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Looking for fellow offroad freaks [PS3]


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Yeah, i'd probably be up for some off-roading! Will add later.


edit - this should probably go in the looking for group sub forum btw.

Edited by R.R
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I thought that was where i posted it but it just put it in the online section? New to internetz....no but honestly new to forum not quite sure how to use it,plus im doing this all off my phone

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O love the sultan for offroad but need the weight of my elegy..

I really have the most fun offroading in my Sultan. Ps3: BGW4L

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I like me some off-roading; slowly crawling those bumps and ditches with that lovely crunching, creaking and grinding noise under the chassis.


PSN: billycasper1968

Edited by OurJud
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I'm in! OP, add me on PSN: dtfiloso


I just started a similar topic, sorry I should have read down the list and seen yours first!

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Too bad supercars are one of the best off road vehicles in the game bud, Ill race you in my cheetah to the top of any mountain and smoke your "off road" anything


Try rock crawling and flexy spots.

That's real off roading you idiot.


In real life, you don't just scream up the side of a mountain.

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I found a really fun off-road track last night and I'm pretty sure I did roughly 50 laps on the thing just enjoying myself. it's right behind the prison in a construction yard. REALLY fun with my rebel.

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Yeah thats a good spot,i like driving in the woods and near that swamp or whatever,keep this thread alive! Added people who asked me to

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BF drives through sandy roads at crazy speeds, but I'd imagine a 2 door Sandking would be the best for rock crawling. Followed by Rebel.

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I have a fully modded Sandking SWB - it sucks for climbing (relative to a motorcycle or a Dubsta) but is a beast for all other off roading. I'm not sure there's another vehicle in the game that can go over some obstacles so easily. Rocks and guardrails that are impossible for virtually every other vehicle are nothing in the Sandking. Also, the Sandking body can take a pile of punishment before it warps into the tires and affects driveability.


For climbing mountains the Akuma is king, I think, but for everything else my favorite is the Sandking.

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Just had a guy on my friends list sink his rebel in the swamp,mesa handled it no problem,i still prefer the rebel over anything,tried the bf injection,big meh,doesnt do much for me

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Well, to even things out for both sides, I enjoy it on the XBOX side of the yard, so feel free to hit me up sometime!




I normally use my Galivanter Baller II. Dont ask....I just really liked the body style of the Evoque.


But thats not to say I couldn't relieve an understanding LS civilian for our fun.

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Wery nice to see more offroad people. Have one alot of trailing / crawling with other people on ps3. Fell free to add me to for some long soft houers on the trails. PSN: C4-_-GIBBfather

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Will add u tomorrow,had a good session tonight with a couple guys from the forum here

That was a fun session! I still can't believe that damned station wagon climbed the side of Mt Chiliad as well (or better) than my modded Karin Rebel. Did some pretty fun solo wheeling last night. Mt Zancudo ridge line from the ocean to Alamo Sea. That ridge gets NARRROW! Some asshat in a jet saw the need to blow me up once when I was sitting at the top just minding my own biz. I think I still had a $1K bounty on my head from stealing an NPC's car in an earlier session, so I guess I can't blame the guy for claiming the easy bounty as I was just sitting their like a lame duck. Luckily I was out of the truck at the time so it didn't blow up my rig. He left me alone after that and I re spawned close enough to hike back to my truck and continue my journey.


Any other 4x4 fans want to add me, I'm dtfiloso on PSN. Or just come find me if you see my dot on the map tooling around out in the middle of nowhere. I never shoot first--if you're cool with me I'm cool with you.

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Yeah man the canis seminole had turned into one of my favorite off road vehicles,reminds me of an early 2000's cherokee,that thing is entirely underrated i dont even have anything for performance mods done to it either,lets keep this thread alive,was roading with another 2 guys last night it was awesome,i think these are the first few gaming sessions ive had where i havent been mindlessly killed

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Im up for some of this. Had some mad fun getting RON tankers to the top of Chiliad. I have a Merry weather Mesa & eyeing up a Sanding XL some neighbours have just bought. I'll add you later Mr Whyteboi

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