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whats your characters backstory?


Recommended Posts


Is it okay if I post a criminal record for my character I made up on another thread? :3

Edited by Dementious
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First of all, people creating back-stories doesn't make them sad, I mean what's wrong with knowing how to write a story?


We're all different, we can't all enjoy the same thing. Put it into perspective, listening to Justin Bieber or creating a back-story for your character.


Doesn't seem so bad now does it?




Now this is just off the top of my head, just to join in but here goes nothing;


I'm the only child of an extremely wealthy and religious family, after a rebellious child-hood I was happy to get out of the house if not only to stop hearing those ridiculous prayers my mother would insist on chanting before even the smallest snack. I'll be honest, after a couple of wild weekends smoking the green-stuff with your pals you soon realize how brain-washed today's society has become. Needless to say, I didn't trust my parents authority so the bible was as believable to me as Harry Potter.


Turned 18, was out of the house and spending the inheritance from my grandfather like any sane teenager would. I spent a million and only had an STD and a run-down sports car to show for it.


A few days later, I wake up in the driver's seat of my Elegy with a text from some kid I met at a party. He invited me to a race, and I never looked back.






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I've tossed around the idea of actually writing a story or a novella or a series of short stories based on my character.


Her name is Carson Vansoon and she's originally from Capital City (it's an actual city that exists in the GTA universe btw- the equivalent of DC). She is from an upper-middle class family, with an older sister named Harper, who is an on-the-rise FIB agent that takes after her father, a well respected, retired FIB agent (maybe with a SEEECRET?!) and a mother who was the Vice President of a bank (I figure a connection to banks and banking and a childhood spent in the "banking" environment teaching her the culture and practices that banks use to set her up for working in heists).


Carson, however, while not necessarily a "bad" kid, never felt like she matched up to her older sister and- as such- her envy manifested itself as rebelliousness- imagine a girl with her life spent being asked the question: "Why can't you be more like your sister?" and how crazy that might drive her...


BUT, for the most part, she did what she had to do and made it through high school and got accepted to a state college- and even managed to squeeze out a four year degree.


Experiments with booze and pot in high school slowly increased as she navigated adulthood and college until- at some point- at a party, she was introduced to a dealer and she tried coke for the first time. This quickly developed into a habit until after a few months, he convinced her to allow him to stash a few bricks of cocaine and some cash at her apartment. Shortly after that, she was asked if she wanted to get in on "the game". She scraped together some cash and went in on her first brick.


Some time after this is where the story would pick up, with her flying to Los Santos to meet a new connection (Lamar).


From there, it would be a series of stories and conflicts that chronicaled her life in LS, eventually getting introduced to the other people we all know from GTA:O. As I write them, I'm even going to use the dialoge from the cutscenes to keep the immersian- clearly, they will have to be edited in some fashions- it would be really boring if the main character never actually verbally interacted with them...


I thought it would be interesting to also have parts of the story that deal with her FIB agent sister investigating a new dealer, not knowing that it is actually Carson.

Edited by ASDF0716
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My character was born in Vice city in the late 70s and his name is Mike.

Back in the early 90s he owned a small shop near Washington beach in Vice city officially selling cheap jewellery. But his real business was smuggling cocaine from cuba and selling it there.

But as the years passed bye nobody wanted to buy cocaine anymore in Vice City. He lost a lot of money because of this, and had to sell his store.

So he needed a new plan for making money.

Mike has always been good at convincing people, and is a very carismatic person. One day he found an article on eyefinde about all the different cults in Los Santos and the article also stated that Los Santos was full of people willing to join a cult, hoping for salvation. So he decided to create his own cult there, as a cover story for a new drug business he planned to set up there (strangely cocaine was still needed in Los Santos.(especially by a strange guy called Gerald, buying tons of it even from a single person) ;) ) He planned to let the members that would join his cult do all the dirty work for him for getting "salvation".

So he left his old life in Vice City behinde, and got on plane to Los Santos.

When he arrived there, he got picked up by that guy , he met on Lifinvader called Lamar. He already convinced him online to give him a gun as soon as he would arrive, and it only is a matter of time now until Lamar will join the cult and become a victime of Mike.

But for now he has to do all the work alone, until he finds someone foolish enought to join his cult...


Edited by Vice_Santos
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/wall of text


^^ As you can tell, I got very bored during my English class today. ^^

You should have been paying attention...especially to the part about the proper use of paragraphs.



It's the internet, so who cares?

