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new crew (ps3) for mature users in the southwest/west coast area


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okay guys & gals im going to be starting a crew for people in the southwest and west region of the U.S. no offense to other but i have noticed when playin with people from you general region you all ten to have a better connection and less lag issues, that being said, if anyone is interested please message me on the PSN at "phoenixjester" now im looking for people who are mature and haven't glitched the sh*t out of this game to get there they are, i have ran with a few crews and they are all non-sense no one does any crew missions and most just glitch with eachother, i'd like plsyers to be of appropriate age (old enough to buy the game without mommy & daddy present) and willing to do missions with fellow crew members (im not against the free-roam fun though =D ) if anyone is interested hit me up, i look forward t hearing from ya

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My crew of three is looking for like minded people to join up with us, or just play in our closed session world. All of us are located on the west coast with mics. Due to real life obligations we usually can fit in an hour or two most weeknights. Usually Friday or Saturday night we try to log extended hours. If this sounds good to you let me know and we'll look you up on psn

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Am 17 years old (so yes I can buy the game without mommy or daddy)

Am looking for a group of friends with mic's to do mission or group up on free mode and do a massive cop chase so add me?

PSN: supman1324

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