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Rainbow Party

[vc] Fire guns on vehicle?

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Rainbow Party

Has anyone managed to get this code working in Vice City?

0541: fire_guns_on_vehicle $2689

In Main.scm it's only used for the Hunter helicopter but from what I've been reading online, it can be used on any car (with weird results). But when I tried to use it with the code below I got an unhandled exception error. I tried it on a random car, then a car for Maxo's Vehicle Loader that comes with machine guns attached to it and then on a Hydra, also for MVL, all with the same result.

thread 'CARGUN' :CARGUN_10wait 0 if and   Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR)0443:   player $PLAYER_CHAR in_a_car else_jump @CARGUN_10 wait 0 if 00E1:   key_pressed 0 17 else_jump @CARGUN_10 wait 0 00DA: [email protected] = player $PLAYER_CHAR car 0541: fire_guns_on_vehicle [email protected] wait 0 jump @CARGUN_10 
Edited by Rainbow Party

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You said Hydra so you must mean San Andreas. The opcode 00DA is not working in SA. Try using 0811 instead. Also I'm not sure about SA but in VC I think that "Fire Guns" opcode works only on vehicles with guns - such as hunter, seasparrow, plane, police boat or rhino (in rhino it fires bullets instead of projectiles).


EDIT: And for VC use 03C1 instead of 00DA.

Edited by Jack...

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Rainbow Party

Thanks! I'll try it with 03C1 and see what happens. And yes, I meant Vice City. The Hydra I mentioned is the one made for the MVL mod for Vice City, so I think it actually behaves as a Hunter. I should have just tested it by spawning the actual Hunter by code instead, or get some savegame with it unlocked since I've lost mine.


EDIT: Thanks, it does work with 03C1. I just wanted to see how it worked and yes, it fires under the ground. I'll see if maybe there's a way to fix that through code (although I guess someone else would have discovered it by now).

I'm interested in this because it looks like the only way to make AI cars shoot at you, but I think I'll otherwise just use the "put actor in turret" code, it's not as badass as having the car itself firing a gun but it's effective enough.

Edited by Rainbow Party

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