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/wall of text


^^ As you can tell, I got very bored during my English class today. ^^

You should have been paying attention...especially to the part about the proper use of paragraphs.


It's the internet, so who cares?

Not to pile on, but, grammatically speaking, there would be a second comma after the word "so".

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My original character got deleted, so I incorporated him into the story since my character inherited his bank account


My character, Mac was a small time car theif in Liberty City. He spent a few years moving from one rathole apartment to another, taking and losing various crap jobs. During a stint as a short order cook in Alderny he got an in working as a deliver driver for a chemicals company, using the job to scout out hot cars and score easy marks. This eventually escalated into full on breaking an entering and he left the company, picking up various other off the books jobs from pizza delivery to cab driver. During this time he got caught up in the illegal racing scene and started making bad bets.


With mounting debt and a lack of steady work, he was forced to find alternative means of income. For starters, he fell in with a group of stick up artists, knocking over small time liqour stores. Eventually the need for money was so pressing he struck out from the group, taking his own scores aimed at large vehicle shipments and ripping of containers at the Liberty City docks.


One particular score finally tipped the scales against him. A worker on the dock he paid off tipped him to shipment of high class cars leaving the LC port headed for sunny Los Santos. It was supposed to be an easy score, his guy on the inside would lose the container that was supposed to be shipped out in the stacks and tag another container with the original's ID. The next part was equally simple, Mac would enter the docks with forged ID in a truck to load the hot container on and escape to a waiting garage before anyone on the dock knew what was happening. And it was all going great.


But what Mac didn't know, was that this shipment of cars was being used to smuggle components used to cook high grade meth out of Liberty, to Los Santos, and eventually to Blaine County's thriving meth business. Overseeing this shipment was an up and comer in Los Santos who'd entered into a strained relationship with a crazed meth dealer in Blaine County and was supervising the transfer of the meth'd up cars.


When this representative went to check the merchandise the night before the shipments left, the same night Mac was stealing the container, the deal went south. By the time Mac arrived at the docks the representative had tracked his inside man through the Dock's Union schedule and tortured the location of the crate out of him. Mac arrived in time to find his score being scooped up by an intruder, an intruder who'd been tipped of to his arrival and wasn't looking to leave any witnesses.


He opened fire on Mac as he pulled up with the truck he'd intended to use for the heist, Mac shielded himself from the shattering windshield and the headrest of the passenger seat next to him exploded in burning leather and cotton. He instinctively hit the gas and in his desperate effort to escape he clipped a stack of containers and flipped the truck into another stack, knocking them over. Inside the cab, Mac was shocked to be alive and hungry to stay that way, crawling from the leaking wreckage of the truck and hiding behind a fallen container. He was pursued by a wounded representative, who had been struck by a falling container, but had limped to the crash to finish the job. As he approached, the truck exploded, blinding the representative long enough for Mac to put two bullets in his chest.


The representative fell, and Mac slumped to the ground as clouds rolled in and thunder roared in the skies. By the time he was able to pull himself to his feet it had started to rain and he could hear sirens approaching. He could see one of the containers he had knocked over was his prize, the contents spilled like a drug pinada. A quick glance at the leaking chemicals and the smell from the cars told him the whole story. Mac knew if the cops got here and found him he'd be pinned for the body, the meth fixings, and the wreck. But still, he lingered long enough to frisk the representatives corpse, lifting his wallet, a plane ticket, and a key to a heavy duty lock with a "Hijack" kingring. He pocketed the spoils and fled the scene, stealing a car from a parking lot and finding an alley to hunker down in.


The rain pounded on the roof of his car as he settled in, it was cold. The car he'd boosted didn't have working air conditioning and the gas light had come on. He had no cash, he had debts he was counting on this botched score to settle. Without much hope he thumbed open the dead man's wallet, a few hundred dollars, might as well been pennies. Next he inspected the key, noticing the back of the ring was stamped with a Los Santos address. Los Santos, the destination of the ticket he had lifted along with the wallet. Sunny, warm, distant Los Santos. Mac flipped his phone open, a few months back he'd made friends with a gang banger in LS on a Car Boosting Life Invader Group. The boy Lamar, was always running his mouth about what a honey pot LS was, inviting people to come join his criminal enterprises. Mac glanced up from the ticket at the rear view mirror of the car, catching his own reflection. He looked run down and felt worse. Lamar's Life Invader page loaded on his iFruit, it was last years model, and the screen had cracked in the car crash.


