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Gathered All Letter Scraps, Read Each One, No Location Appears on Map?

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As the title says, I've gathered all the letter scraps and read them. I assumed that afterwards the location of the murderer would appear on the map and you could go confront them, but this is not happening. I'm reloading to before I pick up the final scrap and am trying again? Is that a glitch or does it not appear until a certain point of the game, or do you have to be Michael or Franklin to do it? I collected as Trevor because of his helicopter access.

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Switch to Franklin and a message will pop up in the top left corner saying that the murderer's identity and location are now known and a new ? icon will appear on the map, labelled 'Murderer'.

Edited by something_else

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Not to sound racist or whatever, :-), but why would it be a black guy solving the murder? Why isn't it the white redneck meth addict the one to solve it? They are the ones in society that need the most redemption. Black people have already proven themselves as equal or greater than white folk in every aspect of life, but discrimination against redneck meth freaks still runs rampant. People won't even let them babysit their kids, even if they aren't even a redneck. I really feel you should be able to solve this case as Trevor! Bahaha.


Actually though it would be cool if you could solve it as each of the characters and have it be just a little different for each.

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I'd have preferred it to be completable with any of the three, especially Michael as it seemed to fit his liking of classic Vinewood better than the others. It seems the missions have to be tied to one of the protagonists, and there's a very good reason for it being Franklin in this case. It's nothing to do with race, but I won't say any more than that.

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To add, the question mark will appear on the map in Vinewood for each character. When you are playing as Franklin, the question mark is choosable on the map, and its bigger.

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