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whats your characters backstory?


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My character came from Yokosuka, Japan. After his father was murdered by a mysterious Chinese man who stole the Dragon Mirror he thought f*ck revenge and instead contacted his homeboy Lemar on Lifeinvader and moved to Los Santos. 

Edited by GT-Aedan
New Origin Story
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Meet Pak Nam Song


Date of Birth: 13/07/1979


Born in: Nampo, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)


Nationality:  23px-Flag_of_North_Korea.svg.png


Past Occupation: North Korean ex-special forces of (NKSOF) involved in numerous undercover missions in South Korea and Japan and other countries.


Current Occupation: Active spy of North Korea's intelligence agency (Reconnaissance General Bureau). 


Current Mission: Operation Red Dawn



Main objectives of the mission:


1. Cross the border to China 


2. Using a fake South Korean id/passport travel from Beijing to Los Santos 


3. Infiltrate the South Korean gang Kkangpae in Korea Town, Downtown Los Santos 


4. Win the trust of the Mob Boss of the Kkangpae 


5. Assassinate the Mob boss, take control of the gang and their criminal enterprise. Eliminate former South Korean bosses and medium ranked members and replace them with North Koreans. 


6. Build a Criminal network that has a net worth of at least $800m a year of which $750m go directly to the North Korean' Government and help fund North Korea's nuclear problem. 


7. Introduce North Korea's made counterfeit US dollars and lab made drugs to the US so the factories in North Korea keep working.





Pak Nam Song checking out a few business that act as a cover up for the now North Korean controlled Kkangpae



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  • 4 weeks later...

Full name: Thomas Cornlieus


D.O.B: January 10th, 1970


Birthplace: London, England


Previous occupation: S.A.S, 22nd Special Air Service Regiment: Lieutenant


Military records:

Confirmed kills: 5061
Highest rank: Lieutenant

Years served: 20 years

Time of Honorable Discharge; November 2011


Military Load-out: Heckler and Koch MP5, SIG Sauer P226


Mental health: Somewhat insane


Any diseases?: A special throat disease where he couldn’t utter a sound when born hence the reason he never talks.


Thomas Cornelius was born on January 10th, 1970, ever since his father joined the British Army he wanted to follow in his footsteps and serve his country. At the age of 12 his mother was killed in a Active Shooter situation, after the loss of his wife Jack Cornelius turned to heavy drinking and physically abusing his son. Thomas Cornelius left home at the age of 16 fighting for his life in the streets by doing petty theft and getting into fights for money, It seemed that his life would stay this way until he had a flashback of his father leaving to join the British Army... Encouraged by this he applied to join the S.A.S. After the grueling Selection Course he passed and made it into the S.A.S at the age of 21. He was deployed into the Gulf war. He rose into the ranks all the way into Lieutenant until one fateful day he was shoot in the back of the head and left for dead by one of his Commanders. Fortunately one of his mates found him and rescued him as he treated his wounds until he recovered.



Following that a year later Thomas's friends and allies went on a manhunt for the betrayer who was Michael Wittison, unfortunately nothing turned up no leads, nothing... Thomas then met a guy named Lamar Davis who could get him into America and help him live the “American Dream”. Thomas is currently working as a Barista and will move into Los Santos soon...


Special Note: I will update this the further I get into GTA Online on Xbox 360 once I buy one and get Xbox Live. 



Edit; Thomas is a very experienced marksman and decent with hand to hand combat so I will focus on that in GTA Online



Edited by Sazolia
Making the background make more sense.
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Shiloh Comes

Name = Jeb

Personality = Lone Wolf

Genre = Biker, vehicle collector and talented high performance racer.

Style = Cowboy


Alpha male country boy who comes into the city to heist and hustle as much money as possible from the metrosexuals to finance his enormous vehicle collection and truly legendary weed consumption, then it's back out to Blaine to live the quiet, humble life.


Mottos = "Be thou faithful unto death" and "I don't need ya"

Edited by Shiloh Comes
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  • 2 weeks later...

