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Route 68 Car and Motorbike Meet


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Been to a few meets online recently and enjoyed showing off my rides, having a few races and meeting other car/motorbike enthusiasts.


Basic idea...


The meet will start at the small car park at the entrance of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station on the east coast of Los Santos near Route 68.


Here there is a 1/4 mile straight with no traffic that like for like cars and bikes can drag race on. Also an oppurtunity to some pictures of each others rides in the car park.


Then as a convoy we can cruise along Route 68. Nice long straight road without that much traffic, Oppurtunities for races, off-roading, pay and spray along it, other car parks and other points of interest to picture the cars at... Open to ideas for other activities.


Gentlemans Agreement...


No killing other gamers

No damaging other vehicles

Try not to bring the police

Mic'd up

Bikes and Cars allowed (Although may organise a specific meet)


Session will be invite only...


My GT is JackCustard (Xbox)


Already have 5/6 people interested looking to start on around 7pm GMT today...


Also won't be recorded but all photo's will be uploaded to this thread. If you have a recorder feel free to do so and upload though.

Edited by JackCustard
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is that 5pm CST? I'd like to join you guys and screw around w/o killing each other or causing mayhem between the party. Mature player here, usually on after 7pm CST until 2am or so. So add me up OP! My GT on 360 is same as my ID here

Edited by MhastaChainx
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stabby mcstabstab

hey im always up for car meets an the drag racing sounds awesome

im usually on either around 4pm or 12 till about 4 am EST (US, Canada)

invite me next time you have a meet!

GT: chainsmoker0301

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