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whats your characters backstory?

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II TheLordOfKhaos II

Look For On Xbox One At IITheLordKhaosII, My Picture Is A Pic Of A Diamond And My Name Is Charles Bowe, When You Friend Me Tell Me Why You Did And How You Know Me Then I Will Friend Then We Can Play GTA Online Together

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II TheLordOfKhaos II
Posted (edited)



Edited by II TheLordOfKhaos II

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I dunno, never really made one. Just named her Mona Sax after the Max Payne games and she made her way to Los Santos xD.

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TNT Goes Boom!

I've always wanted to come up with a backstory for my characters but I hate how you're on a "railroad" when it comes to how you progress through the game. They (my characters) both worked with the Families. Would have loved to work with another gang instead.


I would have also liked to work with any of those other dealerships that Simeon describes as being better than his. They probably would have been more likely to name either of my characters "Employee of the Month" for my hard work.


It was a missed opportunity not getting to know Johnny and the Lost back when Online took place before story mode.


If only I met someone like Agent 14 earlier where we could have busted Martin's ass and put him in prison while taking down his cartel. Not liking he's doing anything useful besides spamming invites to useless modes these days.


Doing heists with someone who isn't there to advertise useless vehicles (*cough*Lectro*cough*RCV*cough*) and doesn't scream like a banshee for more than half his dialogue? Also doesn't help that same guy is practically running the MC businesses for me while not paying the bills or taking the risks. (That voice changer isn't working very well, is it Lester?)


SecuroServ must have some competitor, right? (Merryweather doesn't count in my books) One that could not force an "assistant" on me when signing up to be a so-called "CEO"? Or not warn me when the same four clones with terrible fashion sense are shooting up my cars as I'm trying to sell them?


At this point, my backstory is that my characters have been brainwashed into doing all those things. Just what the game intended. Apologies for the cynicism here, by the way. I haven't played in a while, but I find it more fun to be in these forums anyway.

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Agent 14

My main Female is based on the japanese assassin from kill bill. 



My second male character. Idk I never actually thought of any backstory for him. But I'll go with the obvious and say he was a scrub in LC that became the most feared man in LS.

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Posted (edited)

My character's name is Richard. His father was a police officer in Paleto Bay, where he was raised. After high school, Richard became an IAA agent, specialising in stealth and infiltration. He took down dictators, rogue generals, and crime bosses across the US and the world, never leaving any witnesses to his actions. Collateral damage was just part of the job. He was assigned with infiltrating Martin Madrazo's organisation and gathering evidence against him when his father died. He retired from the IAA to start his own business selling cars. His old agency friends thinks he just owns a sub-par nightclub and car dealership, which do surprisingly well, but those closest to him know about the criminal empire he's built, including a weed farm just metres from where his father was murdered.


How did his father die? Well, he was guarding an associate of Madrazo's, El Stupido. A mercenary came in, rescued the prisoner, eliminated the witnesses, and left. Collateral's just part of the job.

Edited by Jackimo1999

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My characters(rp) name is Michael and he is currently living in a big apartment building with a nice view of Los Santos. He is well wealthy and rich,he’s a nice guy he would not even hurt a ant. He has family and friends with 2 cars

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Posted (edited)

I made this up for my 2nd character, and evolving her into an employee of the Continental:

Name: (Sequoia) Coia London
Age: 30
Job/Career/Money Source: street hustler/ employed
she attended Liberty City Community College mostly to chase boys and sell weed, and she is from the South Bohan section of Liberty City.

She is the granddaughter of Clay Simons, and the daughter of my male character, Mr. London (London Simons), and Kiki Jenkins who is looking for a new life outside of the world of Liberty City, so she moves to Los Santos. After a rough start, she meets someone who lived in Liberty City, Adric Howard , who originally is from Los Santos, lives with his mother. She ends up living with them on Davis Ave, while trying to avoid the mistakes made in Liberty City. He "works" part time at the brake shop, but they chop more cars than do actual work. He's lazy, rude to his mom, smokes bad weed, and is sexually inept, which makes him abusive. She works two jobs in Vespucci Beach: It's a dismal experience, prepping her to be more of someone's BM, and punching bag, more than anything else.
Bikini Universe & The Venetian Vespucci Beach (Shutters On The Beach) are her refuge, and escape from Davis Ave and allows her to save up to get a small apt. far away from her current life. She hangs out at: ULSA, and is dating someone who works at the university. Her future is drawing her away from Davis, more towards the beach.
Muscle Sands Gym is where she can also be seen.
She is friends with Nikki & Chastity, dancers who work at the Vanilla Unicorn.
She is also friends with a few of the gang members in her neighborhood.

