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Little things you'd like to see

Recommended Posts

SALO or The 120 Days Of Sodom


the ability to buy ACTUAL houses like Michael's and Franklin's mansions.

GTA: Online is in the same world as the singleplayer with certain characters like Trevor and Lester, so they still exist; therefore, that wouldn't be possible, unless Franklin and/or Michael went into debt (which for major heisters, seems unlikely).




dude.. reading comprehension.. did you even read his post? he said houses like michaels and franklins mansions.. not their same exact house that they live in.. besides that, franklins mansion was given to him by lester. lester could "give" us the same mansion, or another one.


I personally, would love to live in a trailer in blaine county.. but I wouldn't have a 10 car garage.. I'll settle for a mansion.

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I say, underground fight clubs like in TBOGT where you can gamble or compete.

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You know what i want? Bars! they whould be neutral zones where you could share a drink with fellow player without him pointing a gun at you and you could start a barfight where every npc whould start beating up each other. :r*: make it happen.

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I would like to begin from the bottom, start living in a motel (as a member mentioned in this thread) since you just got to LS by plane. Starting up not knowing anyone and getting contacts as you play.


Then work my way up to that 400.000$ apartment, by doing legal jobs and illegal ones later on.


Remove the feature to buy and sell cars (there is always Simeon), instead you collect rare super/classic cars at the docks or steal them from garages.


Then I want all the NPCs from Story Mode, that actually does something, starts shootouts for example.


Gang activity around entire Los Santos, drug dealing etc etc...

Edited by robban

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Four wheel drive.

I was mad when i saw my Bison had a 4x4 emblem on the tailgate.


Dirty lies ! i Put a bullet hole thru it..


the Adder has 4WD...

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