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Grotti Cheetah Appreciation Thread, Best Car In Game!


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I thought Rockstar were cracking down on the hackers, obviously not, we got a 4 page thread here full of cheaters.


That was the unfunniest joke I've heard in a while. Well done.

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A lot of people in here like to ride cheetahs....if you know what I mean...




Edited by Sh4d0wX32111
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I'll never get a Cheetah. The Turismo R exists and it's better at... well everything.

This is hilarious coming from the same retard that foamed out the mouth for a Furore GT. The cheetah is for big boys, go play with your inferior over-priced piece of junk known as the Furore GT.

@trappinbenny Ad-hominem attack at its finest.


OT, the Cheetah just doesn't fit my driving style. However, it was my very first super, so it holds a special place in my garage and my heart. It looks okay, just nothing to drool over. But I'd competitively drive it more if its weight wasn't comparable to a Voltic's.

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That was the unfunniest joke I've heard in a while. Well done.

Arr thanks man.

A well done from you means a lot ;)



*searches for sarcasm* *cries*


On Topic..


My Cheetah is by far my least driven vehicle, its mainly just there to complete my Grotti collection. I should really drive it more, it is a cool car.

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Despite my nom de guerre, I don't own a Cheetah. If the black stripe and greenhouse could be set to the primary color (Torino Red) I would drive my Enzo non-stop.

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  • 2 weeks later...

First car I saved for was a Cheetah. I'll post screenshots once I get a chance.


It's a classic vehicle in the series and has been my fav goto car throughout R*'s GTA games.

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OT honestly my main issue with the look is the shape of the secondary colour section on the hood.


Yes, the secondary color on the hood turned me off, too. But after driving mine a while, and driving it in races, I love the sound of the engine, and the handling is pretty good.


My Cheetah:




I tried to de-emphasize the secondary color by making everything black.




The metallic black is overlaid with ice white pearlescent.


How fancy.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Not really a fan of supers, I bought one out of necessity in races.

Although, I'll say the Cheetah is pretty cool and it's served me well.



(I hate low-profile tires) :p

Edited by Econobrick
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