One day while hanging out at the Pump and Run on Morningwood Boulevard in Rockford Hills., she was approached by a man named Mr. London. Mr. London, as it turns out, is an investor, of sorts, and he is in need of an assistant. Someone who looks good, and is intelligent. So, after agreeing to an interview, she goes about her day.

The interview is at Maze Bank Tower, where the company, London Holdings (Mr. London), is in need of a personal assistant. The job sounds easy enough, and seeing as how she was hired on the spot, she should be able to get her apt.

As it turns out, Mr. London is never in the office, and when he is, its in and out, giving Coia ( or Ms. Free, as Mr. London refers to her) time to study and learn as much as she is able from what he actually DOES. And he does alot. From narcotics trafficking, to counterfeiting, to some overseas military activity, and some other activities that she didn't get- at the time.

One day, Mr. London sent her up north, to the Mount Chiliad, area on business. Her 1st few days were in Sandy Shores.were boring- fielding calls from his partner, LJT, and smoking. Her account was flush, she was happy. She was even considering getting a small house in the area, and never going back to the city. The threatening texts and voicemails from her ex died off, maybe he thinks I'm dead, she thought. Good. That life was dead anyway.

Mr. London finally calls after a couple of weeks, and tells her that she will be moving to the Bayview Lodge. He also indicated that he is aware that she reads "unauthorized" files and knows "too much". His ominous tone scares her more because she's up north, alone rather than he as a person. He tells her that the only way to remedy the situation is for her to begin training. "training for what"?, she wondered. The next day, she found out. Mr. London pulls up as she's standing outside smoking loud. She nervously inhales as he is walking up. He hands her a sealed envelope. "Don't open this yet. Hold on to it, and when I see you again, we will talk about the contents". As they spoke, she noticed the slight chill in the air, and moved to go inside her room, but Mr. London wasn't budging. As he stood there, in Didier Sachs latest, she admired the way that he carried himself, and thought he looked pretty good for an older guy... but looking at him more closely, and through the haze of the loud pack, he looked oddly familiar, like she knew him from the past. "Ms. Free?" Startled back in to the present moment, she stammered, "yes"? " There is a different life ahead for you, if you stay with this company, and it starts here. Now. So she began training in what would end up being months up north, swimming, running, shooting and biking in the mountains, shooting in the wild, at Ammu Nation, any place that she could. During this time, there would be limited contact from Mr. London, but she still was getting paid, so no worries.

After a few months, a call from Mr. London comes in and he tells her in a crisp tone: "go see Simeon Yetarian over at Premium Deluxe Motorsport and pick out a car. Don't break the bank, but get something appropriate. After that, Stop at Ponsonbys , and "be a girl". Then, come see me at my beachhouse in Del Perro.". So, she packs up her Buffalo, and heads south.

As she pulls up to the dealership, she is greeted by some of the most beautiful cars: Pfisters, Dewbauchees, Pegassis, and a Banshee 900R. 1.
As her eyes lock on to the car, Simeon is hanging up the phone, looking at the next victim of the Yetarian charm.
This must be Mr. London's new side piece, thinks Simeon. How would London have such a fine specimen, and he not know about it? As he is looking her up and down, she rolls her eyes and fights against her South Bohan coming out.
After getting through the awkwardness of being eye raped and lightly pawed by someone who smells like the end of a long shift driving a cab, covered with cheap cologne, she edges her way over to the Banshee.
"You make this car very sexy, yes"?, says Simeon, his words SOUND sweaty, she thought. "Yes, I make this car sexy", she purred, as she put little extra in her switch, because he was watching. As she walked away, she shot over her shoulder, " go get the keys for me, I'm ready to go". He can't keep her, Simeon thinks, as he run/waddles to go get her keys. Like he was told.

Here we go, she thinks. She picks out what was to be her 1st (of many) personal car, A Banshee 900R !!! Dare she? As she slid into that machine she said YES outloud, she pointed the car west, and headed to Portola Dr.
As she puffed on fresh cut flower, blasting Fylo FM, barreling down the highway, she weighed Mr. London's comment and tone, trying to decide how to approach the situation. Should she play it cool, and see where it goes, praying he's not a perv? OR should she be "thankful" ? Driving into the city limits, she decides to play off of him, and see where it goes. Going into Ponsonbys was like shopping in Vice City. The fabrics just slid over her hands as she touched them, sending shivers down her back. She decided that whatever Mr. London wanted, he can have.
After getting "appropriate", she headed to Del Perro, to the beachhouse.