I’ll tell you a story about my character just so you know it is based off GTA 4 Online


Luca Alessio was born in Bern, Switzerland to a mother and father. Life was normal for him, his parents had a nice house, he ate good food, and had many friends. At the age of 18 he got a scholarship to go to college due to his good grades. After graduating from college he enlisted in the Switzerland Special Forces. Luca was very experienced with different guns from different countries because of multiple weapon familiarization ranges.  Luca made all the way to Sergeant First class where he was honorable discharged. At the age of 33 he chased the career he did which was to be a Game Developer. Everything went good he was married, had kids, and had his own condo. Everything changed that day at the age of 42 when his family was killed by a Gangster called: Lucky Charlie. Luca Alessio vowed revenge and searched for him, but didn’t find him in Switzerland, rumors of him in Liberty City caught Luca’s attention. He got on a plane and headed to Liberty City the land of opportunity. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

My character has amnesia, one day he woke up on a plane heading for Los Santos. He doesn’t know the events that led him there, why he’s there or what he is going to do in Los Santos. All he knows is that he doesn’t trust anyone and some guy named Lamar that he is apparently friends on Lifeinvader with picked him up at the airport. And has begun a life of crime, or maybe was already in one....

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  • 2 months later...

Name: Kyle Angelo

Place of Birth: Liberty City, North America

Age: 35

Job: Prosecutor, (Formerly) Italian Mafia (Currently)


Background: Kyle was born into a middle class working family that worked hard to give him a good life, he lived a normal life, went to a good Elementary school, Middle, High School, and College. He got his degree Called Criminal Justice. He lived a good life and prosecuted those who committed felonies such as murder, sexual assault, and so on. Kyle Rivas was an excellent man, he cared about others and helped people who needed it. Everything was good for him, all of that changed when his family was murdered by the police. His life went downhill from a selfless Prosecutor to a Selfish Criminal who killed, robbed, and trafficked.

Salary: $234,896 ) (Formerly) $98,412


Criminal records: Murder, Gun Trafficking, Assault. Armed Robbery, illegal Imports and Exports, Manslaugther of Officers. (Wanted)

Nationality: Italian-American






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Hmm... well, she has a mole near her left shoulder blade.  No tattoos back there, though she briefly considered one.  She's never seriously injured it to my recollection, though it was sore for several days from sleeping on a hide-a-bed at one point.  And she has a shower brush so she can she can reach it when she bathes.


That's it.  That's my character's back story.  Kind of a weird thing to ask.

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I never actually named my characters, their names are my Xbox gamertag (username) but I did eventually write them a joint-backstory.


Note: Main character is my Xbox One character while his "friend" is my Xbox 360 character.

After his friend who was 21 years old (same age as him) was screwed over by the government of San Andres and wrongfully sentenced to 56 years in prison for having illegally printed money that someone dropped on his driveway, he moved to the state of San Andres from Liberty City to become the criminal lord his friend failed to become. But somewhere in that path someone introduced him to one story about a 2006 Coquette and another story about a scientifically self-dangerous taskforce. So now he's been running a Nightclub and an Arcade as he became a more "civilian" businessman while collecting vehicles that look like the vehicles in the stories he was introduced to. Currently he hopes he can eventually pursue his dream job for the state that will allow him to make the world a better place... and grant him the ability to finish one of his fan-vehicle garages.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Her real name is unknown but the codename she goes by is L0ren. She used to work as a software engineer for LifeInvader but she soon turned to hacking and selling private confidential data to private companies and organisations over the dark web, often holding some of the smaller, more personal information at ransom. When the FIB starts investigating her online persona after a nationwide scandal, she moves to Los Santos to escape the heat, taking up Lamar on his offer.


Upon arrival in Los Santos, she begins a career as a hitwoman, hoping to keep as far away from data theft as long as possible. After a short time of gaining a new and dangerous reputation, she starts involving herself with heist crews of which she pulled off many successful scores with. It didn't take long for Lester Crest to get her involved in being a heist leader herself. The cut she took from all the jobs and heists she partook in helped to fund her investments in an office, company, facility, bunker and many different interconnected businesses which combine to form the bulk of her enterprise. 


Now she's back using the same alias on the streets. Whether it be arrogance, confidence or a combination of both, her influence has made her above the law in many ways now. She's brokering information on the IAA and the government itself, as well as selling weapons to private militaries. 




