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Looking for fellow offroad freaks [PS3]


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Well up for some offroading. I've created some fast but somewhat technical off-road races. I love my bifta. Agree with the comment on the sandking. I got one just because you can get it to sort of look like Marty McFlys new 4x4 at the end of Back to the Future (kids: ask your dad).

Add me on PSN: DocBrown11

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Sorry sand king XL is all I got but wouldn't mind taking it up a mountain or two sometime. Whenever I go out with some purpose I always seem to get waylaid.


Considering another off-roader for my garage, maybe messa (?), but don't want more than two.


PSN: troysayshi

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It's the Rebel that looks like the Toyota from Back to the future...


Favorite movie, favorite truck, own both lol

Edited by StayTrue
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Rolling around with a bunch of guys off-roading? Sounds like a blast!


Add Darkstar_Inc if you are looking for more people to roll around the desert in

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Here's a challenge for all you (PS3) off road fans!




I assure you it is possible without taking diversions, but the title might make you think otherwise in places!


PS. You will need a modified Sandking, Ive completed it in my XL but not tried the Mesa or SWB yet, so any feedback on other trucks that were able to complete it would be good :)

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Off roaders hit me up, after the last cull of cars like the clean Rebel I lost touch with everyone!PSN is KickHappy :)

Edited by The4420
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Plzz add me

my gt is "Thunder101786"

I have a Canis Mesa & a Dubsta Customized

I love off roading And i have done it a lot but alone

It would be great to do it with someone else

on psn

Plzz add me

my gt is "Thunder101786

on psn

Edited by Thunder101786
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  • 1 month later...

Bumping for OP to let people know, just add durtywhyteboi88 or Einjzmolf if you're looking for off roading, cruising, hot rodding, or riding bikes. We're into all of it and generally having a good time. Just letting everyone know!

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I could be up for some wheelin once I get online... I had one of you guys on my list I think, I'll check/add once I get there.

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I've been known to find my way to the top of Mt Chilliad in my Patriot more than once.


Hit me up.



PSN: ElRxBandito


That's an L

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  • 3 months later...

Hey guys just looking to add some people who like to 4x4,mudbog,rock climb etc etc,no supercar bullshat,my gt is durtywhyteboi88 on ps3 add me to go on some offroad caravans,so hard to find normal mature people to play onlinr with! Thanks in advance and hopefully i get a decent response


Hey im definatly up for that.

Hit me up my PSN is Britmatt81 and im also looking for some off roaders.

If you add me just put off road in message so i know what its about lol


cool :)

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  • 2 months later...
  • 1 year later...

Anybody still off-road lol? Now on PS4 with a new account.

Edited by CaptianBackwoods
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Small session with Dirty an Realtree after findin' the thread again:



















Submarinin' this bitch:


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