She pulls up to the beachhouse, looks around and gets out. There is a Dominator GTX in the driveway, which she assumes to be Mr. London's. She's wearing a black skirt, heels, and a nice top. As she walked up towards the door, she was inundated with the sounds and smells of Del Perro Beach.
The beachhouse is beautiful. 3 stories, with a rooftop chill area. As she approaches the gate, she sees Mr. London on the top balcony. He motions for her to come on up.

"Kill. Get money. Stay alive. That's it.", said Mr. London, between hits of the flower he was smoking. Wide eyed and embarrassed, Coia was standing on the balcony of the beachhouse in the shortest, tightest skirt that she was brave enough to wear, flirting with this sociopath, who apparently has been grooming her to be the same. "kill? she said in a small voice. " Who? Why? How?" "You will be contacted through various sources/ people. and have several opportunities to contribute to the bottom line of the company, and make yourself a very rich woman in the process", said Mr. London.
"why me"?, she asked, confused. " do you not remember who you are? Who I am?", he asked. "No! Who the f*ck are you"?, she exclaimed. "open the envelope. You did bring it, yes?" "Yes." As she opened the envelope, she spilled the contents on the table in front of her, and what she saw, made her sit down, because suddenly she was nauseous. The envelope contained pictures of her with her mother when she was a toddler. Her grandfather, Clay was in some of the pictures, there were pictures of her grandfather and a younger man who was holding her, with her mother in the picture as well.
The pictures were all in South Bohan, she recognized that much. She kept going back to the pics that had the younger guy in them. There were several with her, her mom, and her grandad, but there was one that brought everything flooding back.
She remembered that her mom told her that her last name was her dad's first name, and her dads real last name, her real last name, is Simons. Her dad's first name is London. She put Coia's dad's real name on her birth certificate: London Simons.
As she read that with tears in her eyes, she looked up into Mr. Londons face, and said, "Daddy"? "I've waited 27 years to hear that again, my little Koi Fish", he said. Hearing her childhood nickname, Koi Fish, resulted in more tears.
" What happened? How come you left us for so long? Were you in jail, or just a deadbeat"? London pondered his daughter's question, knowing that he has had that answer on his mind for 27 years.
"Life. Life kept me away. Growing up as a legacy under Big Clay was motivation. Plus, your mother had connections with the Russians, and i hooked up with them in Alderney, and have worked with them around the world. Some bad sh*t happened in Ludendorff , and i had to get off the radar. I only recently got back into things, and raise my profile. I spent alot of time in Las Venturas, making money, reestablishing relationships, trying to build a life, and take care of your mom and find you. You disappeared after you graduated LCC. You ghosted your mom and your family. Made it hard to find you", he said. Her eyes burning from tears and weed smoke, she said, " I was hustling. I went to Liberty City, Alderney City, & Carcer City with my man at the time, and my girl Mercedes." "runs in the family", he said, and cracked a smile> SO did she, and she realized she has the same smile.

From that point on, Coia goes on to pick up the slack from Mr. London's operation, of which, apparently, she is a co head, with Mr. London's partners answering to her as well. Tony, Paige Harris, Lester, LJT and Maude, to name a few.

She is branching off into several shady areas of this high stakes criminal underworld, which is a far cry from selling weed, the occasional light armed robbery at the strip club, and drive bys that she was used to in Davis, and back home in South Bohan .
With her dad loving more into retirement, she is making moves to position herself as the head of her father's organization.

London Simons.
The man who will eventually be known as Mr. London was born with a slightly different name: London Simons, son of Clay Simons or Claydog.
Growing up the son of a man like Claydog wasn't a picnic: between beatings and being groomed to be a criminal, London was being molded into a true Liberty City thug. Fast forward a few years, and he meets Kiki Jenkins who had ties to the Russians. She was batsh*t crazy, but it worked enough to have a baby girl: Coya London AKA Coia Free.

His life took him all over the world" from Liberty City to Lomdon and Manchester City, to Capital City, and eventually landing in Los Santos. Once he arrived, he immediately went to work, making connections in Davis and Strawberry.
After years of grinding and staying off of the radar, he gets news that his daughter is found in Vice City, and is moving to Davis to live with some nobody from LC living with his mother.