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She got on the wrong plane and ended up in Los Santos... still trying to find a way to get back home after 7 years... 😢


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  • 5 weeks later...
Victor Cuneo233

My character served as officer in Special forces and was discharged from the military due to suffer a injured on a mission and decided to go into business for himself as a professional criminal for hire and establish his own criminal empire

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  • 1 month later...

Saul’s grandfather (more on this nom de plume to come) was said to have been born in Poland around the turn of the twentieth century, though the records were allegedly destroyed in the war.  Saul’s grandfather (real name unknown) fled the homeland, seeking asylum in Israel, accused of being a Jewish sympathizer, battered about the head with a bullet lodged in his left thigh just above the knee, leaving the clear impression that he narrowly escaped death.  Within days of his arrival in Israel, Poland surrendered to Germany.


According to local lore, Saul’s grandfather would meet a “local” Israeli girl within days of his arrival (locals referred to the girl not so affectionately as a J.A.P., an acronym that stands for Jewish American Princess, though her American ties were not supposed to be generally known); the two would marry shortly thereafter in what was clearly an arranged marriage.  Though the birth was never recorded, it is believed that the couple would have one child, curiously believed to have occurred only a matter of weeks after Saul’s grandfather arrived in Israel.  Within days of the child’s birth (it was not known if the child was a male or a female), Saul’s grandfather died purportedly of natural causes, though many locals suspected otherwise.  The mother and child would soon disappear, though what happened to them would always remain an unsolved mystery.


Saul Goodman grew up in Liberty City in the area affectionately known as Hell’s Pantry; he had no idea that the parents that “raised” him were not his biological parents.  It wouldn’t matter, as the boy would run away from home at the age of 12, living on the streets and eating food out of dumpsters, running petty scams and crude cons to earn more than enough money to survive.  The day he ran away, he chose the name Saul Goodman, a moniker he lifted from a tv show because he thought it was clever (“it’s all good man”), and because, to Saul, it sounded Jewish.


The boy would soon be taken in by Salvatore Leone after he advised Leone about an alleged sting operation, purportedly orchestrated by the mayor’s office.  In truth, no operation ever existed, but Saul convinced Salvatore just the same.  Having proven his loyalty, Salvatore would teach the boy everything he knew.  Saul was rising through the ranks working as Toni Cipriani’s right hand man, who had returned to Liberty City after being on the lamb for four years following the murder of a rival mobster.  Saul proved to be street smart and adept at running schemes and making a buck, and Toni found himself turning to Saul to bail him out of jams to stay in Salatore’s good graces.  But always paranoid, Toni eventually saw Saul as a threat to replace him in the family.  Toni leaked misinformation to Salvatore that Saul was assisting Massimo Torinni in his efforts to take control of some of Salvatorre’s territories.  Saul learned of a hit that was put on him, from, of all people, Toni’s wife Maria, who had developed a crush on Saul and couldn’t bear the though of him being killed.  Devastated, Saul fled Liberty City and relocated to Los Santos on the eve of the hit, determined to make a name for himself West Coast style. 


Relocated in the city of the saints (it most certainly ain’t), Saul would not forget the lesson he learned in Liberty City—trust no one.  This time, Saul would work for only one man, himself.  Initially doing low level jobs for low level street thugs, Saul would eventually connect with Martin Madrazo, getting into his good graces by obtaining evidence that could have put Madrazo on ice for a very long time.  But this time, rather than becoming Madrazo’s right hand man, Saul would learn from him and establish a rival empire, as they say, on the down low.  It is rumored that Saul has his hand in every dirty pie, from running drugs, guns, and any contraband that would command a dirty dollar on the black market (it is rumored he has moved harvested organs) killing hundreds who stood in his way in the process.  Saul’s alleged claim to fame was as a bank robber, hitting the Pacific Standard bank so many times that the robberies had gone from local lore to a running joke in Los Santos (thank the lord for the FDIC Saul remarked on more than one occasion).  It is rumored that Saul’s empire has made him a billionaire and that he is now untouchable, not by local mobsters who he has crossed time and again, but by law enforcement visa via some work completed for the FIB and the IAA.  Affectionately dubbed “the mayor of Paleto Bay” (by only himself as Saul has never “properly” run for office), Saul has built an underground empire that stretches from the Bay to all areas of Los Santos proper.  


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