Five days later, he was stepping out of a junker one of Lamar's "boys" had provided him with. He was pissed. For all Lamar's talk, Los Santos was turning out to be as much of a dead end as Liberty for him. Lamar had put him in contact with the under ground street racing scene and a local car import/export business man, which provided a trickle of income. But no where near enough. He was homeless, living out of a hunk of crap car, working small time crimes. Knocking over stores, boosting cars. The weather was better, but not much else. And the cops here seemed even more aggressive then Liberty's Finest.


There was one final mystery left for him, however. He held the dead representatives keys in his hand as he exited the car. It'd taken him his entire time thus far in Los Santos to track down what he suspected to be the lock to go with his key. A run down storage garage under an overpass. It was a bad part of town, cramped between other similar lots of crappy garages. Mac was feeling resigned to many more nights in the back of a Karin Futo and many more days of leg cramps as he unlocked the garage and opened the door. He glanced over his shoulder as he stepped in, feeling for the light switch, then closing the door.


It was a crappy garage, for sure. Filthy floor, dust everywhere. A beat up old laptop left on a counter. But sitting in the garage was a gorgeous red Hijack Khamelion Limited Collector's Edition Electric Sports car. A luxury ride that Mac was already regretting he wouldn't get to enjoy. With Simeon's help he could flip a car like this for a pretty penny, maybe get a room or shack somewhere in town, somewhere with running water. He checked inside the car, finding the keys. In the passenger seat, he found a .50 caliber hand gun fitted with a silencer and a Bullpup shotgun. Great improvements over the rusty old piece Lamar had given him when he landed. Underneath the guns was a duffle bag. Mac slung it over his lap, surprised by the weight, and unzipped it and his mouth fell open. He reached in the bag and pulled out a stack of hundreds, in disbelief. There were many more, to the tune of about $300,000 in total. It was the out he was looking for. The nest egg to get him on his feet in Los Santos. He suddenly felt relived and exhausted for the first time in days, weeks maybe. His mind was brimming with possibilities, with this money he could stay in the garage for a few days and find himself a nice place, nicer then any place he'd live before, and still have a cool $50k or more to throw around and find more work with. For the first time in his life he wasn't beholden to debts and wasn't gonna have to hustle just to get through another day. He wanted to chase this feeling

Very nice and incredibly well thought out! I love the actual tie- ins to the intro to GTA:O people are developing. Edited by ASDF0716
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3 things brought me to Los Santos. First, my sister, second, the scum of the Earth that killed my mom and my brother Mike, and finally, my oldest brother, Greg, who's actions set in place a number of events that turned my simple life into anything but...


You see, Greg has always been a dreamer. As far back as I can remember, he used to run around our farm, just outside of Capitol City, playing cops and robbers, acting like he was some big time FIB agent. My other brother Mike and I helped our dad on the farm and raced dirt bikes and old cars to help scrap extra cash. My sister Sam, with my mom, would do odd house jobs for our neighbors, wash clothes, clean houses, babysit, and the like, so we didnt want for anything. Everything was great, until Greg went to the big city.


Once Greg got to Los Santos he realized how crazy his dreams really were. It wasn't the police who ran things and made the money, but the bad guys. He got mixed up with some wanna be gangsters, stealing cars and running drugs, and got noticed by the higher ups. They brought him in to help out with some bigger jobs, murders, bank robberies, armored car hits and such. He thought he was on top of the world, until a big heist went bad. Since Greg was brought in, he was the fall guy, everyone dimed on him.


Greg wasn't the prison type, he took a deal that gave up every last person he had worked with. He would get a new identity and police protection for all he did, Greg had gotten the last laugh, so he thought.


I woke up one night at the farm to the smell of smoke. My room had an orange hue to it from the barn that was blazing not far out my window. I ran out of my bedroom and smack dab into the butt end of a shot gun. When I came too, me, Mike, Sam, and mom were all face down in the dirt. The blazes of what used to be our farm lit the night sky. Men in hockey masks someheld a gun to Mike's head and asked where Greg was. When we told him we didn't know, they didn't hesitate to scatter his brains on the cold night soil.


I knew we were all going to die that night, none of us had seen Greg since he left for Los Santos. He wrote once but that was it, he didn't even come back for dad's funeral after his heart attack. I guess they thought mom would be the one to tell so they went to her next. I didn't want the last image of my mom to be one of a shotgun to the back of her head and tears streaming down her face. I jumped up and ran toward the soulless piece of scum, but two steps later I was knocked backwards by the blast of his shotgun.