He usually just hangs out on his yacht(which is much quieter now that his daughter, Coia no longer uses his yacht .) He has been dating Infernus- ever since the homie Franklin introduced them 6 years ago. He started dating her after Stella left him and went back to Vice City. He and Kiki Turner had a relationship which resulted in a chld, a girl. He tried to build a family with her, but the danger of the Life, and not wanting to risk his family, he removed himself completely. Her family made sure she was good, so it was easier . Once he returned to the US, he had some mutual friends in LC keeping tabs on her, and helping to keep him away from her and protect his daughter.
He takes care of Kiki, who lives between San Fierro. LC, and creeping into town to see him occasionally, even though "they don't get along".
His day is filled with leisure:
scuba diving,, parachuting,. He rarely leaves the yacht, unless he is sailing with friends He will pop in to the club to check on Gay Tony here and there, or occasionally will work on one of the cars he is restoring.
He guides Coia through her dealings with the men that made them rich :Lamar, Martin, Simeon, and Ron.
Simeon, especially, as he has expressed how "good of a wife" Coia could be, with a "strong backside".
He also has been having an ongoing relationship with Amanda De Santa, who has been an "unremovable force" in his life. He contemplates killing her sometimes, but likes using the cougar for fun things.



Edited by se7ensaint
chaartcter evolving. a death. new character to be continued

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Ok so here is my actual Gta Character Backstory:


Name:Jackson Grayson 


Previous Job: SEALS




Origin Story (26 Years Ago) :

Jackson Grayson used to live in Washington, DC where he was born, until both of his parents were killed by a robbery. He got moved to an orphanage where he was the only boy and 10 years old. He escaped one night where he was found by a soldier. The solider wanted to adopt the boy so he did. The boy didn't like his new home at first but started to like it noticing his " Father " was often gone.His father decided to move to California where it was warm he was told.What he didn't know was it is a mission purpose of a situation.When he was 15 Years Old he started dating and 4 years later got married and a year after that had 3 kids. 6 years later he found out his father was in the Military, therefore he signed up.After a period of 10 years he had a rank of a Commander. He was a very good person but on the last mission something went wrong, his report was M.I.A. and so was his team. 5 days later when he did get back he was the only one and did seem darker and more silent. He eventually told them what had happened.(Flashback from 5 days and 54 minutes earlier)


Jackson POV

 I am trapped by these group of people called SNAKE. They so far want to recruit me but I said "NO."  I am in some sort of interrogation room and don't know where I am or if I will be saved. They came back in the room about 5 minutes later and when one man in a tuxedo only asked me once " Tell me about project OMEGA." I knew what this project was. It was basically some type of a teleportation device the C.I.A. was trying to build.It hasn't worked at all so far so I asked " Why do you want to know?" He told me " We know how to work it, plan to fix it, and plan to use it so tell me what you know." I knew he was going to use it to harm people so I refused.

He sighed and told me " Guess we will do this the hard way." That worried me of what he said. For what felt like was a eternity was only 6 hours. I was starting to feel tired.So I felt asleep. 2 days later I was in my cell when they came in and urged me to follow them. When I came in the room I found all my men tortured and some killed. He said " If you don't tell me about project OMEGA they will be tortured until they die from extreme pain and suffering. I saw they were burned, stabbed, broken, whipped, and cut to pain all by itself. I knew I Would get my revenge on him no WILL. So I told him some of it he let me go and my guys remaining but they die as soon as we got 100 feet away from their base. I knew I had to kill him and save project OMEGA. By myself.

  (Present Day Third Person)


Later Jackson went to the area 51 building ready for a fight. When they got there he bombed the area and killed them. When base found out they honorably discharged him out of his job. He started a job for weed and got some of his father's inheritance. A year Later he has lots of cars, a boat, a plane, and a new business by stealing and stealing cars.Now he is just enjoying life.



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GT Aedan
Posted (edited)

My character is called Aedan McRib. McRibs great grandfather was an outlaw back in the times of RDR Online. After a boring life in Carcer City he decided to take up Lemars offer for work and bought a plane ticket to Los Santos.

Edited by GT Aedan
spelling mistake

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Some pretty good backstories in here tbh, had a little pleasure in reading them!

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Brooklyn Lexington is arrogant, rude and pensive. But there's more than this to somebody with her troubling past.

Brooklyn was born and grew up in a fairly rich family in England, she lived happily until she was about 14 years old, but at that point everything changed.

Brooklyn lost her home when it was destroyed after an invasion and was headed for a life of crime. Alongside a sister she had to survive in a mad world. Her sister died when she was 19, which made her move to Los Santos to start a new life. She was hoping to live a peaceful life, but with her highest level of education being high school, she could either do a low paying job or turn to a life of crime.


Brooklyn chose crime. Brooklyn is still trying to find the people who shattered her family, so she can take her vengeance, this was all going according to plan until a figure from her past shows up.


Now that was just my first character, my second character is her lesbian lover ;))


Aella Beaulieu is self-reliant, suspicious and cautious. But there's more than meets the eye, not surprising for somebody with her disturbing past.

Aella was born in France and grew up in a great family in England, she lived in peace until she was about 18 years old, but at that point things took a turn for the worst.

