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The Babalu Crew Recruiting

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Crew: The Babalu Crew (I'm the leader of this crew)


Crew Social Club Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_babalu_crew


Platform: Xbox Live


Who we are looking for: Active, good mannered, mature, "Good Sports" players. People interested in teamwork, planning and executing missions, etc. People who want to play to have fun, easy to get a long with, but also enjoy being serious for missions and heists and strive for success and hate failure!


Requirements: A mic for XBox live communicating is required.


Times active: USA, Eastern time zone, primarily playing at night after 6pm till midnight. Any time on weekends.


Current Crew Size: Have me and a buddy right now. Looking only to make a crew of 10-16 players max to keep it tight knit and same group playing for missions, heists, races etc.


Activities: Big thing will be heists, when Rockstar releases them. But we will do it all. MIssions, Races, survival and gang battles. If we have enough people, crew vs crew activities are also possible to continue the diversity and to have some fun. That's the main goal here, to have some fun!



Ranks available depending on activity and interest level in the crew.


My Xbox Live gamertag is: SkruDe

We can talk more and you can find out if the crew is right for you or not.




EDIT: Added "Times active" section.

Edited by SkruDe

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Bump to the top. Got 3 now, still looking for more who fit the description!

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Bump. Still looking!

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Bibbity Bump

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