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Lewis Chappers

GTA Concept - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories

Recommended Posts

Lewis Chappers

� I take no credit for the logo used below in my concept, but used it because of its usefulness and quality







'Still D.R.E (Instrumental)' by Dr. DRE & Snoop Dogg




Miscellaneous Feature System

The game kicks off in mid-90's Central San Andreas. For a better game-play experience Rockstar Games has issued a unique set of mini-games (some of which have been revived from previous video-games) which are playable throughout the conclusion of the plot.

As to keep in accordance with the nostalgic feel of 1990's Los Angeles, San Andreas' map features, and content have been fixed to the same value of the original game, with many notable Rockstar characters linked to the Grand Theft Auto series appearing in various missions playing out through a story which develops to the players actions.






Mini-Games and Extra Activities

The mini-games in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories have been constructed and edited for hours of gaming enjoyment when off-task. Some of these activities may include:

Manual labor, because we all love to earn our cut without criminality, don't we? You can work your sweat off with heavy lifting down by the docks; or on construction sites which space out across the entire map as the city rises to the top (1). Another new feature is extensive rock climbing, which include a full attire and harness, allowing you to jump-rope from both helicopters and planes against flat-based buildings. These adrenaline objectives are available at the golden cross stationed on the map (2). Along with this, as a low-rate citizen in the city of angels, you may find yourself looking for a second, or maybe third job...so why not take a part in carrying your sh*t-bucket into bathroom stalls every five minutes?! Apply for a job at Burger Shot or Cluckin' Bell (jobs can be accessed through quick, and simple applications). Each job chosen (which include (apart from those stated): night club, and general business guarding, personal chauffeuring and bar-tending; which may include in bars, night clubs or even strip clubs) will have an influential out-put on your characters development, but only your first job will actually add points to your progress to 100% game completion as to lower the hours of repetitiveness that would be caused (3). Other mini-games and activities include variations of poker, black-jack and other casino games. Continuing on to basketball, sexually orientated escorting, drug dealing and packaging, and skateboarding and bicycle challenges which add plus points to your characters physical athleticism.


Hud, Radar and Content

In the top left corner during missions and side-missions only, there will be five zero's stated as ahead '00000', when points are gained, it will total to your damage points; which contribute to your character, and give bonuses after mission completion.

After the weapon wheel brought complication the whole, we have made it optional to toggle this feature on/off. Reaching out to the newer audiences as well as the older generation, we've decided to keep the basic radar system that was created in the most recent installment, Grand Theft Auto V. The three-dimensional radar, which has been squared for a more simplistic coordination of the minimized map.




Combat System and More

In San Andreas Stories we are attempting to bring a completely new combat system into the hand-to-hand fist fighting, as well as melee assault. With the new combat system, characters will be able to perform boxing, and martial arts. Martial arts movements will be unlocked as you engage your character in either karate, jiu jitsu, krav maga or judo classes which appear on the radar. To use different attacks you will have to motion and click certain buttons on your platforms controller. These shall vary from flurry, to combination attacks.

The game will have gritty firearm combat, which include flesh to be torn from the muscle, along with much larger splats of blood on surrounding walls and furnishings to give the player a bitter taste of true crime -- off, and online.



Pre-introduction reminder: there are three different playable protagonists in the story-line, that face off against each other for supremacy. Occasionally it will be forced upon you to change between the three characters in a single mission to face each others gangs in warfare.


Main Characters


Henry MacAuley


Special Abilities: Driving & Shooting.

When Henry was younger he used to pull the wings off of dead birds with a stick. Nobody ever went near him. The other kids thought he was some kind of "crazed axe murderer." Of course, none of it was true -- at the time, he was just interested in the science of the working body,and they say you become what your called, and that's exactly what happened to poor Henry-boy. At the age of ten he was given a two-year sentence in the Alderney Juvenile Detention Center in Liberty City. When he was out of prison, he was back to his usual "fun & games." As he gotten older (around fifteen approximately), his disturbing curiosity took to new lengths. After stalking his class bully home one day through the rest belt streets of Alderney, he swung a blunt tube of lead at the back of his head. Striking him to the ground with several heavy blows to the skull. Dead before he hit the floor...

As of 1993 (arriving in Los Santos by helicopter), Henry has been on the run from the L.C.P.D. for helping in the assistance of a gory massacre which took the lives of thirty-three. Including five patrol officers before he evaded the scene without a trace. His wanted poster is accurate to the very detail. Its a wonder they haven't caught him. You could distinguish Henry by his jet-black combed hair, and the transparent purple bags around his lower eyelids. His fatty upper-lip; just like a fish, and his pointy-tipped ears. The description of ugly.