She killed somebody to make some cash, which led her into a life of crime. Alongside her friend Brooklyn, they survived together. One day Brooklyn left England without a word.

Aella was devastated and moved to Los Santos when she was 20.  

Shortly after moving to Los Santos, Aella found a certain person from her past.

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Epicviolance 123

Heres mine,


Name: Damian Czerwonka

Nationality: Polish

Age: 24

Job: Import\Export

Nickname: Epicviolance


Armed Robbery - 2015

Grand Theft Auto - 2008

Murder- 2015\16

Torcher -2015

Murder - 2008





Damian was a young kid at 9 years old, his brother was 15. He was exposed to gun violence at 5 yrs old. He was in a shootout with a couple of Russian gangsters.

He mostly smuggled guns and drugs into school as a kid. His brother bought him his first ever gun= GLOCK P9M. He was charged for murder in 2008, then in 2015\16 for killing 15 people. He always wanted to become a street gangster, but instead

he joined the Polish Mob in 2010. He was arrested in 2011, and killed 5 prisoners in prison. In 2012 He was free, He went back to gun violence and drugs real quick, he made 5000zł that year selling drugs. He met Lamar on Lifeinvader, he was interested in Lamars offer to go to Los Santos. He arrived in Los Santos in 2013 and started a new criminal and Street gang life there. The same year his brother arrived in Los Santos.





F.I.B Most Wanted Criminal 5:

Name: Damian Czerwonka

Nationality: Polish

Age: 24

Job: Import\Export

Nickname: Epicviolance

Criminal Record:

Armed Robbery - 2015

Grand Theft Auto - 2008

Murder- 2015\16

Torcher -2015

Murder - 2008

Murder in prison - 2011





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Do I really have to explain my character's story?

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SA Highway

My characters name Ethan Boggs, he was born in eastern Kentucky, deep in the Appalachian mountains. Wanted to be a truck driver when older, but soon after the Coal mines closed. Moved to a small town in central Kentucky and then decided to be a farmer. After college decided to be a state trooper in the area in and around Louisville (LS). Eventually ranked up to a detective and now is still policing 

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Posted (edited)

I created a new character for the Casino Update, I tied her into my two original characters, and the killing off of one, to justify her arrival.

Apologies, I really get into this...







Name: Yaia Simons Age: 32
Rank: Lieutenant -E 7 Birthplace: Northern Gardens, Liberty City
Status: recently re entered US by way of San Andreas
- Lev. 2 monitoring/ Lev. 6 threat level

The Vengeance.
( introduction of Lt. Yaia Simons, Wardog. USMC.)
Yaia Simons
Yaia Simons is one of the children of (4) Clay Simons. She is 32 years old, making her 16 years younger than her oldest brother, London.
She was conceived in the heat of anger when Clay decided to f*ck some sense into her mother, who was 16 years old, to Claydog's 40s. She grew up in the borough outside of Liberty City, Northern Gardens. In the beginning, it was just her and her mom, living and growing in the city. She would spend time with her dad, when he had time, and when Claydog's women got along, the children, London, Daniel (RIP), Makaia and Yaia were allowed to see each other. London was so much older than her, he treated her more like a daughter than his sister, and developed a bond that would last longer than their father did. As he was coming up in the street, London would often take care of Makaia, Yaia and her mom, to make amends for the violence of Claydog. Her 2nd oldest brother, Daniel, was killed on a roadtrip from South Bohan to Vice City. Makaia, her older sister, is a retail worker/ single mom in Carcer City, to whom she hasn't spoken to in a few years.

As soon as she graduated high school, she enlisted in the Marines, and escaped from Northern Gardens, and the life that was waiting for her: prostitution, stripping, drugs. The same fate that she has watched so many women fall into.