Left for dead, I awoke in a pool of blood that was part mine, part Mike's, part my mothers. She lay face down in the same position as Mike, half if her head also missing. I was able I call for help, which luckily arrived before I bled out. It wasn't until I was being questioned three days later that I realized I didn't see Sam's body. The detective questioning me informed me that only my brother and mom had been found.


A few weeks out of the hospital and I called in a favor from a childhood friend, which happened to work for the LSPD Organized Crime Unit. He said he heard ramblings of some farm family that got blown away, all except their hot daughter, which would make good money on the streets.


I immediately caught the first flight to LS, where I've been running races to grab some cash and doing deals to get my foot in the same door that hopefully used my brother. Until that time, I'll enjoy taking these rich kids money, and making petty dealers pay for the mistake of hiring my brother.




Please don't grade my back story, I typed it on my phone while at work and am sure there are many errors

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Some of these stories are actually pretty solid; others are ridiculous, boring, and riddled with plot holes.


Good thread.

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my characters name is michael. i started in ganton used to be one of CJ's best gang members until he got killed by the ballas revenge. his last words in my arms was that he dont want me to take revenge. but i was young and stupid so i took a few grove street boys and killed alot of ballas. then the payback came when the ballas killed my mother and father.


so i moved to liberty city worked for roman as taxi driver, worked up and met niko bellic. i had a few things with him like robbing stores and stealing cars. i moved up and i made myself enemies where i had to escape to san andreas again. like the story tells i met lamar, lester and so on. but im done with stealing coke for gerald. so i am making heists now having a good time in my appartment.


but i do all this to gain money and respect. and soon i will make an attack to the ballas they never will expect, and destroy every gang in los santos.

10/10 would read again

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My character's name is Leine. Here's a quick background story of her.


As soon as she graduated from art college, she tried to apply a job as 2d artist and was rejected by Rockstar Games. So she removed her pants outside Rockstar office and off to travel agency bottomless to buy a ticket to Los Santos to get a new life. She has been longing for a freedom of life and thus she dare to set her life in the dangerous yet beautiful Los Santos.


Once arrived in Los Santos, she began to work with scumbags, holding up stores, smacking people to get the money she needs. Once she has enough money, she started to listen to Fergie's Glamour and eventually turned her into a glamorous life style. Now, she's all class. She's young but looking 10 years older. She's basically a good girl who knows how to shoot, jack a car, drive a plane, physical combat, and even banging whores. She likes bikes and cars, classy open-top until off-roads. She's polite and helpful. Even if you troll, she'll politely ask you to stop before attempting to blow your sh*t out or put holes in your brain and lungs. She has a couple of nice thighs and she knows it. She's a fashionista, she thinks she's a flower of the battlefield.

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My character is a Russian mime who met Lamar on a dating website and then realized it wasn't going to work out when he met him in person so he raced him and then killed a lot of people.

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Can't find the one I swore I posted so here goes:


Strait outta da slums of Shaolin, wutang strikes again, the rza the gza ol dirty bastard, inspecta deck reykwon the chef U god Ghost face kills and the METHOD MAN!


Hey u get off my cloud, u don't kno me and u don't kno my style, who be gettin done when come to a jam, here I am

Here I am

The Method Man.

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Respect Ninja starfish. Power and Equality.... See everything my brother... Those that roll with the Wu are not to be taken lightly.

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Actually had one but never shared it. Here it goes.

Angel was the daughter of a rich man in Liberty City. After her dad's bank got hit by some Irish and eastern guy her dad was ruined and began losing himself to greed to rebuild his fortune, she got tired of it all and began doing small time crimes just for the rush and so she felt independent from her dad. She wanted most of all to steal her dad's past fortune and run off so when she heard from her contacts of the Irish brothers moving to Los Santos, she took it as a chance to escape and steal back her fortune. She talked with a Lifeinvader friend to make a flight and start her search... Now she resides on Weazle Plaza, completely forgotten of the crew she was hunting down, richer than her dad ever could and with her personal army, always bored and looking for the next rush, thinking all these banks look pretty full and wanting to help them out with that. So yea. Little bit of everything I guess. Full circle and become what you hate cliche going on there.


Sorry for the punctuation. Wrote this on a phone.

Edited by BondageKitty
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I made a female character and named her Katie.




I am going off the GTA IV ending where Jimmy Pegorino accidentally kills Kate. A few years later after the accident Niko meets a woman, falls in love with her, and has a daughter with her.