Billy-Bob Van Bibber


Special Abilities: Strength.

Billy thinks he can live life in his former glory. His days in Vietnam. Billy-Bob was a commanding officer, the

key word right there...WAS. Now hes a washed up alcoholic. He smokes fifty a day, is missing a tooth in every

two and has grown his head, somehow to the size where his wig cannot even stand still on top of his head. For

a Vietnam veteran, hes actually pretty calm, and friendly, which is funny, again, because he has enough guns

to go up to your waist level in a decent sized room. To be fair, he does own a gun shop. Though, you don't get

many customers in an empty wasteland, other than the odd regulars. They come to him because he doesn't

make you sign papers, he'll just give you the gun. Unlike them pricks at Ammu-Nation.




Bruce Miura


Special Abilities: Flying & Stamina.

Not much can be said about Bruce. Hes very quiet, even quieter when hes drunk. We think hes from Japan, maybe China? Who knows. He doesn't speak, so nobody knows whats going on in his head, but most doubt anything is for the most part. Hes dull, and when he goes night clubbing, he'll be in some snazzy suit, flashing the smartest apparel for miles. He'll go to a rave, ready for the Queens Jubilee. Hes a social freak, as some would put it. But hes fast, that's probably the only reason hes still standing. He could out-run a highway. Hes one of them guys who always get in trouble, y'know? They don't have to say a single word, but you know they're gonna cause trouble. He'll cause sh*t that he can't even handle. He'd start a fight six on one, knowing the odds, and he'd still lose if it was one on one, knowing Bruce.



Lionel Starkweather

Influential Character

We all know Lionel Starkweather, the hot-shot director. One of the biggest in Vinewood history. Hes directed maybe one-hundred movies. You gotta be good to get the grants for that kind'a money. Then again, the sh*t Vinewood pulls outta their asses these days, it doesn't exactly surprise me. You might even be able to buy a movie grant for some pot. I mean, that's all showbiz is, really. 'N' nobodies exactly going to go up to Lionel Starkweather, and greet him with a "Hey, your movies suck ass," because he could just snap his fingers, and his lap-dog Henry would come running like the mutt he is.



George DeMayo

Influential Character

George was a soldier in the Sindacco Crime Family up until 1994. He worked under Johnny Sindacco, who died of a shock-induced heart-attack in 1992. After the death of Johnny, the family became highly unstable, and an unprepared George was made capo of the leaderless regime. Twenty months into his empire and he was already out of his mind with stress. His addiction with crack-cocaine grew, despite the mob's resent against substance abuse within the family; especially in the category of made-men. They attempted a hit on his life in March of 1994 in the center of the Old Strip, in Las Venturas. He fled the scene with three minor gunshot wounds, and ever since hes had eyes in the back of his head. Hes a paranoid druggy. You wouldn't wanna mess with him though, he has a real bad temper.



Marty Galtosino

Influential Character

George's pet pit-bull. He has a nasty bite, and I ain't joking. He literally will take a bit out of your neck. They call him "Cannibal M," which is another awful nickname. Surprisingly enough, he takes pleasure from the nickname. So much so, that he got it tattooed on his neck. It looks like they inked it on the side of his neck with stencils. He had a fatty nose, with huge nostrils. His face was chubby, and his pale cheeks were glimmering pink, though, he was unnaturally skinny. As in, you would think he had anorexia. He was like one of those bobble-headed dolls.


William Kent

Influential Character

Hes some jacked up steroid monkey. Him and Bruce are basically best friends. Maybe because they are both socially awkward, but nonetheless - its a weird relationship, even for Bruce. William slings dope, that's about it. He slings dope, gets high, then goes to sleep on a bench, what more do you want me to say? You want me to write an essay on this jack-off...?





Mission One: "A Clean Start"

Playable Characters: Henry MacAuley

Mission Boss: The Introduction

Opening Cutscene: The scene opens on a quick thirty-second flashback in black and white grey-scale of a single man approaching the "Fish & Huntsmen" social club with an AK-47 (extended clip) in both of his hands. The rust belt surroundings would make it easily identifiable as Alderney within Liberty State.


OBJECTIVE ONE.) Eliminate the Sindacco affiliates.

OBJECTIVE TWO.) Stop the advancing L.C.P.D cars with your remaining clip.

OBJECTIVE THREE.) Evade the L.C.P.D. and advance to your escape towards the docks.


Ending Cutscene: The unidentified character paddles in the acidic black and green waters of Alderney County towards a boat, which is ready and waiting for him less than twelve feet ahead. When assisted onto a Nagasaki Dinghy by two men in grey, brown stained boiler suits, he is referred to by the one on the right as "Henry-boy," before the boat bounces off the waves in the distance, a blip in the falling sunset.