12 years later, USMC E7 Yaia Simons, on classified detachment to the Wardogs, steps off of a plane into Los Santos Airport. The last time that she was here was 2013. Her team was using Fort Zancudo for staging in response to hostile biker activity.
Today, she's here because she received a phone call from Mors Mutual Insurance that they needed to speak to a next of kin due to a death.
Her uniform is too tight and she's annoyed. She walks out of the baggage claim, and there's a driver standing there, holding her name on a board. She thinks that Mors must be a good company, to send a limo to pick her up. "Lt Simons?" The driver asks, in a smooth Jamaican accent. " I am here to drive you to your destination." "My destination? Where is that? Who are you from? she asked."im a limo driver from London Holdings. I got the call to pick up Lt. Yaia Simons, and bring her to the office."
"The call came from London Holdings?" " Yes. The Executive assistant over there sends us to pick up our boss. Sometimes others. Ma'am, if we please...? " He takes her luggage, and escorts her to the waiting limousine.
She laughs as he opens the door on the coke white Patriot Stretch. The last Patriot she was in was about 3 weeks ago, and it was taking fire on yet another Wardog Manhunt assignment. She thinks that the Marines just abandoned her there. She's E7, has full security clearances, and has been on special detachment with government agencies, like NOOSE & FIB, and has ran military sanctioned raids on Merryweather. Why else can she, her teammates, and a few other merc outfits have hangars at Zancudo, and the bases that she's seen? Whatever. Biker family. Military .black ops. What can San Andreas possibly show me that I haven't seen before? I'm starting the day in a limo! she reflects, as she slides into the cool darkness, illuminated by a TV screen as big as the inside of the limo, broadcasting a live feed of some dj from, who the driver informs her is a resident dj of a night club that is owned by London Holdings. Amazed at the hints of her brothers success, she instantly feels sadness, at bracing herself to see what else he has left behind in death.
Her first stop is an address, Maze Bank Tower located in Pillbox Hill.

Unsure upon what to expect, she buzzes up to his office on the 21st floor. As she walks out of the elevator, she sees the name of her brother's company emblazoned across the front of the lobby: London Holdings, LLC. As she is walking up to the receptionists desk, she's met with a cool stare. " How may I help you?' the Assistant asked, while looking her over.
"I'm Lieut- I'm Yaia. London's sister. And you are?" she said, in her crisp Marine tone. " I'm the Assistant. " " Ok... ?
Looking at her silently for a moment, the Assistant explained:
"Within this world, there aren't names. No need. The mercenary world that you come from has been perfected by women and men, like your brother, over the years. You're among a particular group of people who move in certain circles, within their own code. The support staff, the contacts, your allies are all part of this. Your staff follows orders, and are paid well to do so. We have been aware of your movements ever since you've left the military."
" I'm still in, so your intel is off", she smirked. "Oh, ok, Wardog..... you're a lieutenant within a paramilitary organization, who has seen action in 30 countries, as she places a thumb drive on the desk and slides it across to her. Shall i continue? We have something in common, you know: we both have favorite outfits from Inspector Knickers.... yours is a size 6 . " "OK, unofficially, I'm assigned to a special detail, allowing me to maintain my military clearances."
Also, unless there's a Matrix level event, we work for whoever sits in that chair. The loyalty is to the chair and the organization. "
"What is a Matrix level event?"
" What we don't want. Moving ahead, you and I will be communicating through this iFruit phone. It's linked with every system in your network. I'll be guiding you around the state and giving you updates on the goings on around. Plenty of ways to make money, and plenty of ways to die."
"Where does my niece figure into all of this?" " She has her own missions. She is part of this, but you two will never cross paths in a professional setting. Private lives are different. This isn't a job, but an entire lifestyle, hidden in plain sight. Also, a bit of advice, as a woman? " I'm a soldier. ""Yes. Well Lieutenant, Never compromise the Organization. Never. Maintain the cover. " " What are you talking about? I just stepped off of a plane! 36 hours ago, I was eating across from a Wardog, who i can't remember the last time i saw him with two eyes! " Laughing, the Assistant said, " And now you're here. Answer your phone. Go through your contacts. I suggest getting some rest. Contact Captain Brendan Darcy and he'll get you squared away on your yacht. " "Yacht?" "Yes. Yacht. Now, if you need a vehicle, I can access a list of all of the vehicles, and where they're located. For example, I'll have London's favorite truck brought around. From there, get acquainted with this new life."
So, she made the call, and stepped into her brothers world of San Andreas.

The opulence of her brothers life was shocking: penthouse apartments, yachts, high end cars, weapons that she thought were classified. There's so much that he was into, that it's going to take forever to see what's this all about she thought. Well, since this is all mine, she thought, time to go shopping. The closest place to her was Pomsbys, so that's where she started. Kind of different, not wearing her MCCUU 24 hours a day, and definitely different than living in Darkwoods, in the Wardogs Apartment.

She went over to AmmuNation and started prepping her emergency bag- those necessities that a girl would need, :
Special Carbine Mk II, Pistol Mk II, SMG, her passport and military ID, a change of clothes and about 2k in cash.

After a few days in town, and getting familiar with her new life, she remembered a soldier that was stationed at Zancudo when she was last there, Slater something. Kyle. Kyle Slater. She wondered if he was still stationed there. She decided that she may hit him up. She texts her niece, Coia to see if she wanted to go shopping, and talk over lunch.
During lunch, Coia filled her aunt in on how life has unfolded. She had no information on her dad's disappearance, other than his last appointment was a meeting at the Yellow Jack Inn in the Grand Senora Desert, with an unnamed member of The Lost, just a day and time.

