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whats your characters backstory?

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II TheLordOfKhaos II

Look For On Xbox One At IITheLordKhaosII, My Picture Is A Pic Of A Diamond And My Name Is Charles Bowe, When You Friend Me Tell Me Why You Did And How You Know Me Then I Will Friend Then We Can Play GTA Online Together

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II TheLordOfKhaos II
Posted (edited)



Edited by II TheLordOfKhaos II

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I dunno, never really made one. Just named her Mona Sax after the Max Payne games and she made her way to Los Santos xD.

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TNT Goes Boom!

I've always wanted to come up with a backstory for my characters but I hate how you're on a "railroad" when it comes to how you progress through the game. They (my characters) both worked with the Families. Would have loved to work with another gang instead.


I would have also liked to work with any of those other dealerships that Simeon describes as being better than his. They probably would have been more likely to name either of my characters "Employee of the Month" for my hard work.


It was a missed opportunity not getting to know Johnny and the Lost back when Online took place before story mode.


If only I met someone like Agent 14 earlier where we could have busted Martin's ass and put him in prison while taking down his cartel. Not liking he's doing anything useful besides spamming invites to useless modes these days.


Doing heists with someone who isn't there to advertise useless vehicles (*cough*Lectro*cough*RCV*cough*) and doesn't scream like a banshee for more than half his dialogue? Also doesn't help that same guy is practically running the MC businesses for me while not paying the bills or taking the risks. (That voice changer isn't working very well, is it Lester?)


SecuroServ must have some competitor, right? (Merryweather doesn't count in my books) One that could not force an "assistant" on me when signing up to be a so-called "CEO"? Or not warn me when the same four clones with terrible fashion sense are shooting up my cars as I'm trying to sell them?


At this point, my backstory is that my characters have been brainwashed into doing all those things. Just what the game intended. Apologies for the cynicism here, by the way. I haven't played in a while, but I find it more fun to be in these forums anyway.

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Agent 14

My main Female is based on the japanese assassin from kill bill. 



My second male character. Idk I never actually thought of any backstory for him. But I'll go with the obvious and say he was a scrub in LC that became the most feared man in LS.

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Posted (edited)

My character's name is Richard. His father was a police officer in Paleto Bay, where he was raised. After high school, Richard became an IAA agent, specialising in stealth and infiltration. He took down dictators, rogue generals, and crime bosses across the US and the world, never leaving any witnesses to his actions. Collateral damage was just part of the job. He was assigned with infiltrating Martin Madrazo's organisation and gathering evidence against him when his father died. He retired from the IAA to start his own business selling cars. His old agency friends thinks he just owns a sub-par nightclub and car dealership, which do surprisingly well, but those closest to him know about the criminal empire he's built, including a weed farm just metres from where his father was murdered.


How did his father die? Well, he was guarding an associate of Madrazo's, El Stupido. A mercenary came in, rescued the prisoner, eliminated the witnesses, and left. Collateral's just part of the job.

Edited by Jackimo1999

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