Mission Two: "Heavy Arsonal"

Playable Character: Billy-Bob Van Bibber

Mission Boss: George DeMayo

Opening Cutscene: An overweight Southerner in a checkered red and white sleeveless vest, with a mud-stained white t-shirt under it is slumped in a chair behind a counter, surrounded by firearms. He is wearing a disorganized wig which barely covers the top of his head, which is easily spotted by his thin, tight bandanna around his head; which depicts the Confederate flag. A chubby-figured Italian-American type waddles in through the door in a woodland green tracksuit, with cream-white stripes down either trouser leg. Upon entry he takes a waft of his hand and benches his weight against the counter on his palms, speedily talking. "Billy, c'mawn, man. Your bustin' my balls. Come on now!"

Before another word can be spoke the almost uninterested potato speaks, his grimace sand shaded handlebar mustache tickling his face "...You bring trouble, George. I don't want trouble. This ain't the Wild West, so you better stop acting like your f*ckin' untouchable. You ain't Billy The Kid."

George: "I know, I know. Your Billy The Kid, the one and only, Billy-Bob."

Billy: "If you stopped kissin' my ass for just one moment, I might be able to hear the mumbling through 'dem lips."


Billy: "...The last one was the big one."

George: "I mean it this time! J-Just come with me."

OBJECTIVE ONE.) Drive George's cover-up vehicle (laundry truck) to the vantage point.

Mid-Way Cutscene: George picks up a pair of shades from the dashboard; obviously keen to keep his face disclosed. George's hairy mitts shake as he begins to explain to Billy the situation...

Billy: "These guys look organized, George--"

George: "I didn't say they wouldn't be, Billy. I didn't say this was a walk in the park!"

Billy: "Calm your voice down dick-head, they'll hear us."

OBJECTIVE TWO.) Clear out the unidentified associates (eleven in total) surrounding the loaded van.

OBJECTIVE THREE.) Dispose of the enemy vehicles while George moves the boxes into the laundry van.

Ending Cutscene: George closes the back doors on the laundry van, which is followed by him gesturing Billy to leave by waving his hands in front of his face, whilst snuffling and groaning. After Billy disappears out of view from the scene, George takes a shovel from the front compartment of the laundry van, and digs three shovelfuls before the cinematic ends.


Mission Three: "A Date With The Devil"

Playable Character: Henry MacAuley

Mission Boss: Lionel Starkweather

Opening Cutscene: Henry is stood outside of an estate in the hills of Vinewood. A villa is stood before him, which stacks high up with at least four or five floors, which are protected by privately hired bodyguards covering both the exterior and interior. Henry stabs his right thumb on a silver paneled buzzer, before a voice echoes from the built-in microphone: "Hey?! Who is it?! I'm buuuusy!"

Henry: "Its me."

Starkweather: "Oh-Ho-Ho! Why didn't you say, Henry-boy? You could have shaved a helluva lot'a time off this ordeal!

Henry: "Uh-huh. Just buzz me through, motherf*cker. I ain't in the mood for playing games with you."

Starkweather: "Ooft! That's cold Henry, reaaaaal cold. Your one mean f*ck, you know that? Aha!"

Henry is buzzed through the golden gates topped with spikes, which slide apart by mechanical rollers built in under the gate itself. Upon entry he is escorted by a short African-American man of 5'5", who takes him directly to Lionel Starkweather's office, and bedroom. Lionel is sprawled out over a black leather sofa in grey boxers, and white socks. He is wearing a grubby shirt, fitted for a suit, with the three buttons undo scruffily.

Lionel: "Kid, I loved the Weazel News coverage! Did you see it?!"

Henry: "The what? What the f*ck is "Weazel News"? Isn't a weasel a rodent?"

Lionel: "Lemme show you the tape, you buffoon!"

Starkweather slides a video-tape into a VCR which is by his side on a paper-covered VCR. The camera would be blurry due to live video-recording it would be cut off up until the middle. It shows a helicopter hovering over the scene of the shoot-out which occurred two days later in a news helicopter.

Henry: "What the f*ck is this?"

Lionel: "Bad directing!"

Henry: "Wh-..Did I hear that right? "Bad directing"?"

Lionel: "YES! The camera angle was absolutely awful. A monkey could do a better job than these Liberty amateurs!"

Henry: "...Cut to the chase, fat-man."

Lionel: "Ow, man! That hurt. I thought we were closer than that. Your breaking my heart, Henry-boy!" Starkweather pauses to take a sip of his Whiskey bottle. "Anyways, I need you to do ONE thing for me, just one more thing."