The Lost. Her "family". She has locations for members of the Lost MC, her "family", and how/where to reach out to them. She has every intention of murdering every single member that she comes across, to rid herself of the stench that has hanged over her family her entire life. She lost her dad, years before he was physically killed , and now possibly, her brother who is missing, after running an op with them, and no one is talking.
The Lost MC
*Del Perro Pier
She was informed that the Lost have a charter in Del Perro and hangs out under the pier. She smirked as she read the intel, while sitting on the deck at a beachouse with a telescope, sipping a Turkish Cosmopolitan, while looking at 3 members of the Lost sitting on the stairs by the pier, drinking and harassing tourists.
She waited for nightfall, and went to work. She set up her remote sniper on the roof of a beachhouse a few blocks north of the Venetian. She then went out about 80 yards past the Del Perro Pier in a little dinghy. Dropping anchor, and laying down in the boat with her sniper rifle, she activated the remote sniper, and waited.
Bodies. Dead bikers everywhere. Stash raid, then hit the highway north. Her arms was tingling from her mkII . Her guns have seen action on 5 continents, and she doesn't go too far without them. She liked the feel of her body after firing her weapon. She feels alive. Her skill overshadowed her being a female in the Marines, but she compensated by evolving into a deadly tactician within multiple disciplines.
Over the next few weeks, Yaia would seek the Lost everywhere from East Vinewood to the Grand Senora Desert. One day, she receives a call . "Hey, you the chick that's been all over the state, looking for the Lost? ""Maybe"." Ok, Ms. maybe. Meet me at Vespucci Tattoos, the House of Ink in 2 hours, and I maybe have some information about your brother." Instantly alert and suspicious," who do i look for, whats your name?"" I'll see you when you pull up and i'll make my presence known."

She pulls up across the street from the House Of Ink in her Pegassi Toros and sits there staring at the door. While she's sitting there, she notices a guy coming out of the alley, zipping his pants, being trailed by a skanky hooker. They make eye contact, and he head nods her and motions to her to roll the window down. " Wardog, just because you look like a million bucks, doesn't mean you don't have the stench of death attached to you. " As he drops a flashdrive in the window of the car, into her lap, he tells her, "everything London had his hands in, allies, operations, everything that the "company" didn't give you already. Watch this one 1st, before you watch the one they gave you. " With that, the skanky hooker who she stopped paying attention to, suddenly wasn't looking as skanky as she initially appeared- a set of glittering keys to a Schafter in her hand, and the outline of a pistol under her tattered tshirt. "Who are you?, she asked." " London, Claude and I had some time together, and we keep tabs on each other. " With that, he jumped in the Schafter in the lot, and sped away.

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Posted (edited)

I tried to make my character to look like Anton Chigurh but the hairstyle of him us unavailable. At least I have the shotgun with silencer.

Imagen relacionada

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Note: I do Not Have GTA V But am Planning To


Name: Taylor Hills

Race:African American

Height: unknown

Weight: 176 Ibs

Age: 36

D.O.B: November 17th, 1983

Birth place: San Andrea's

Mental disorders: P.T.S.D, Depression, And Bipolar disorder 


Criminal Record: Armed robbery, kidnapping, Human trafficking,murder, homicide,weapons dealing, resisting arrest,and Attempted murder


Backstory: Taylor Hills was born in the year 1983 in a middle class working family, he had an abusive father who was an alcoholic and a mother who was abused by her husband. Taylor Hills didn't grow up with anything nice or fancy. In fact he had to commit petty Robberies,Steal,and fight his way out of things. At the age of 14 he was watching TV as he heard screaming coming from his mom, he barged out of his room just as the screams stopped... she had her throat slit as his father covered in blood ran out the door. He reacted like any teenwould if their mother was killed. He mourned over her as he buried her in the backyard with nothing but a shovel and A broken heart. He swore revenge that he would kill his father. He became homeless and stole,and mugged people to survive. He then was initiated into a Gang by proving his worth by killing A cop who was tied up. Based on an autopsy about one bullet went into each knee cap, 6 bullets in back, and 2 in the back of the head.Taylor then began rising in the ranks and he grew older he commited a whole assortment of crimes such as Mugging all the way to armed robbery. In 2002 he bough his own apartment from a Office Building he robbed with The Families. Nobody was hurt except one officer was killed by a shotgun wound to the Center of the chest. Forensics show the weapon was a Mossberg 500 shotgun. Security cameras also show the robbery and the killing of an S.A.P.D Officer. They took  300,000 US Dollars the suspects are still unidentified because they were wearing Black Balaclavas, Black suits with black ties,and white doctors gloves. Taylor was enjoying his life all the way until 2015 when the N.O.O.S.E Department surrounded his building after getting a tip by an anonymous source that they saw suspicious activity, and looking at the the reference of the evidence the weapon was that in used In the August 2002 robbery of The International Bank Of San Andreas. Taylor reacted quickly grabbing body armor, a Assault Kalashnikov Rifle with a Red dot sight and muzzle brake,and A USA-12 32 Drum Magazine shotgun. He engaged the Police in a shootout lasting 8 hours and 32 minutes. By the time it over he killed 708 Law Enforcement and N.O.O.S.E Department officers, gravely Injured 20 (16 of them later died in the Hospital. And 4 Civillians were killed in the crossfire. When they stormed the building they realized escaped on foot so they went and tried to apprehend him but they couldn't find him. He his currently on a plane set to Los Santos to lose the Police and find new opportunities.


