random, sometimes that seems to affect the vehicle spawn ... *shrugs*

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I got a Rumpo if u wanna dupe it ?? (Ps3)

no, i don't cheat plus i'm on xbox.

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The only van I consistently see is the Surfer. Looking for a few of the others as well.

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Took me forever to find a Daemon too, eventually got one by doing the Pier Pressure mission, stealing it there and not joining the other player to deliver the meth to Gerald's apartment. This also works with some other missions where a car in it has high value if you sell it afterwards, so I'm guessing it works with all vehicles from missions. Hopefully someone will compile a list of all vehicles found in missions so that we know where to get what vehicle.


As for the vehicles that spawn on the map, I'm beginning to think the vehicles you see driving around most differs per session. Finding a decent car to sell takes a very long time for me, and I find myself not selling cars every 48 minutes because of that. Driving around, I usually see maybe 4-6 different cars spawning all the time. I'll test later by switching sessions a bunch of times and seeing if it changes what vehicles are spawning.


I think location does have some influence, but I don't know to what extent. We know that trucks mostly spawn around industrial areas, and there are often different cars in Blaine country. However, when I go look in the rich areas in the hills, I usually just see the same cheap ass cars driving around the city. Different areas of the city don't seem to change the cars that spawn much for me. Driving a certain type of vehicle also doesn't seem to do much to spawn more cars of that kind.


I know there's been times when I'm looking for a vehicle and I'm seeing lots of vans, I think I've seen them around Blaine County mostly. I don't like vans though so I haven't really paid attention to them.

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