He names her Kate after the first woman he truly loved and taught her everything he knew about fighting and how to survive. She decides to leave home at the age of 21 and try and make a name for herself in San Andreas.

But... Isn't GTA V around 5 years after GTA IV? Wouldn't your character be in kindergarden?
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Some weirdo called Lee found himself suddenly spawned into a moving plane going in for a landing. He recalls something about drastic gender-altering surgery and a mom and dad he has never seen before. But that isn't the issue at hand, he's thinking to himself, why the F, can't I move wherever I want to and what are these blue circles that have spawned all over this city, wait where the f*ck am I even, he thinks to himself? Later he finds he's immortal, loses his mind and ends up jumping from the Maze Bank tower 24 hours a day. (splattering to his death, oh no wait not death, a respawn...)

Edited by Synophrys
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Actually had one but never shared it. Here it goes.

Angel was the daughter of a rich man in Liberty City. After her dad's bank got hit by some Irish and eastern guy her dad was ruined and began losing himself to greed to rebuild his fortune, she got tired of it all and began doing small time crimes just for the rush and so she felt independent from her dad. She wanted most of all to steal her dad's past fortune and run off so when she heard from her contacts of the Irish brothers moving to Los Santos, she took it as a chance to escape and steal back her fortune. She talked with a Lifeinvader friend to make a flight and start her search... Now she resides on Weazle Plaza, completely forgotten of the crew she was hunting down, richer than her dad ever could and with her personal army, always bored and looking for the next rush, thinking all these banks look pretty full and wanting to help them out with that. So yea. Little bit of everything I guess. Full circle and become what you hate cliche going on there.


Sorry for the punctuation. Wrote this on a phone.


Only if she lets the $$$ get to her head does she become her father.



~ I left a good chunk over on Page 1 http://gtaforums.com/topic/640012-whats-your-characters-backstory/ but... sh*t's progressed since then... and since I have nothing to do at work for the next few hrs... Ima continue my story.


~ Since arriving in LS he got on with quest for revenge. Lamar was able to point him in the right direction and after that he pretty much said peace to the fool. Returning to his old home. It was already being rented out to a Mexican family that was roughly the same size as his own. It had been years since he had seen the place and it brought him back a bit. Standing there in a daze, thinking about his brothers growing up he feels someone tugging at his pant leg. Looking down he sees one of the kids who now lives at the house. He was a young boy, age of 6, long rough hair and tan skin. When Gabe looked down at him he giggled and ran behind his father's legs who was standing just to the side of him on the lawn. Gabe didnt even realize he had come out... or anyone came out for that matter "You lost amigo?" The man says to him.

"Nah, I know where I am"

"Oh ya? Well let me know if you need anything" the man said with a bit of a laugh and shook his head "Lets go Jesus" he then says to the kid. They start heading back inside he then stops and turns and looks at Gabe... who is still standing in the front yard. "Come have some dinner, we are having menudo....the best on this side of the border"

"Aight." Gabe responded, heading to the house he grew up in. Everything was the same, yet it was all different. The structure and feeling was there, but the family has made it their own. The family showed him an immense amount of hospitality letting him stay there till he got on his feet yet never really prying into why he was there or who he was. His start was slow... J-Dog had left him to hang, ruining his credit with the breach of contract and basically pulling all his earnings... Gabe had nothing.


Hitting up some fellows Lamar hooked him up with Gabe started out on some small jobs. Nothing good... picking up meth and dropping it off... busting in on deals... real low sh*t. He was able to move out of the family's house however, giving them a decent sum of money for letting him stay there and going on his way. He moved into a bad part of town, hookers on his street corner, a shady garage.... it was a place. Each job he felt lead him closer to getting in contact with the gang that killed his family, but they seemed like ghosts... was all about the Vagos and Ballers among other rising gangs. Lamar even tried to rep some gang of his own. Gabe wasnt about that, he was only after revenge.


Getting a job up north, in the desert, Gabe prepares for the road trip. Apparently he was raiding some more metheads... another dead end job. Getting a crew of 3 extras together, Gabe and his crew head to the desert. However, when they get there they see another has already started on their job... someone else was after the same score. A lone gunner, tall, lanky with long untreated hair. He was wearing dirty cargo pants a silly tee shirt but was strapped with a vest. Taking on the meth lab himself the stranger was in and out before he knew it. Laying back Gabe decided to follow the guy, keeping his distance he saw where he lived, an old garage in the desert... what the f*ck? taking this all in he heads back home.