Henry: "Ohhh, here we go again!"

Lionel: "Just listen, dippy! This isn't my problem in the first place! I wasn't the one who slipped up. You didn't finish the job, and now thanks to you, not being able to do your job, you have to go finish it, or we'll both be thrown over a bridge wearing concrete shoes!"

Henry: "Eugh, fine. Where is he, then?"

Lionel: "Verona Beach. Hes in the Deagen Courts...One of the three apartment complex's..I dunno which one." Starkweather snorts "I'd hurry, too. Don Sindacco is in town in two hours, and he has evidence on the both of us."

OBJECTIVE ONE.) Drive to Verona Beach and locate one of the Sindacco perimeter guards.
OBJECTIVE TWO.) Follow him to the blabber-mouths apartment.

OBJECTIVE THREE.) Eliminate the remaining Sindacco soldier and his muscle.

OBJECTIVE FOUR.) Steal the evidence (pictures and video-tapes).

End of Mission Phone-Call

Starkweather: "OK. We're in the clear for now. I'll be in touch ol' buddy ol' pal, 'eh? 'Eh?" Starkweather hangs up just as Henry goes to roll a word off of his tongue.


Mission Four: "Yardsale"

Playable Character: Billy-Bob Van Bibber
Mission Boss: George DeMayo

Opening Character: Billy is taking two trash bags to the outside of his gun dealership when George DeMayo pulls up at the road side in a beat up. George is sweating all over his face, which has oiled his now curled hair.

George: "I thought it'd sent them a message. I-I-..I did! I did!"

Billy: "What? Send who a message?"


Billy: "What the f*ck are you talking about...? How is this my problem?"

George: "Because your the one that killed them, YOU.

Billy: "The f*ck are you talking about, bub'?"

George: "The day trip..."

Billy: "Day trip?"

George: "The one in the woods you redneck motherf*cker, you!"

Billy: "Are you telling me that was all just a personal vendetta...?"

George: "W-..Well, well half 'n' half. I guess."

Billy: "And that brings you here because?! They could have tailed you here!"

George: "We have to get rid of the guns. Yeah, yeah. Get rid'da the guns!"

Billy: "How in the Hell am I supposed to get rid of seven box fulls of illegal weapons?"

George: "I got a guy in Los Santos. Some nut-job director in Vinewood-"

Billy: "Wait-..Hold on--"

The cutscene ends on six Sindaccos approaching both Billy and the vehicle in-which George is casually slouched in.

OBJECTIVE ONE.) Hold back and defeat the Sindacco associates attempting to infiltrate the gun shop (waste twenty-nine Sindaccos before the following objective).
OBJECTIVE TWO.) Take the stolen weapons to the vantage point in Palomino Creek, Los Santos, and try not to be killed on the way by the attacking car-fulls of Sindaccos.

Ending Cutscene: Once Billy arrives at the vantage point, Henry, who he has no connection to, is stood inside an abandoned air hangar. Henry has his hands stuffed inside both jacket pockets, whilst Billy is tossing boxes out of the back of a rusty Buccaneer. Henry shakes his arms violently in the air, growling while gritting his teeth.

Henry: "Watch the boxes, you prick! My dear-dear friend is paying an awful large amount of money for you to be tossing sh*t around like you ain't got no brain. You should could yourself lucky your even being paid you inbred motherf*cker." Billy-Bob remains silent throughout the ordeal, but continuously gives Henry the evils whilst throwing the boxes on the hard concrete.

End of Mission Phone-Call

George DeMayo: "I just got a pager in from our client. He seems pretty stoked. He's good for a favor, man. Trust me."

Billy: "He better be. 'Cause we're gonna need more than a favor if we're gonna get outta the rut you've gotten us into you Guido dick-head..." George hangs up the phone from the other end of the line, laughing as he shuts off the phone.


Mission Five: "Lesson In Respect"

Playable Characters: Henry MacAuley

Mission Boss: Mike Toreno

Opening Cutscene: Henry walks into Lionel Starkweather's office in the upstairs of his estate to find a man of around fifty odd sitting on the edge of his desk in black suit pants, polished loafers, and a shirt with a tie. The man is rattling his fingers on the desk anxiously.

Henry: "Hey, aren't you that guy off the TV?"

Toreno: "...Special Agent Michael Toreno, at your service."

Henry: "So what do I owe the pleasure, officer?"

Toreno: "...It doesn't seem your friend, Mister Starkweather, is being totally honest with you lately. He took off before I could get here with only the clothes on his back."
Henry: "He what?"

