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Looking for some friends in Australia - XBOX

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Hey, I'm looking for some friends and maybe a new crew to play with online.


I play every weeknight for around 5 hours. I'm level 32, and I mainly play survival and races. I'm looking for a bunch of decent people to do heists with.


My gamertag is Krezident, or social club id is The-Cat-Smasher.

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Another Aussie here looking for some online friends to wreak havoc in LS.


Xbox GT - Headdogg81


I play most days for at least a few hours. I'm just looking for some good peoples to add to my FL who play clean (generally.. we all have our moments..), can help out with missions (and hopefully heists soon) and have my back and vice versa in the chaos that is free roam. I'm open to any game modes, however I do like to race the most. That may be due to the fact I haven't got any online friends to do missions with currently so I'm a bit reluctant to jump into a random mission with unknowns.

I haven't glitched (not that I really care about it) and don't shoot randoms in free roam unless fired upon first. I am a mature gamer (32) and play various hours. If you are an Aussie and want someone to hang with in LS please FR me. If you are not an Aussie and want someone to hang with you can also FR me. As I said I play some unusual hours due to shift work so where you are in this wide world doesn't really matter.


Hopefully see you on the streets...




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What up guys! I'm not an Aussie but I'm usually on during the morning/afternoon for you guys, so hit me up. I like to play clean as well


GT: beanzinapot

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Add me gt dagr8st. Crew red gang villians

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