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Grotti Cheetah Appreciation Thread, Best Car In Game!


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It's been several weeks since I parted with my Cheetah, and I have to admit I miss the old girl. Maybe I'll buy one again some time, when I can either scratch together the money. Or sooner, provided I find myself willing to part with one of my Zentornos, or the Turismo.

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  • 1 month later...

Sold my Entity to get mine back a couple of weeks ago. The Entity is boring (everyone has one and can only be seen in free roam driving in reverse) and really ugly from the back (where you look at it from 99% of the time). Sure it's better on a track but not by enough to mean you can't beat it with a little skill, and nothing is more satisfying than beating a lobby full of Entity's, Adders and Turismo's with an "underdog" car. Even better with my Vacca. :)


The Cheetah is just a lovely car to drive and looks gorgeous when given a subtle paint job.





Approve. Not into spoiler on the spoiler tho.

Edited by 2Chains4Bracelets
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I remember when the Cheetah used to be the cock of the walk. There were debates in each game about whether it was better or if the Infernus was. Now, it's an afterthought.

in vice city the cheetah was the tits

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I recently purchased one again, selling a Monroe to pay for it:



I think I have a possible Showdown contender, but that may just be bias. I really did miss it: but I honestly don't know if it's a guilty pleasure, or my favorite car.

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  • 2 months later...

I loved it when i had it....but the turismo r just owns it while its cheaper :)

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A year of retrospect!


Now I'm certain the cheetah is a tool best left in the hands of a surgeon. There is hardly any wheel spin or oversteer. It just goes where you want it to go.

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  • 2 weeks later...




Was about to post this but I see that I already did lol

Mine still looks like this too, never changed.


Still bar none my favorite car in game.

Edited by Thisguyherenow
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The Cheetah was my first super car still have it to this day, the grind that took days to get it never use it due its lack of speed compared to some cars and its easy to get killed in, my daily car is my Entity.

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I liked it when it was this beast:




Now it's just an ugly looking mess.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I like the Cheetah, but before I buy one I want to make sure I have a good color combo for it (since the middle has to be carbon).

I saw this purple reddish color in this video, but can't match it in LSC:

The link starts the video when the Cheetah is shown

Edited by Eggobites90
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When we get more garages this thing will be One of my first purchases! For now I ride in my brothers quite a bit and drive over it as a ramp even more! :)

Edited by iLikeDrivinInMyTruck
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Am I the only who doesn't over tune my rides?

Me too bro. I like to keep a bit clean.

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Sorry kids but your opinions that the Cheetah looks like crap are just opinions. I like how it looks but it really does need to have a secondary paint option on it. That carbon only look is bland for the roof. It would be a nice update to be able to change the color on that. It's a great handling Supercar that can beat your Entity XF's, Zentorno's, and ( Butt Ugly the cat puked it up as a former hairball) Adders. In some races that is.


I thought the Cheetah was based off a Pagani Zonda till I looked it up. Nice unique style to it. Mine's a Lime Green Metallic with a Yellow Pearlescent. Not sure how i'm beating Turismo's with a Cheetah if they are supposedly faster though.

Edited by Eamonn3
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Easily the best car in GTA Online.


Ferrari Enzo (front) and Koenigsegg Agera R (back).


A speed of 230mph, 20 less than the Adder and 10 less than the Entity XF. That doesn't make a difference, as the top speed possible online with a fully upgraded Adder is 143.64. That was tested at the airport.


Try using any super or sports car off road, and feel your controller vibrate and rumble. Try this with the Cheetah and it's smooth, and drives easily. I tested this with high end wheels.


How good are the other cars? I used to love the Adder, it's good until you want to brake and go around the corner. If you hold down the left trigger and pull the analog left or right with the Cheetah, you go straight round without spinning out or smashing into a pole.


The Cheetah seriously is the greatest car on GTA. I'm talking about the fully upgrade level four engine, brakes, transmission, suspension and turbo charged one. I've not use the stock upgrades, so I can't speak for that.


All of my cars I've ever had in my garage (replaced many) have been fully upgraded. Such as the Adder, Entity XF, Infernus, Vacca, Bullet, Voltic, 9F, Carbonizarre, Rapid GT, Sultan RS, Banshee, Comet, etc.


Anyway, none work for me as well as the Grotti Cheetah!



idk, I owned this for about two weeks once


much like the Zentorno, it looks like a Hot Wheels toy

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I'll never get a Cheetah. The Turismo R exists and it's better at... well everything.

This is hilarious coming from the same retard that foamed out the mouth for a Furore GT. The cheetah is for big boys, go play with your inferior over-priced piece of junk known as the Furore GT.

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