Toreno: "By now-.." Michael looks at his watch "He should be on his way to San Fierro, by now. Hes decided to lay low till this whole thing blows over. Your gonna be the monkey that you are, though, until he gets back."
Henry: "What did you call me? I'm the monkey?"

Toreno: "Calm down, hot shot." Toreno cups his hands around his mouth to shout aloud "Fuentes! Fuenteeesss! Get your ass in here now!"

A Hispanic C.I.A. Agent waddles in through the door, dropping his clipboard on the floor whilst fumbling his hands.

Toreno: "You and Fuentes are going to go undercover. The San Fierro Triads are mixing it up with a select group of bikers on a Heroin deal in the North of Dillimore. Here, put these on..."

[Ricardo Fuentes and Henry MacAuley are disguised as bikers]

OBJECTIVE ONE.) Drive the bikes to the drug deal in Dillimore.

OBJECTIVE TWO.) Observe the deal, and wait for the go ahead.

Mid-Way Cutscene: A police helicopter hovers above the deal, shining a bright light over the heads of both gangs on either-side. Instantly, the gangs begin to shoot at each other, and Fuentes is knocked off his feet from a shotgun blast which travels through both of his kneecaps.

OBJECTIVE THREE.) Pick up Fuentes on your shoulders (press the 'Y' button (XBOX) or the Triangular button (PS3)) and take him away from the scene.

OBJECTIVE FOUR.) After Fuentes is safe, and out of sight, steal one of the many vehicles and chase after the Triads in possession of the Heroin.

End of Mission Cutscene: The remaining Triad crawls along the road by the tips of his fingernails, bleeding out as the crashed vehicles covering the highway beep and honk in angst. Henry walks up to the Triad, who is prone, and trying to reach for the Glock 17 before his very sights. Henry crushes the Triads hand with the use of his foot, and then fires a single round in the back of his head as hes then jolting his head.

Edited by Lewis Chappers

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Pooyan Cyrus

No more games in "Stories" series will come, at least 3rd era games. 3rd era is over and even if it wasn't, they wouldn't make a "San Andreas Stories" game because they made the movie "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Introduction" which had nice cinematic work and showed everything happened before events of the game.

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No more games in "Stories" series will come, at least 3rd era games. 3rd era is over and even if it wasn't, they wouldn't make a "San Andreas Stories" game because they made the movie "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Introduction" which had nice cinematic work and showed everything happened before events of the game.

Although you are right, I Would like to give the OP some cookies for the great job he did.


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Lewis Chappers

No more games in "Stories" series will come, at least 3rd era games. 3rd era is over and even if it wasn't, they wouldn't make a "San Andreas Stories" game because they made the movie "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Introduction" which had nice cinematic work and showed everything happened before events of the game.


I just felt like doing it. It was just a concept I had in mind. I do see your point though, but I made this out of my own creation and boredom. I do, however, take admittance to your comment. I made it out of my own spare time, and am looking to finish it in full completion. And instead of trailing behind like most of the other 'Series' games, I decided to take an approach by going four years into the future, after the events of GTA: San Andreas.

Edited by Lewis Chappers

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I think Rockstar said if they did do another "stories" game it would be set in only one of the San Andreas cities. I wouldn't mind seeing a Las Venturas stories set right back in the 50's or 60's, when the city was trying to become 'legitimate'. You could start out as an honest resort owner who the mafia tries to make look like a criminal (while they, of course, pretend to be legitimate businesses), so you have to take them down. Eventually you end up running a whole load of casinos and making millions

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Lewis Chappers

I think Rockstar said if they did do another "stories" game it would be set in only one of the San Andreas cities. I wouldn't mind seeing a Las Venturas stories set right back in the 50's or 60's, when the city was trying to become 'legitimate'. You could start out as an honest resort owner who the mafia tries to make look like a criminal (while they, of course, pretend to be legitimate businesses), so you have to take them down. Eventually you end up running a whole load of casinos and making millions


So basically the Spilotro/Rosenthal case, but ten years earlier (the Las Vegas mob having spawned in the early 1970's), except in this they win, instead of all ending up dead?


Also, this is my first concept written on the Grand Theft Auto Forums, and am not searching for perfection. Currently I am just messing around with story-line ideas, and messing with my creativity. My next few (once completing this, of course) will be following GTA depth accordingly.

Edited by Lewis Chappers

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Lewis Chappers

Have done some recent editing.

Edited by Lewis Chappers

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Lewis Chappers

Put in the first five missions of the story-line.

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'Twould be cool to see... I'm staying hopeful for episodes from Los Santos or stories from San Andreas for GTA V DLC.

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