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Running on 60 fps



Hi all,


I running GTA IV on High settings. However, the fps seems to drop whenever I'm crossing the bridge to the other cities or when there's rain. My FPS is around 40-60FPS. I've downgraded to patch


My PC Specs:

CPU: i5 3470(3.2Ghz)

RAM: g.skill 1333mhz 8GB

GPU: Sapphire 7850 2GB OC


My in-game settings:

Video Mode: 1920X1080(60Hz)

Texture Quality: High

Reflection Resolution: High

Water Quality: Very High

Shadow Quality: High

Texture Filter Quality: High

View Distance: 22

Detail Distance:15

Vehicle Density: 10

Shadow Density: 0

Definition: On



Command Lines used:

-availablevidmem 2.0
-percentvidmem 1.0
-refreshrate 60
-reservedApp 0
Is there a way I can have a stable 60 fps without decreasing the in game settings? Thanks.

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2 answers to this question

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40-60 FPS is good. You don't need to stay at 60 FPS. I get 5-20 FPS when I am in Niko's apartment and like 5 FPS when I am outside, it's torture. Just leave your game the way it is.

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disable auto-save & auto-capture

shadows medium

night shadows : off

don't put too much traffic . i use 12 % myself and unless you want to recreate New-York center traffic , it's enough .

after that GTA is FPS eater cause it's a very detailled game . so i recommend that mod

and not as far as yesterday i discovered something that seems to give a boost to FPS . it's simple just open the radios you don't use with OpenIV and empty their contents . it gives a boost to the FPS . and as R* did a great job on the modding aspect of the game , it won't crash . you'll just get endless adverts/news on these radios . and personnally i do not encourage to use the commandline thing , it just gives you the feeling that you have a better hardware that you really have , and make you mod the wrong way (my 2 c..)

Edited by jpm1

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