This was the best thing I could come up with so I'm sorry if this didn't make much sense



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Fixed basic information

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Name: Carmen Lopez.


Date of Birth: 8th June 1976. Age 37  (2013)  43 (Present)


Height: 5'9"


Eye color: light brown


Hairstyle/color: black twisted bob 


Nationality: Mexican/Dominican 


Family: Evan (father), Amelia (Mother)




Background: Carmen was born in Mexico to a powerful, greedy drug lord father, and a mother who was a lawyer. Carmen was raised as an only child and she was really spoiled. Her father was a really bad influence to Carmen, he taught her to be violent, fearless and to look out for herself instead of others. At the age of 13, she witnessed her father killing her mother by cutting her in half with a chainsaw for cheating on him with a rival cartel boss. Years of traumatic experiences later, Carmen finally decided to do something that would benefit herself, she decided that it was time to get something that she wanted, which is power, so at the age of 19 she walked into her father's room at night, and slit his throat while he was sleeping. Carmen was shocked about what she did for a minute, but she shrugged it off and embraced her new life. Following the years of being a crime lord, she moved to the United States in Vice City and expanded her business there. Carmen became successful by stabbing people in the back over and over until 2013 when an angry mob of gang formed a union to kill Carmen at her mansion. They destroyed her home, killed several of her men, took everything from her, but she managed to get away and lay low In a low-end apartment. Carmen met Lamar in LifeInvader and then she decided to go to Los Santos to start over a new criminal empire.



Personality: Carmen Lopez is a selfish, deceitful, unstable, erratic, violent sociopath who shows no remorse for her actions and cannot resist pulling the trigger. She betrays people without a second thought, and doesn't really seem to care much other than herself. She isn't capable to feel empathy for people, and has tendacies to betray those she worked for except Lester due to being the reason why she's successful, but despite this she might stab him in the back just like she did to everyone else.


(When Carmen finished both the Heist and Doomsday Heist, she killed her teammates which made Lester give her their cuts to her without somehow knowing that she killed her them)



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My characters backstory...


Began in 2014, doing odd jobs trying to get clout in the underworld.  Never killed for sport only for business.  Made some moves bought his first place in downtown Los Santos.  Started boosting cars in between jobs because at the time it was making more money.  Started sticking up the stick up kids with purple lowriders and boosting bmws (err Sentinels) from spoiled rich kids in uptown Los Santos.


Earning some real cash and getting his name known throughout the underworld as the Sandman.  Starting working big jobs for a man named Lester.  Working his way up to pulling robberies and the biggest heist of all at the Pacific Savings Bank.  Meanwhile buying higher end properties, being silent business partner and funding a motorcylce gang.  Money was always coming in, until robbing the Pacific Bank 100s of times he was finally on the most wanted list by the feds.


To restore his immunity and give back he saved the world...and had to disappear...


Only to return to Los Santos after a year and a half (2019) to find himself in a much different place.  He had all of his properties however all but one garage that the feds never found were auctioned off.  Keeping his stash and his beloved 10 vehicles...he started all over...


With no connects, and only a few leads he figured his first place to visit is this new casino....


to be continued...


(Basically i havent played for a while and decided to come back, i sold off all my vehicles except 10 and starting over with the cash i have...not sure how long it will last this game has changed quite a bit except the griefers remain the same)

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Was a big player back in the day in liberty city but with the FIB slowly closing in i decided to fake my own death, get plastic surgery and shack up in los santos and spend my retirement sun bathing on the beach.

A leopard never changes its spots...

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My character is a guy who drives a school bus by day, and at night he fights vampires in a post-apocalyptic war zone.

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My character is queen of Los santos. No one can commit crimes without my blessing. No blessing and I destroy your deliveries.

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