The next day he heads back to the garage and decides to park accross the street and do some watching... who was this guy? how did he have all those weapons? While going over this he hears the sound of a heavy truck behind him. Turning around he was rear ended and pushed up agaisnt the nearest building. Panicing Gabe goes for his piece in his glovebox when he hears the click of a hammer. Turning his head slowly he sees into the barrel of a .50 cal hand cannon. "OK you got me" He says to the stranger. Grabbing his shoulder the stranger pulls Gabe from the car and pushes him agaisnt the garage face first pushing the .50 cal against the back of his head. "Talk.."


"f*cken talk, you were at that lab yesterday"

"Alright ya... we had the same job, you got it first ya?"

"So why are you here? to get the loot? well its f*cken gone bro!"

"Nah man, I just was curious... sh*t was professional you know"

~ The gun presses harder to his head then is lifted... turning around slowly Gabe eyes the man "You cool?"

"Depends on how the next 30 seconds go"

"Alright well, I figured the dudes I was with were real losers, then there's this guy, single handedly took on a meth lab and I thought, hey, maybe he can help me with my problem..."

"Which is....?"

" The high riders... Cartels... but they do more than just drugs"

"Ya.... and they dont go by that anymore..." ~ Surprised to hear this, someone.. f*cken someone heard of these guys... Gabe gets real interested... The stranger gestures for him to follow him into his garage...

"Names Duke... Duke Mccormic... pleasure"

"Gabe....." ~ the garage was stacked... full of guns... all sorts of guns... explosives... machine guns... silenced guns... knives and even a broken bottle.... His garage was full, all high end rides.. save the truck... "What the f*ck?" Gabe lets slip...

"What? You think just because I live in a garage in the desert I was broke? You got another thing comming Mr"

~Duke decided to help Gabe with his mission... but not for free Duke has his own agenda...


~ Thus ends the 2nd chapter.

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One day my character Todd woke up and had to drop the most massive duece of all history. And did. But realized he didn't have any toilet paper so he robbed the nearest gas station and bought himself a nice package of TP.


He walks into his living room and goes on the laptop to stare at his favorite car on Legendary Motorsports, tries doing a few missions to get it but fails every time.

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"after 5 years on the east coast... It was time to go home..."


Im sure you can all figure out the rest ;)

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My character's family are all dead, and all he wants to do his die too. He agreed to do a job called 'Violent Duct' for a dodgy guy named Gerald, seeing as though he thought he would be killed trying anyway. He successfully completed this mission, making a sweet $9000 and thought he'd ask Gerald again for another job, as he wanted to go in style, his mission was to buy an Overflod Entity XF, and die in style.


Over and over again, Gerald gave him this 'Violent Duct' mission and he began to wonder why the same drug deal was happening every 5 minutes in the same location every day. He eventually saved up enough for his car, drove up to the top of mount chilliad, and drove off, and the car hit the ground on impact causing an explosion, his life was finally over...


He then woke up unharmed, without a single scratch on him, close to his accident and realised he couldn't die. He rang up his insurance company, who surprisingly let you explode numerous cars, and your no claims bonus is not effected, which he enjoyed. He thought, as he was immune, he may as well do more dangerous, such as flying a small aircraft into an army base, destroying 3 fighter jets, and stealing a large cargo plane. This random, 23 year old had just outgunned an entire army base, and stole a cargo plane.


The jobs got more dangerous each time, but he loved it, bought himself a nice apartment, smoked some weed, invited a stripper back and didn't even nail her for some reason, bought some nice cars and stayed away from chrome paintjobs.


You'd think that he would be recognised as this ruthless murderer, drug dealing, psychopath, but every time the police chase and kill him, he just turns up again and they no longer care. He knew he had to get rid of the police in any way possible, so that they would eventually care. He killed hundreds of officers and civilians, and destroyed countless police vehicles. But for some reason, changing his car colour from Midnight Blue to Racing Blue was enough to throw the law off of him.


Now he lives a simple life, destroying any chrome vehicles in sight, especially, the horrific and notorious, Chrome Adder.

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My male character is a descendant of the late great John Marston. That's backstory enough for me. My female character is based on Jolene from Nitro Circus and focuses on the more X like jobs.

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My character was in a horrific accident as a child, his careless crackhead mother poured a pot of boiling custard over his face causing horrible disfiguration.


After bludgeoning her to death with a ladle, he donned The Mask and began a life of crime.


His name is Custardface.

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